Glitter Words


I am sure the items asked for in this challenge is totally random but I was curious if an item was asked for only once or multiple times. I found my answer: No star means the item was only asked for once, 2 stars means the item was asked for twice and 3 stars means the items was asked for three times since the release of the contest. Once again, if you find a mistake please contact me so I can fix it.
A special thank you to Icingstar for months of info allowing me to update this page :)

Date of Contest: 2020 Challange: Restockable Item Prize: Retired Gourmet Food
June 10 White Chocolate Azul Geometric Easter Egg
June 3 Triangle Sofa Spring Pumpkin
May 27 Giant Vegetables Stamp Smug Pumpkin Candy
May 20 Pecan Ice Cream Grape Duo Popsicle
May 13 Dragon Steak Spring Potato
May 6 Slime Slingshot** Kirikoo
April 29 Bat Ice Pop Cursed Potato
April 22 Sponge Banana 12th Birthday Cupcake
April 15 Tombola Stamp Strawberry Daisy Milk
April 18 Leprechaun Trading Card** Mystery Yellow Juice
April 1 Bone of Ham Deluxe Chocolate Cake
March 25 Test Your Strength Pearl Kale Milk Shake
March 18 White Chocolate Paffuto Speiro Easter Egg
March 11 Long Red Balloon Pirate Pumpkin
March 4 Polka Dot Dress Baby Bottle
February 26 Zac 08 Coolmint Shake
February 19 Blueberry Muffin Carrot Juice Pouch
February 12 Dark Red Contact Lenses Smugglers Easter Egg
February 5 Leprechaun Treading Card** Clown Easter Egg
January 29 Safari Compass Purple Bunny Jelly Bean
January 22 Fruit Harvest Gauntlet Anime Easter Egg
January 15 Yellow Gumball Pampered Pumpkin
January 8 Angel Fasoro Plushie Azul Cake Pop
January 1 Orange Chocolate Gumball Hot Grape Juice

Date of Contest: 2019 Challange: Restockable Item Prize: Retired Gourmet Food
December 25 OutaSight 04 Mini Cranberry Tarts
December 18 Purple Heart Lolly Holly Latte
December 11 Jar of Dirt Murfin Easter Egg
December 4 Yellow Troit Plushie Shamrock Shake
November 27 Blueberry Smoothie Goblin Pearl
November 20 Tunic Shirt Digital Fairy Easter Egg
November 13 Mint Chocolate Zetlian Spring Candy Floss
November 6 Circus Ticket Goblet of Pumpkin Juice
October 39 Bounchy Axe Orange Easter Egg
October 23 Kaala Notepad Lorius Easter Egg
October 16 Slime Slingshot** Makara Tail
October 9 Nothing Listed In News
October 2 Blue Chibs Pen Leaf Rolls
September 25 Sliced Crusty Blueberry Bread Large Caramel Apple Spice
September 18 Fire Shower Charm Vanilla Souffle
September 11 Teddy Bear Tree Decoration Xoi Easter Egg
September 4 Nothing Listed In News Vanilla 12th Birthday Cake
August 28 Undead Billiards Flail Sindi Easter Egg
August 21 Pull Along Dracone Summer Gumball
August 14 Bronze Gumball Safari Water Flask
August 7 Zac 14 Dirt Marapop
July 31 Book of Strong Arm Techniques Pumpkin Patch Cupcake
July 24 Sketch Huthiq Plushie Pastel Carrot
July 17 Doyle Stamp Mutant Food
July 10 Tombola Tunes Hot Grape Juice
July 3 Knutt Dagger Robot Juice
June 26 Candycane Crossbow Parched Pear
June 19 Zac 05 Angel Food Cake
June 12 Undying Stamp Daisy Milk
