There are currently a total of 7,025 Gourmet Foods as of my most recent update.
Updated July 25, 2020 (complete and rechecked for accuracy against Marapets item list and double checked against my pets eaten and missing food list)

** Due to the ever increasing gourmet food list I had to break down the category list into multiple pages.

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Candy Gourmet

Candy 1

13th Birthday Lolly

Advent Tree Lolly
American Flag Gummy
Apple Caramels
Apple Cider Caramels
Apple Gummy Bat Wing
Apple Gummy Chibs
Apple Gummy Chibs Paws
Apple Gummy Gobble
Azul Pocket Candy Dispenser

Bad Egg
Bad Trick or Treat Loot
Bae Candy Heart
Bag of Apple Jelly Beans
Bag of Blueberry Jelly Beans
Bag of Cherry Jelly Beans
Bag of Grape Jelly Beans
Bag of Liquorice Jelly Beans
Bag of Mystery Jelly Beans
Bag of Peach Jelly Beans
Banana Candycane Gummy
Banana Gummy Feliz
Banana Present Gummies
Banana Rock Candy
Banana Safety Lolly
Banana Taffy
Baspinar Castle Lolly
Be Mine Candy Heart
Be Someone Elses Candy Spade
Beautiful Candy Heart
Biala Mountain Lolly
Birthday Lolly
Black Sorry Candy Heart
Black Twozzlers
Blue Bunny Jelly Bean
Blue Christmas Tree Gummy
Blue Cotton Candy
Blue Gummy Corn
Blue Gummy Fried Egg
Blue Gummy Grub
Blue Gummy Music Note
Blue Heart Candy
Blue Heart Lolly
Blue Osafo Marshmallow
Blue Raspberry Candycane Gummy
Blue Raspberry Gummy Chibs
Blue Raspberry Gummy Chibs Paws
Blue Raspberry Gummy Feliz
Blue Raspberry Gummy Gobble
Blue Raspberry Present Gummies
Blue Raspberry Safety Lolly
Blue Rose Gummies
Blue Sindi Marshmallow
Blue Sorry Candy Heart
Blue Star Gummies
Blueberry Candy Syringe
Blueberry Gummy Bat Wing
Blueberry Gummy Bottle
Blueberry Gummy Chibs
Blueberry Gummy Chibs Paws
Blueberry Gummy Foot
Blueberry Gummy Frog
Blueberry Gummy Gingerbread Man
Blueberry Gummy Gobble
Blueberry Gummy Hand
Blueberry Gummy Leg
Blueberry Gummy Reindeer
Blueberry Gummy Renat Legs
Blueberry Gummy Slug
Blueberry Gummy Snail
Blueberry Happy Farmer
Blueberry Kiwi Ring Pop
Blueberry Pixie Straw
Blueberry Rock Candy
Blueberry Shell Candy
Broken Candycane (retired)
Broken Seasonal Candycane
Bubble Gum Taffy
Burnt Marshmallow
Burnt Pokey
Buttertoe Snax

Candy Apple
Candy Avocado
Candy Banana
Candy Blackberry
Candy Blueberry
Candy Buttons
Candy Cherry
Candy Coffins
Candy Corn Caramel Apple
Candy Cranberry
Candy Double Hearts
Candy Fig
Candy Grapefruit
Candy Green Grapes
Candy Honey Melon
Candy Horned Melon
Candy Kiwi
Candy Lemon
Candy Lime
Candy Orange
Candy Papaya
Candy Peach
Candy Pear
Candy Pineapple
Candy Plum
Candy Pomegranate
Candy Purple Grapes
Candy Strawberry
Candy Watermelon
Candyland Lolly
Caramel Apple
Charm Me Candy Heart
Cherry Candy Syringe
Cherry Footsie Roll
Cherry Gumball Lolly
Cherry Gummy Bat Wing
Cherry Gummy Bottle
Cherry Gummy Chibs
Cherry Gummy Chibs Paws
Cherry Gummy Foot
Cherry Gummy Frog
Cherry Gummy Gingerbread Man
Cherry Gummy Gobble

Candy 2

Cherry Gummy Hand
Cherry Gummy Leg
Cherry Gummy Reindeer
Cherry Gummy Renat Legs
Cherry Gummy Slug
Cherry Gummy Snail
Cherry Happy Farmer
Cherry Pixie Straw
Cherry Present Gummies
Cherry Ring Pop
Cherry Safety Lolly
Cherry Shell Candy
Chewed Gum
Chibs Pocket Candy Dispenser
Chocolate Pokey
Christmas Candy Corn Lolly
Christmas Candycane (Retired)
Christmas Tree Gummy
City Sewers Lolly
City of Marada Lolly
Coal Dust Powder Candy
Cobweb Candy (retired)
Coconut Candy Syringe
Coconut Caramel Apple
Coconut Gummy Bat Wing
Coconut Gummy Feliz
Coconut Gummy Foot
Coconut Gummy Hand
Coconut Gummy Leg
Coconut Gummy Slug
Coconut Taffy
Cola Gummy Foot
Cola Gummy Hand
Cola Gummy Slug
Cola Gummy Snail
Cool Candy Heart
Crazy 4 U Candy Heart

