There are currently a total of 7,025 Gourmet Foods as of my most recent update.
Updated July 25, 2020 (complete and rechecked for accuracy against Marapets item list and double checked against my pets eaten and missing food list)

** Due to the ever increasing gourmet food list I had to break down the category list into multiple pages.

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Sewers 1

Addafo Poop
Addese Poop
Addimo Poop
Addoro Poop
Addoth Poop
Addow Poop
Addup Poop
Adorab Poop
Agatha Poop
Alen Poop
Alyee Poop
Andy Poop
Anjet Poop
Anlur Poop
Ant Poop
Anubis Poop
Anuriah Poop
Aphid Poop
Apollo Poop
Apophis Poop
Applex Poop
Arasi Poop
Arinya Poop
Aristocorn Poop
Arizona Poop
Arso Poop
Astro Poop
Ata Poop
Aura Poop
Autumn Poop
Avalon Poop
Aviv Poop
Azeido Poop
Azint Poop
Azlian Poop
Azow Poop
Azubi Poop
Azul Poop
Azulor Poop
Bablah Poop
Bacon Poop
Baline Poop
Balloonimal Poop
Banalphin Poop
Bananey Poop
Bandit Poop
Basil Poop
Batsy Poop
Batty Poop
Batz Poop
Baxter Poop
Baylien Poop
Beach Poop
Bearger Poop
Beelzebub Poop
Beetle Poop
Belle Poop
Bellerina Poop
Bewmel Poop
Billy Poop
Bingo Poop
Bitty Poop
Blake Poop
Blissaur Poop
Blooble Poop
Bloobloo Poop
Blub Poop
Bolimo Poop
Bolint Poop
Bolisoro Poop
Bonbon Poop
Bonehead Poop
Boogle Poop
Booty Poop
Bop Poop
Boris Poop
Bottled Poop
Bouncer Poop
Breakfast Poop
Brocklee Poop
Broken Poop
Bubbles Poop
Buckaroo Poop
Bugsy Poop
Bullo Poop
Bunns Poop
Bush Poop
Buttercream Poop
Butters Poop
Buzzy Poop
Cabbachi Poop
Cackles Poop
Cactoo Poop
Cactus Poop
Cairo Poop
Camelot Poop
Camero Poop
Camofog Poop
Candipeed Poop
Candy Poop
Cantoo Poop
Capone Poop
Caribow Poop
Centaur Poop
Cerberus Poop
Chagon Poop
Chameleon Poop
Champion Poop
Chariot Poop
Charley Poop
Charmer Poop
Chati Poop
Chawmp Poop
Checkmate Poop
Chepiz Poop
Cherg Poop
Cherii Poop
Cherub Poop
Chevron Poop
Chibi Poop
Chibimo Poop
Chibs Poop
Chibzul Poop
Chickle Poop
Chidder Poop
Chidow Poop
Chiliz Poop
Chilla Poop
Chillsaur Poop
Chlug Poop
Choat Poop
Choi Poop
Chook Poop
Choyle Poop
Christmas Poop
Chubley Poop
Chubular Poop
Chuckles Poop
Chutt Poop
Cian Poop
Cinnabar Poop
Cirroc Poop
Clover Poop
Clovite Poop
Coal Poop
roach Poop
Coddle Poop
Cohnonut Poop
Concerto Poop
Cookibear Poop
Corny Poop
Crabs Poop
Crafly Poop
Cremul Poop
Cricket Poop
Crikey Poop
Crindol Poop
Crumbs Poop
Crush Poop
Cubby Poop
Cumulus Poop
Cupcake Poop
Daffy Poop
Daisy Poop
Dakota Poop
Damaged Poop
Dandy Poop
Dandylion Poop
Daniel Poop
Dantiz Poop
Dapple Poop
Dapurtle Poop
Dasher Poop
Dazmo Poop
Decadal Poop
Decadonk Poop
Decapitate Poop
Deci Poop
Deeko Poop
Deino Poop
Delayed Poop
Demi Poop
Devan Poop
Devil Poop
Devilray Poop
Dew Poop
Diamond Poop
Dino Poop
Diwali Poop
Doogle Poop
Doomed Poop
Doon Poop
Doyle Poop
Doyow Poop
Doyzul Poop
Drab Poop
Dracone Poop
Dracorex Poop
Dragoth Poop
Dragula Poop
Drenched Poop
Drinas Poop
Drowsy Poop
Dumdo Poop
Dumpling Poop
Dune Poop
Durabat Poop
Dusty Poop
Earwig Poop
Easter Poop
Echera Poop
Echlin Poop
Edgy Poop
Edwina Poop
Efall Poop
Egbert Poop
Eggy Poop
Elektro Poop
Elf Poop
Ember Poop
Embers Poop