June 5 Undying Fairy Wings Old Fairy Easter Egg
May 29 Black Lati Plushie Earth Fairy Easter Egg
May 22 Half a Chicken Chocolate Almond Chickle
May 15 Eleka Tombola Stamp Yakubi Easter Egg
May 8 Leido Bounce Slingshot ** Fancy Potato
May 1 Dark Orange Contact Lenses Bee Pearl
April 24 Giant Gherkin Rosewater Tea
April 17 Portable Television Cotton Candy Pearl
April 10 Haunted House Stamp Lowlyhood Easter Egg
April 3 Green Tantua Potion Krampus Pearl
March 27 Ethernet Cable Bone Potato Chip
March 20 Feliz Candle Recycled Easter Egg
March 13 Chamaeleon Dark Chocolate Chickle
March 6 Explorer Trading Card ** Vampire Pearl
February 27 Holiday Cards Tasi Easter Egg
February 20 Azul Ruler Strawberry Cornet
February 13 Splatter Face Paint Sweet Yuni Drink
February 6 Corrupt 07 Raspberry Heart Cake
January 30 Naga Plushie Heart Omurice
January 23 Usher 07 Zetzilla Pearl
January 16 Neptune 24 9th Birthday Pearl
January 9 Bolimo Nunchucks Leprechaun Easter Egg
January 2 Soft Drinks Stamp 9th Birthday Cake

Date of Contest: 2018 Challange: Restockable Item Prize: Retired Gourmet Food
December 26 Light Fairy Blessing Cherry Present Gummies
December 19 Cheese Sindi Plushie Tweblud Easter Egg
December 12 Rihanna 19 Orange Icicle
December 5 Fireplace Sweet Zola Wind
November 28 Hawthorne Brain Juice
November 21 Grey Snookle Plushie Bottle of Courage
November 14 Poisonous Dagger ** Chocolate 12th Birthday Cupcake
November 7 Purple Feliz Plushie Hairy Potato
October 31 Sand Brown Contact Lenses Magical Gummy Stars
October 24 Deep Green Blue Face Makeup Dye ** Tantua Easter Egg
October 17 Folk Tunes from Baspinars Castle Haunted House Pearl
October 10 Red Newth Pen Farm Easter Egg
October 3 Drake Action Figure Strawberry Coffin Lolly
September 26 Yellow Eye Cookie Christmas 2010 Dinner
September 19 Poisonous Gauntlet Naoen Easter Egg
September 12 Eleka Tombola Stamp Orange Leaf Candy
September 5 Explorer Trading Card ** Beelzebub Easter Egg
August 29 Leido Bounce Slingshot ** Ziranek Easter Egg
August 22 Naga Video Game One Hundred Cake
August 15 Pink Lipstick Fasoro Pumpkin
August 8 Deep Green Blue Face Makeup Dye ** Recycled Easter Egg
August 1 Leido Pencil Spiced Pumpkin Drink
July 25 Blitzen Daggers Candy Coffins
July 18 Giant Borage Black Fortune Cookie
July 11 Hotcha 06 GoldenApple Cider
July 4 White Firefly Trap Lati Easter Egg
June 27 White Bread Teal Striped Easter Egg
June 20 Kamilah Code 09 Pixie Potato
June 13 Sparkle 01 Camouflage Easter Egg
June 6 Green Gummy Doyle Ideus Easter Egg
May 30 Giant Blue Lily Potions Easter Egg
May 23 Purple Paper Hat Rainbow Cookie
May 16 Fang Marshmallows Vacation Pearl
May 9 Cyan Lipstick Bottle of Coala
May 2 Doyle Notepad Strawberry Cream Doughnut
April 25 Dark Red Lipstick Candy Martini
April 18 Poisonous Dagger ** Brown Eye Pearl
April 11 Red Jessup Pen Silly Pumpkin Candy
April 4 Green Tea Festive Eggnog
March 28 Mechanic Trading Card Trotter Easter Egg
March 21 Undying Woods News Feb 2017 Murfin Pumpkin
March 14 Green Beans Mummy Easter Egg