Darling Candy Heart
Decadal Pocket Candy Dispenser
Drizzled Chocolate Apple
Dukka Caves Lolly
Dukka Town Lolly

Easter Egg Lolly
Egg Lolly
Eleka Castle Lolly
Elf Candy Floss
Emo Spoodles
Empty Bag of Jelly Beans
Enpiah Lolly
Ewww Candy Spade

Festive Sucker
Flurso Bar
Footsie Roll
Foxfire Forest Lolly
Friend Zoned Candy Spade

Galatic Cotton Candy
Get Out Candy Spade
Giant Blue Gummy Music Note
Giant Green Gummy Music Note
Giant Gummy Rat
Giant Purple Gummy Music Note
Giant Red Gummy Music Note
Giant Sugar Cube
Giant Yellow Gummy Music Note
Gigantic Paradise Lolly
Grape Gumball Lolly
Grape Gummy Chibs
Grape Gummy Chibs Paws
Grape Gummy Foot
Grape Gummy Gingerbread Man
Grape Gummy Gobble
Grape Gummy Hand
Grape Gummy Leg
Grape Gummy Reindeer
Grape Gummy Renat Legs
Grape Gummy Slug
Grape Happy Farmer
Grape Pixie Straw
Grape Ring Pop
Grape Safety Lolly
Green Apple Candycane Gummy
Green Bunny Jelly Bean
Green Cotton Candy
Green Gummy Corn
Green Gummy Crindol
Green Gummy Daisy
Green Gummy Dakota
Green Gummy Ercuw
Green Gummy Fried Egg
Green Gummy Grub
Green Gummy Hump
Green Gummy Kidlet
Green Gummy Music Note
Green Gummy Snookle
Green Heart Candy
Green Heart Lolly
Green Peppermint
Green Rose Gummies
Green Sorry Candy Heart
Green Star Gummies
Grumpy Candy Spade
Gummy Arm
Gummy Carrot
Gummy Christmas Trees
Gummy Corn
Gummy Foot
Gummy Fried Egg
Gummy Hand
Gummy Leg
Gummy Rapunzel
Gummy Santa Wife (retired)
Gummy Scorpion

Hes Mine Candy Spade
Hey Fatty Candy Spade
Hold Me Candy Heart
Hug Me Candy Heart

I Heart You Candy Heart
I Hope You Choke Candy Spade
I Spade You Candy Spade
I Will End You Candy Spade
Ice Candycane
Icicle Lolly
Ike Pocket Candy Dispenser

Candy 3

Jaw Breakers Nards
Jelly Hearts
Jelly Worms
Jenoa Lolly
Jerk Candy Spade
Jessup Pocket Candy Dispenser

Kamilah Desert Lolly
Kiss Me Candy Heart
Kiwi Shell Candy

Leave Me Alone Candy Spade
Lemon Gumball Lolly
Lemon Gummy Bottle
Lemon Gummy Chibs
Lemon Gummy Chibs Paws
Lemon Gummy Foot
Lemon Gummy Gingerbread Ma
Lemon Gummy Gobble
Lemon Gummy Hand
Lemon Gummy Leg
Lemon Gummy Reindeer
Lemon Gummy Renat Legs
Lemon Pixie Straw
Lemon Ring Pop
Lemon Shell Candy
Lets Dance Candy Heart
Lime Candy Syringe
Lime Gumball Lolly
Lime Gummy Bottle
Lime Gummy Chibs
Lime Gummy Chibs Paws
Lime Gummy Feliz
Lime Gummy Foot
Lime Gummy Frog
Lime Gummy Gingerbread Man
Lime Gummy Gobble
Lime Gummy Hand
Lime Gummy Leg
Lime Gummy Reindeer
Lime Gummy Renat Legs
Lime Gummy Snail
Lime Pixie Straw
Lime Present Gummies
Lime Rock Candy
Lime Safety Lolly
Lime Taffy
Liquorice Candy Syringe
Liquorice Gumball Lolly
Liquorice Gummy Bat Wing
Liquorice Gummy Chibs
Liquorice Gummy Chibs Paws
Liquorice Gummy Foot
Liquorice Gummy Frog
Liquorice Gummy Gobble
Liquorice Gummy Hand
Liquorice Gummy Leg
Liquorice Gummy Renat Legs
Liquorice Gummy Slug
Liquorice Gummy Snail
Liquorice Pixie Straw
Liquorice Taffy
Loser Candy Spade
Lowlyhood Lolly
Lush Lake Lolly
Luv U 5ever Candy Heart

