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If you notice I left anything out or have a correction that needs to be made on any of the updated material, please maramail me. Please note that not all categories have been updated. This requires a lot of time which I don't currently have.

SPECIAL NOTE: Since Marapets item lists are growing almost every day it is impossible for me to make sure every item that is retired is marked as such. If you are not sure if an item is retired or not please check Marapets item database for it's current status. Have fun playing the game :)


Appliances (up to date 1-20-2015)

Armour (updated 1-20-2015)

Bakery (updated 1-24-2015)

Balls of Yarn (updated 1-20-2015)

Books A-L (updated 1-24-2015)

Books M-Z (updated 1-24-2015)

Boosters (updated 1-20-2015)

CDs (updated 1-20-2015)

Costumes (updated 1-20-2015)

DVDs (not updated)

Furniture (updated 1-20-2015)

Gumballs (updated 1-20-2015)

Illegal Concoctions (updated 1-20-2015)

Magic(updated 1-20-2015)

Minipets (updated 1-20-2015)

Miscellaneous/Other (updated 1-20-2015)

Musical Instruments (updated 1-20-2015)

Pearls (updated 1-24-2015)

Potato (updated 1-24-2015)

Snowman (updated 1-24-2015)

Stamps A-L (updated 1-24-2015)

Stamps M-Z (updated 1-24-2015)

Toys (not updated)

Trading Cards (updated 1-24-2015)

Wallpaper (updated 1-24-2015)

Wardrobe Items Main Menu

NEW Weapons (updated 1-25-2015)