March 7 Green Bug Trap Daisy Milk
February 28 Bolimo Stamp Chocolate Strawberry Chickle
February 21 Dark Magenta Contact Lenses Spoiled Milk
February 14 Furry Bed Snowman Eastere Egg
February 7 Snowdrop Grape Freezie
January 31 Blue Knutt Plushie Recycled Easter Egg
January 24 Light Plum Contact Lenses Aura Pearl
January 18
Site down on 17th
Crindol Wing Charm Mint Chocolate Lorius
January 10 Queen Eleka Video Game Earth Potato
January 3 Rune Amulet School Gumball

Date of Contest: 2017 Challange: Restockable Item Prize: Retired Gourmet Food
December 27 Test Your Strength Potato Orange Souffle
December 20 Snowman Book** Pumpkin Spice Latte
December 13 Red Pen** Snixie Easter Egg
December 6 Pumpkin Doughnut Heart Candy Necklace
November 29 Crusty Burnt Bread Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix
November 22 Soybeans Peppermint Tea
November 15 Merman Action Figure Dead Pumpkin Candy
November 8 Diet Blueberry Marapop Broken Candycane
November 1 Mechanical Skull Bone Potato Chips
October 25 Red Candy Cane Chocolate Sindi Statue
October 18 Cetus Black Licorice Coffin Lolly
October 11 Red Contact Lenses My Girl Candy Heart
October 4 Polo Shirt Aura Pearl
September 27 Fast Food Stamp Rainbow icicle
September 20 Frozen Salad Leaf Basil Easter Egg
September 13 Pocket Shirt Black Eye Pearl
September 6 Green Beans and Peas Addow Pumpkin
August 30 Yellow Balloon Crindol Pumpkin
August 23 Orange Chocolate Ushunda ** Lemon Gummy Heart
August 16 Red Yuni Balloon Firework Potato
August 9 Spiked Helmet Orange Gummy Bottle
August 2 Red Pen** Explorer Pearl
July 26 Half of a Meat Pizza Christmas Pistachio
July 19 Blue Tantua Potion Pink Sindi Marshmallow
July 12 Purple Ideus Potion Bonehead Easter Egg
July 5 Whipped Cream Muffin Giant Chocolate Chip Muffin
June 28 Clown Stamp Toy Easter Egg
June 21 Lime Green Contact Lenses My Boy Candy Heart
June 14 Mustard Muffin Farm Easter Egg
June 7 Dark Red Hair Dye Cherry Freezie
May 31 Brocklee Seeds Alien Pearl
May 24 Princess Newth Potion Blitzen Easter Egg
May 17 Diamond Bracelet Darling Candy Heart
May 10 Orange Chocolate Murfin Fasoro Cookie
May 3 Jessup Staff Arcade Potato
April 26 Pumpkin Eye Makeup Powder Festive Bread
April 19 Gym Stamp Anubis Easter Egg
April 12 Avatar Stamp Fruit Salad Pumpkin
April 5 Blonde Hair Dye Daisy Pumpkin
March 29 No More War Songs White Chocolate Covered Strawberry
March 22 Sun Table Plant Easter Egg
March 15 Azul Wand Pumpkin Hard Candy
March 8 Feliz Dagger Blueberry 12th Birthday Cupcake
March 1 Marapocalypse Marapocalypse
February 22 Marapocalypse Marapocalypse
February 15 Murfin Gauntlet Jar of Fog
February 8 Feliz Gauntlet Charm Me Candy Heart
February 1 Walee Helmet Magical Gummy Stars
January 25 Mini Lemon Pies Newth Pumpkin
January 18 Orange Jessup Potion Winter Potato
January 11 Blue Pen 9th Birthday Pearl
January 4 Bolimo Staff Extra Juicy Roast Turkey

Date of Contest: 2016 Challange: Restockable Item Prize: Retired Gourmet Food
December 28 Tan Lipstick Stale Crouton
December 21 Shaman Necklace Mashed Potatoes and Turkey Gravy
