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HTML marquee Tag Working on updating this marasite. Accomplished a lot recently as you can see below. I work full time so it is taking longer then I would like.

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  • ***New Updates:
    * Retirement Guide will be updated as needed; up to date as of 8/25/2022

    * Weekly Item Contest List guide will be updated every Wednesday; up to date as of 6/10/2020

    *Wardrobe Changes Guide is up to date as of 7/27/2022

    *Unlocked Experiences with PREVIEWS is up to date as of 9/25/2022. It can be found under the MISC tab above.

    *Microwave Gourmet Food with recipes is up to date as of 7/20/2022

    * Gourmet Food by CATEGORY guides are up to date as of 7/25/2020; **All Categories have been individually checked and are 100% accurate.

    *Advent Calendar and Advent Tree are up to date as of 7/6/2022. The price check feature is now working and will open up a new window showing the Satellite with item and price.

    * Capsule Machine guide is up to date as of 7/20/2022;

    *Completed Stamp Page Rewards is up to date as of 7/20/2022

    * Stamp Album guide is up to date as of 7/25/2020;

    * Treasure Chests guide is up to date as of 7/20/2022;
    **New Treasure Chest Feature** - Individual wardrobe item previews by Phi and Dianne

    * Account Upgrade History guide is up to date as of 7/22/2022;

    * Site Event History guide is up to date as of 7/20/2022;

    * Vault History (compresensive guide) (under History Tab) is up to date as of 8/25/2022;

    * Vault History by Year (under History Tab) is up to date as of 8/25/2022;

    * Plushies Unique to Enchanted Plushie Machine guide is up to date as of 4/13/2020;

    4 NEW GUIDES: JOB REQUIREMENTS FOR LEVELS 16-20; JOB PERKS for Pets at Level 20; PET ILLNESSES and their CURES; and PET CARE (all guides located under the Pets tab above)

    This guide contains :

    Gourmet Food Guide by Category, Alphabetical Gourmet Food Guide with Price Check and Gourmet Microwave Food List with Combinations to create them

    Stamp Album Guide with price check, Stamp Location Guide and Rewards Guide for completed pages

    Advent Calendar Guide and Advent Tree Guide

    Poison Pit
    Poison Pit item list guide and another for an item rarity guide

    Account Upgrade History, Site Events History, Treasure Chests, Vault History, and Item Origins (no longer being updated due to the the information being added to item search)

    Capsule Machine item list, Vending Machine item list, and Plushies unique to the Enchanted Plushie Machine

    Temple of Tableau Avatar help, Gumballs and Pearls required for avatars, Poop Required for Poop Avatar, Yarn Required for Minipet Island Goal L7, Pearls Required for Jenoa Goal L31

    Pet Origins, Pet Values, Pet Job Levels 16-20, Job Perks, Pet Care, Pet Illnesses and Cures

    Wardrobe items with special effects, Weekly Item Contest past Item List, Power Station Item List, Unlocked Experiences

    My Avatar Lending List, My Aged Minipet Lending List and My Goal Pets

    *** Special Note: I strive to make this guide accurate so if you notice there are any corrections, changes, additions, etc. needed please maramail me. Also if you have any suggestions as to additional material feel free to contact me.

    ***Retired/Current Items: Since I am dealing with so many new items and updates not everything that is retired is marked as such so please see Marapets main item database >>>here if you are questioning whether an item is retired or current.

    ***If the print on any of the pages is too small to read, especially for the items in the boxes, just hit the Ctrl and the + key on your keyboard and it will enlarge the print. To reverse just hit the Ctrl and the - key to bring it back to the way it was.