Sewers 2

Equilor Poop
Ercuw Poop
Erni Poop
Erto Poop
Experiment 667 Poop
Eyru Poop
Fandor Poop
Fang Poop
Farley Poop
Fasafo Poop
Fasofin Poop
Fasoro Poop
Fasorul Poop
Fatty Poop
Fawlt Poop
Fawna Poop
Faye Poop
Fee Poop
Feliz Poop
Fendol Poop
Festival Poop
Fidge Poop
Fiestan Poop
Fiffo Poop
Fifi Poop
Fifteen Poop
Figaro Poop
Fild Poop
Filondor Poop
Flab Poop
Flaydor Poop
Flayee Poop
Flea Poop
Flicker Poop
Flighty Poop
Flin Poop
Flip Poop
Flitter Poop
Flix Poop
Float Poop
Flobberbat Poop
Flonk Poop
Floof Poop
Floss Poop
Flow Poop
Flub Poop
Fluffy Poop
Flurso Poop
Flutterbull Poop
Fly Poop
Foh Poop
Forte Poop
Foxicle Poop
Fraggle Poop
Freedom Poop
Frex Poop
Fritzi Poop
Frolan Poop
Frolic Poop
Fropa Poop
Frosty Poop
Frump Poop
Fumb Poop
Future Poop
Fwidman Poop
Fynx Poop
Gamma Poop
Gargrunt Poop
Gator Poop
Gazelle Poop
Gazillionaire Poop
Gemma Poop
Ghostling Poop
Ghosty Poop
Gingerbread Imposter Poop
Gingerbread Poop
Gizmo Poop
Gladie Poop
Glaxis Poop
Gleam Poop
Glitch Poop
Gobble Poop
Gobbled Poop
Gobby Poop
Goglue Poop
Gonk Poop
Goobie Poop
Gooey Poop
Googlag Poop
Goop Poop
Gordo Poop
Gremble Poop
Grepig Poop
Grimmus Poop
Grinido Poop
Grinow Poop
Grint Poop
Gromps Poop
Grouchy Poop
Gruff Poop
Gruffle Poop
Grypho Poop
Gummi Poop
Gutur Poop
Halloweenie Poop
Hammy Poop
Happilo Poop
Harmoni Poop
Hart Poop
Hauntling Poop
Heart Poop
Heartling Poop
Hearty Poop
Heavy Poop
Hellhound Poop
Helloth Poop
Hethe Poop
Hick Poop
High Poop
Hippow Poop
Hodge Poop
Holly Poop
Horus Poop
Hot Dawg Poop
Houlab Poop
Houo Poop
Hulau Poop
Hump Poop
Hund Poop
Huthimo Poop
Huthiq Poop
Huxen Poop
Hyebi Poop
Ian Poop
Ideus Poop
Iggy Poop
Ike Poop
Iklue Poop
Indy Poop
Inferno Poop
Ingi Poop
Iris Poop
Irkette Poop
Ivor Poop
Izzy Poop
Jacko Poop
James Poop
Jason Poop
Jessido Poop
Jessul Poop
Jessup Poop
Jessutt Poop
Jezebel Poop
Jinn Poop
Jinnie Poop
Jinx Poop
Jokemo Poop
Juju Poop
Justala Poop
Justin Poop
Kaala Poop
Kaaleus Poop
Kaburi Poop
Kade Poop
Karot Poop
Keech Poop
Keewee Poop
Kidala Poop
Kidlet Poop
Kimble Poop
Kirikoo Poop
Kissy Poop
Kitsune Poop
Kitto Poop
Klik Poop
Knoro Poop
Knutt Poop
Knuzul Poop
Koa Poop
Koob Poop
Korn Poop
Kouki Poop
Krampling Poop
Kringle Poop
Kronk Poop
Kronos Poop
Kujo Poop
Kumbha Poop
Kuork Poop
Kusil Poop
Lafter Poop
Laiyee Poop
Lambit Poop
Lark Poop
Leaflit Poop
Leafy Poop
Legendary Poop
Leido Poop
Leidow Poop
Leidunda Poop
Lela Poop
Lemhorse Poop
Lemnkey Poop
Lemonse Poop
Leon Poop
Leprechaun Poop
Leto Poop
Lettuchi Poop
Liam Poop
Lidge Poop
Lightbug Poop
Liiing Poop
Limax Poop
Limited Poop
Limoose Poop
Limox Poop