December 14 Fasoro Gauntlet 6th Birthday Gumball
December 7 Knutt Stamp ** Bolimo Easter Egg
November 30 Tantua Backpack Blueberry Icicle
November 23 Ushunda Sword ** Lorius Pumpkin
November 16 Bronze Candycane Grape Freezie
November 9 Cinnamon Rolls Spirit Poop
November 2 Half of a Cheesey Pizza Wardrobe Fairy Easter Egg
October 26 Bolimo Action Figure Mosquito Poop
October 19 Purple Murfin Potion Orange Gummy Bottle
October 12 Red Tantua Pen Frozen Carrot
October 5 Doll Rainbow Jelly
September 28 Navy Beans Dakota Pumpkin
September 21 Glowing Egg Nest Stamp Party Lollipop
September 14 Ushunda Sword ** Snow Madam Pearl
September 7 Ziranek Stamp Millionaire Easter Egg
August 31 Giant Turnip Christmas Dinner
August 24 Lemon Marapop Orange Chocolate Chickle
August 17 Paffuto Backpack Sand Cake
August 10 Brown Bread Candycorn Cupcake
August 3 Plushie Glowing Egg Moonlight Gumball
July 27 Yaoe Trading Card Bolimo Easter Egg
July 20 Red Grint Pen Ice Cream Gumball
July 13 Spiral Table Orange Gummy Stomach
July 6 Flower Table Midnight Chibs Paw
June 29 Red Leido Pen Steampunk Easter Egg
June 22 Knutt Ruler Sobbing Pumpkin
June 15 Zetlian Helmet Bug Candy
June 8 Addow in a Barrel Chevron Easter Egg
June 1 Osafo Bow Kaala Pumpkin
May 25 Green Knutt Potion Paffuto Easter Egg
May 18 Advent Calendar Stamp Easter Egg Pearl
May 11 Health Concoction Neek Easter Egg
May 4 Wind up Bomb *** Orange Gummy Feliz
April 27 Canis Minor Sprinkled Pink Doughnut
April 20 Knutt Stamp ** Ush Easter Egg
April 13 Glass Glowing Egg Vacation Pearl
April 6 Butter and Garlic Bagel Phantom Cupcake
March 30 Rofling Backpack Cool Pearl
March 23 Half of a Pepper Pizza Zombie Figaro Tail
March 16 Red Rose ** Azul Pumpkin
March 9 Headphones Leprechaun Stew
March 2 Newth Amulet Spring Pearl
February 24 White Chocolate Ushunda Candy Filled Eggs
February 17 Avacado Maki Rolls Chocolate Beach Cake
February 10 Murfin Sword Ice Water
February 3 Orange Chocolate Osafo Sobbing Pumpkin
January 27 Glowing Moon Egg ** Chocolate Fudge
January 20 Knutt Amulet Stormy Potato
January 13 Cello Christmas Dinner
January 6 Flower Bed Pumpkin Lolipop
Date of Contest: 2015 Challange: Restockable Item Prize: Retired Gourmet Food
December 30 Tantua Bow Snoween Easter Egg
December 23 Mint Chocolate Newth Chibs Pumpkin
December 16 Pepperoni Pizza Poison Ester Egg
December 9 Glowing Dark Chocolate Egg Sundial Easter Egg
December 2 Mint Chocolate Leido *** Zatlian Easter Egg
November 25 Bronze Paint Red Peppermint
November 18 Grint Notepad British Easter Egg
November 11 Glowing Plushie Egg Blueberry Freezie
November 4 Water Sofa Aura Pearl
October 28 Mint Chocolate Leido *** Wedding Potato
October 21 Green Newth Potion Sleepy Easter Egg
October 14 Tomato Pork Rib ** Fishing Easter Egg
October 7 White Chocolate Jessup Monster Easter Egg
September 30 Zombie Stamp Pink Heart Candy
September 23 Mint Chocolate Bolimo Anime Pearl
September 16 Piccolo Anubis Easter Egg
September 9 Crusty Brown Bread Snowman Ice Cream
September 2