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I am currently NOT LENDING pets or items for avatars

Lending Terms and Conditions

Important Note: There are times when I am not lending avatars due to time constraints or other matters so please mail me when you are looking to borrow and check if I am lending at that time.

Instructions for Avatar and Pet Lending:

Before you mara mail me read the instructions below and please do NOT bid on my trades without following the instructions.

Figure out what avatar items you want to borrow by clicking on Lending List dropdown menu. Write them all down in a maramail and send them to me (no MT).

You must include in that maramail that you've read these instructions and agree to them.

If I'm online AND LENDING AT THE MOMENT, I will then reply to you, with 'Go ahead and offer.'

Know how to get your avatar you are looking for BEFORE you offer on my trades. Type 'Lending' in each message area and include the necessary 'junk' item (ex: gumball).

Get your avatar using my items, then send them back to me by putting them in trades, and MAIL ME and let me know they are there. I will offer and you accept and we are done.

You are not allowed to send my items/pets to anyone else. You are to use them to get the avatar and send them back immediately. If your friend/family member wants to borrow they can contact me.

You should not need to take longer than about 5 minutes. Anything more than this is not acceptable. While I know that the majority of people on Marapets are honest and will return my pet/items there are a few who are not. The next statement is directed to the people who will try to steal my items or pets. You will be reported to staff and they will return my pet/items and then they will deal with you as they see fit. There's no reason, or need, to try it.

By bidding on my trades and mara mailing me to borrow my items, you are agreeing that any item you accidentally LOSE you will be replacing right away.