Sewers 3

Lindsey Poop
Lishon Poop
Lolie Poop
Lolzbra Poop
Lorius Poop
Lorulf Poop
Lost Poop
Lovebird Poop
Lovebug Poop
Loyal Poop
Lubadore Poop
Lucent Poop
Lucifer Poop
Lucky Poop
Luffley Poop
Lunash Poop
Lurve Poop
Lush Poop
Lustress Poop
Maddox Poop
Maestro Poop
Maeven Poop
Maft Poop
Magic Carpet Poop
Mailo Poop
Makara Poop
Malware Poop
Manticore Poop
Maragotchi Poop
Marguerite Poop
Marie Poop
Marney Poop
Mato Poop
Meepo Poop
Merant Poop
Mia Poop
Middy Poop
Midoat Poop
Mina Poop
Minibot Poop
Minifoot Poop
Minnoth Poop
Mintcream Poop
Minti Poop
Miort Poop
Miraffe Poop
Mistake Poop
Misti Poop
Mizu Poop
Moneybag Poop
Moofle Poop
Moonie Poop
Mordo Poop
Mort Poop
Mosquito Poop
Mr Rabbit Poop
Mugen Poop
Murfin Poop
Murfow Poop
Murfzul Poop
Mushtoo Poop
Myer Poop
Naga Poop
Naia Poop
Naoen Poop
Napoleon Poop
Nebbi Poop
Neek Poop
Neemi Poop
Neesta Poop
Neil Poop
Nerd Poop
Nesasio Poop
Newth Poop
Nicky Poop
Nimble Poop
Nino Poop
Nodio Poop
Noosh Poop
Noot Poop
Nude Poop
Nuttler Poop
Nyuchan Poop
Oglue Poop
Oleni Poop
Oley Poop
Olvic Poop
Omen Poop
Oogle Poop
Orville Poop
Osabri Poop
Osafo Poop
Osafup Poop
Ottra Poop
Otus Poop
Paffint Poop
Paffuto Poop
Palm Poop
Parpy Poop
Partridge Poop
Pat Poop
Patrick Poop
Peachie Poop
Peak Poop
Pebbles Poop
Pee Poop
Peiko Poop
Pellet Poop
Peppa Poop
Phantasm Poop
Phanty Poop
Phare Poop
Pidge Poop
Piggy Poop
Pikaboo Poop
Pikey Poop
Pinekoo Poop
Pingi Poop
Pinkal Poop
Pinto Poop
Pippin Poop
Pixel Poop
Plague Poop
Plake Poop
Plap Poop
Plapus Poop
Pliger Poop
Plooster Poop
Pluff Poop
Plug Poop
Plugged Poop
Plump Poop
Plynx Poop
Poani Poop
Pocano Poop
Poco Poop
Poera Poop
Polar Poop
Pongin Poop
Popo Poop
Poppy Poop
Prancer Poop
Prickly Poop
Princess Poop
Psyclone Poop
Pucci Poop
Pucu Poop
Pudine Poop
Puff Poop
Puffnut Poop
Pugwash Poop
Pulika Poop
Pumkin Poop
Pumkitty Poop
Pumpee Poop
Pumpkin Ed Poop
Pumpkin Wiz Poop
Pumpking Poop
Punk Poop
Purtle Poop
Pyri Poop
Pythonix Poop
Quell Poop
Quelow Poop
Quibs Poop
Quiln Poop
Ra Poop
Rababerry Poop
Rat Poop
Raulf Poop
Reaper Poop
Reese Poop
Reesoro Poop
Reezul Poop
Reginald Poop
Rejected Poop
Renat Poop
Renuw Poop
Reon Poop
Rigatoni Poop
Rock Poop
Rocket Poop
Rofling Poop
Roflow Poop
Rokma Poop
Romantic Poop
Rosette Poop
Rosie Poop
Rubble Poop
Rudolph Poop
Rupper Poop
Rusty Poop
Rutabaga Poop
Rweek Poop
Ryan Poop
Ryno Poop
Sabertooth Poop
Safari Poop
Sakko Poop
Salad Poop
Salem Poop
Salvaged Poop
Salvus Poop
Sandy Poop
Sassy Poop
Sawni Poop
Scarabi Poop
Scarfy Poop
Scavange Poop
Schmog Poop
Schnoodle Poop
Schoot Poop
Scorch Poop
Scorpi Poop
Scorpion Poop
Scratchy Poop