Magical Gummy Stars
Maple Syrup Snow Taffee
Marshmallow Snowman
Meh Candy Heart
Midnight Lolly
Minipet Island Lolly
Minty Drops
Moon Glitter Candy Apple
Moon Racoon Caramel
Music Note Lolly
My Boy Candy Heart
My Girl Candy Heart
My Love Candy Heart
My Pal Candy Heart
My Person Candy Heart
My Treat Candy Heart

Newth Pocket Candy Dispenser
Nimbus Lolly
No Candy Spade
Number One Fan Candy Heart

Orange Blue Nards
Orange Candy Floss
Orange Cotton Candy
Orange Gumball Lolly
Orange Gummy Bottle
Orange Gummy Chibs
Orange Gummy Chibs Paws
Orange Gummy Crindol
Orange Gummy Daisy
Orange Gummy Dakota
Orange Gummy Ercuw
Orange Gummy Feliz
Orange Gummy Foot
Orange Gummy Gobble
Orange Gummy Hand
Orange Gummy Hump
Orange Gummy Kidlet
Orange Gummy Leg
Orange Gummy Snookle
Orange Leaf Candy
Orange Maple Leaf Candy
Orange Safety Lolly
Orange Sorry Candy Heart

Party Lolly
Peach Taffy
Pinata Lolly
Pink Bunny Jelly Bean
Pink Cotton Candy
Pink Heart Candy
Pink Heart Lolly
Pink Lemondade Rock Candy
Pink Osafo Marshmallow
Pink Purple Nards
Pink Sindi Marshmallow
Plushie Fairy Lolly
Puchalla Village Lolly
Pumpkin Footsie Roll
Pumpkin Mint (retired)
Pumpkin Pokey
Purple Bunny Jelly Bean
Purple Candy Floss
Purple Christmas Tree Gummy

Candy 4

Purple Cotton Candy
Purple Gummy Corn
Purple Gummy Grub
Purple Gummy Music Note
Purple Heart Candy
Purple Rose Gummies
Purple Sorry Candy Heart
Purple Star Gummies
Purrfect Candy Heart

Radioactive Lolly
Rainbow Heart Lolly
Rainy Cotton Candy
Raspberry Pixie Straw
Red Bunny Jelly Bean
Red Christmas Tree Gummy
Red Green Nards
Red Gummy Corn
Red Gummy Crindol
Red Gummy Daisy
Red Gummy Dakota
Red Gummy Ercuw
Red Gummy Grub
Red Gummy Hump
Red Gummy Music Note
Red Gummy Snookle
Red Gummy Xoi
Red Heart Candy
Red Leaf Candy
Red Maple Leaf Candy
Red Peppermint
Red Rose Gummies
Red Sorry Candy Heart
Red Star Gummies
Roasted Marshmallow
Rudolf Candy Dispenser (retired)

Santa Candycane
Sea Salt Taffy
Seasonal Candy Floss
Shell Candy
Shes Mine Candy Spade
Shut Up Candy Spade
Simeria Lolly
Skull Mint (retired)
Slater Park Lolly
Smashed Green Candycane
Smashed Red Candycane
Smores Candy Apple
Soul Mate Candy Heart
Sour Gummy Slugs
Sour Gummy Worms
Space Fairy Jawbreaker
Spicy Fireball
Spring Candy Floss
Stocking Candycane
Stocking Loot
Stop Trying Candy Spade
Storm Cotton Candy
Strawberry Candycane Gummy
Strawberry Gummy Feliz
Sultan Beard Candy Floss
Super Sized Cotton Candy

Tangy Figaro Taffy

U and Me OTP Candy Heart
U R 2 Cute Candy Heart
Ugly Candy Spade
Umbrella Candycane
Undying Woods Lolly

Vortex Park Lolly

Watermelon Gummy Bat Wing
Watermelon Gummy Chibs
Watermelon Gummy Chibs Paws
Watermelon Gummy Foot
Watermelon Gummy Gobble
Watermelon Gummy Hand
Watermelon Gummy Leg
Watermelon Gummy Renat Legs
Watermelon Taffy
White Chocolate Candy Figaro
Will You Marry Me Candy Heart

Yellow Christmas Tree Gummy
Yellow Gummy Crindol
Yellow Gummy Daisy
Yellow Gummy Dakota
Yellow Gummy Ercuw
Yellow Gummy Hump
Yellow Gummy Kidlet
Yellow Gummy Music Note
Yellow Gummy Renat
Yellow Gummy Snookle
Yellow Heart Candy
Yellow Leaf Candy
Yellow Maple Leaf Candy
Yellow Osafo Marshmallow
Yellow Rose Gummies
Yellow Sindi Marshmallow
Yellow Star Gummies
Ying Yang Jelly
You Better Run Candy Spade
You Had Your Chance Candy Spade

Ziraken Lolly
Zoink Pocket Candy Dispenser