Sewers 4

Scrooge Poop
Seaso Poop
Selene Poop
Serri Poop
Seth Poop
Sewage Poop
Shaggy Poop
Shamrock Poop
Shea Poop
Sheepbow Poop
Shelly Poop
Shilpy Poop
Shmancy Poop
Shnuggle Poop
Shroom Poop
Shroomy Poop
Shyda Poop
Shyee Poop
Silkie Poop
Silser Poop
Sindi Poop
Sixth Poop
Sk8er Poop
Skelebat Poop
Skelly Poop
Skiddy Poop
Skramp Poop
Skullington Poop
Slicker Poop
Slig Poop
Slymol Poop
Smartdo Poop
Smew Poop
Smylo Poop
Sneaky Poop
Snek Poop
Snickle Poop
Sniffles Poop
Snixie Poop
Snoodi Poop
Snoogle Poop
Snookle Poop
Snoop Poop
Snooty Poop
Snoween Poop
Snowel Poop
Snowman Poop
Snowy Poop
Snuggles Poop
Sobek Poop
Solaroo Poop
Soleo Poop
Sooer Poop
Sooty Poop
Spark Poop
Spectra Poop
Speiro Poop
Sphinx Poop
Spidly Poop
Spinestein Poop
Spinner Poop
Spirit Poop
Splish Poop
Spobble Poop
Spooks Poop
Spoopy Poop
Spootli Poop
Sprig Poop
Springo Poop
Sprite Poop
Spud Poop
Spurkle Poop
Squink Poop
Starbert Poop
Starcub Poop
Starstruck Poop
Stego Poop
Stingler Poop
Stitch Poop
Stoolie Poop
Strawberrie Poop
Strawbri Poop
Strawbun Poop
Stray Poop
Straya Poop
Succubus Poop
Sue Poop
Sugarmites Poop
Sunflower Poop
Sunny Poop
Superhero Poop
Swoop Poop
Sybri Poop
Sycamore Poop
Syotto Poop
Tadi Poop
Taffy Poop
Tail Poop
Tako Poop
Tantibs Poop
Tantow Poop
Tantua Poop
Tasi Poop
Tearex Poop
Tee Poop
Tefty Poop
Tepee Poop
Terra Poop
Teto Poop
Thracius Poop
Tinsel Poop
Tisha Poop
Toadling Poop
Toff Poop
Tokem Poop
Toki Poop
Tommy Poop
Toodles Poop
Tootoo Poop
Topplin Poop
Toppy Poop
Torall Poop
Totette Poop
Toto Poop
Toxic Poop
Treat Poop
Tres Poop
Tri Poop
Trigaro Poop
Troit Poop
Troogle Poop
Tropeck Poop
Tubby Poop
Tuly Poop
Tune Poop
Turdle Poop
Turkiye Poop
Tut Poop
Tweblud Poop
Tween Poop
Twindly Poop
Twinkle Poop
Twins Poop
Twittle Poop
Two Million Poop
Tyras Poop
USB Poop
Unlucky Poop
Ush Poop
Ushunda Poop
Ushundow Poop
Ushunoro Poop
Valentine Poop
Valentino Poop
Vampider Poop
Vampry Poop
Vamps Poop
Velox Poop
Verano Poop
Vikee Poop
Vile Poop
Viola Poop
Viondol Poop
Viotto Poop
Viper Poop
Vixen Poop
Vlad Poop
Volum Poop
Vorto Poop
Waffleo Poop
Waka Poop
Walee Poop
Wallet Poop
Wassup Poop
Wax Poop
Weep Poop
Weiji Poop
Whispa Poop
Wiik Poop
Willa Poop
Willafo Poop
Wisp Poop
Witchie Poop
Witchlet Poop
Wonion Poop
Wookle Poop
Xoi Poop
Yakubi Poop
Yakuow Poop
Yakuth Poop
Yeti Poop
Yhing Poop
Yolk Poop
Yonce Poop
Yoop Poop
Yule Poop
Yuni Poop
Zarplet Poop
Zax Poop
Zetlee Poop
Zetlian Poop
Zetoro Poop
Zoink Poop
Zointy Poop
Zola Poop
Zombear Poop
Zoosh Poop
Zorg Poop
Zound Poop