There are currently a total of 7,025 Gourmet Foods as of my most recent update.
Updated July 25, 2020 (complete and rechecked for accuracy against Marapets item list and double checked against my pets eaten and missing food list)

** Due to the ever increasing gourmet food list I had to break down the category list into multiple pages.

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Gumballs, Potatoes and Pearls Gourmet



6th Birthday Gumball
Acorn Gumball
Alien Gumball
Almond Gumball
American Gumball
Angel Gumball
Angry Gumball
Anime Gumball
Apple Gumball
Armoured Gumball
Artist Gumball
Australian Gumball
Autumn Gumball
Balloon Gumball
Banana Gumball
Battle Gumball
Bee Gumball
Beige Gumball
Bitten Gumball
Black Cat Gumball
Black Gumball
Blitzen Gumball
Blood Gumball
Blush Gumball
Breeze Gumball
Brick Gumball
Bug Gumball
Burnt Gumball
Calico Gumball
Camouflage Gumball
Candy Gumball
Cheese Gumball
Cheesy Gumball
Chibi Gumball
Chocolate Chip Gumball
Christmas Tree Gumball
City Gumball
Cola Gumball
Confused Gumball
Cool Gumball
Cotton Candy Gumball
Crazy Gumball
Cry Gumball
Cursed Gumball
Dark Chocolate Gumball
Daylight Gumball
Devil Gumball
Digital Gumball
Domino Gumball
Drool Gumball
Earth Fairy Gumball
Eleka Gumball
Elf Gumball
Emo Gumball
Evil Gumball
Fade Gumball
Fairy Gumball
Festival Gumball
Fire Fairy Gumball
Flower Gumball
Flowery Gumball
Flurso Gumball
Frostfire Gumball
Frozen Gumball
Funky Gumball
Gingerbread Gumball
Glitched Gumball
Glowing Gumball
Gold Gumball
Grin Gumball
Hand Painted Heart Gumball
Hand Painted Rose Gumball
Happy Gumball
Harpy Gumball
Haunted Gumball
Heart Eyes Gumball
Heart Gumball
Historian Gumball
Ice Cream Gumball
Ice Fairy Gumball
Icy Gumball
Invisible Gumball
Kamilah Codes Gumball
Killer Gumball
King Baspinar Gumball
Laugh Gumball
Light Fairy Gumball
Light Gumball
Lilac Gumball
Mad Gumball
Magenta Gumball
Mahjong Gumball
MaraTalk Gumball
Mini Fairy Gumball
Mini Gumball
Mint Chocolate Gumball
Mint Gumball
Miss Marada Gumball
Moonlight Gumball
Moon Gumball
Moonlight Gumball
Mouldy Gumball
Multi-Coloured Gumball
Mummy Gumball
Musical Fairy Gumball
Native Fairy Gumball
Nightmare Gumball
Nimbus Gumball
Obese Fairy Gumball
Party Gumball
Peach Gumball
Pear Gumball
Peasant Gumball
Peppermint Gumball
Pixie Gumball
Poison Gumball
Popstar Gumball
Possessed Gumball
Prison Gumball Protein Gumball
Puchalla Village Gumball
Pumpkin Gumball
Purple Gumball
Quack Mafia Gumball
Queen Eleka Gumball
Rainbow Fairy Gumball
Rainbow Gumball
Rapunzel Gumball
Recycled Gumball
Robot Gumball
Roll Eyes Gumball
Royal Fairy Gumball
Sandy Gumball
Santa Gumball
School Gumball
Seasonal Gumball
Sewer Fairy Gumball
Sewer Gumball
Sewers Gumball
School Gumball
Sick Gumball
Silver Gumball
Simeria Gumball
Simon Gumball
Slater Park Gumball
Sleeping Gumball
Smiley Gumball
Snowman Gumball
Snowy Gumball
Space Fairy Gumball
Sparkle Gumball
Splatter Gumball
Spotted Gumball
Steampunk Gumball
Strawberry Gumball
Sultan Gumball
Summer Gumball
Swamp Gumball
Sword Gumball
Teal Gumball
Ugly Teeth Gumball
Vacation Gumball
Vampire Gumball
Villain Gumball
Vortex Park Gumball
Wardrobe Fairy Gumball
Water Gumball
Watermelon Gumball
Werewolf Gumball
White Chocolate Gumball
White Gumball
Witch Gumball
Wooden Gumball
Zombie Gumball



10th Birthday Potato
8th Birthday Potato
Air Potato
Alien Potato
American Potato
Angel Potato
Anime Potato
Arcade Potato
Armoured Potato
Australian Potato
Autumn Potato
Balloon Potato
Baspinar Potato
Bat Potato
Battle Potato
Bee Potato
Black Potato
Blitzen Potato
Bloody Potato
Bloody Vampire Potato
Blue Potato
Bone Potato (Retired)
Bootleg Potato
Breeze Potato
British Potato
Bronze Potato
Brown Potato
Burnt Potato
Buttered Potato
Calico Potato
Camouflage Potato
Cartoon Potato
Checkered Potato
Cheese Potato
Cheesy Potato
Chinese Potato
Chocolate Potato
Christmas Potato
Christmas Tree Potato
Cloud Potato
Clover Potato
Cola Potato
Cotton Candy Potato
Cowboy Potato
Cupid Potato
Cursed Potato
Daisy Potato
Dark Fairy Potato
Daylight Potato
Desert Potato
Digital Potato
Doll Potato
Dragon Potato
Drake Potato
Earth Fairy Potato
Earth Potato
Easter Egg Potato
Easter Potato
Egg Potato
Evil Clown Potato
Experimental Potato
Famous Potato
Fancy Potato
Fang Potato
Fat Potato
Fire Fairy Potato
Fire Potato
Firework Potato
Flaming Hot Potato
Forest Potato
Frankenstein Potato
Fruit Potato
Garbage Potato
Genie Potato (retired)
Ghost Potato (Retired)
Gigantic Potato
Gingerbread Potato
Glitched Potato
Glowing Potato
Gnome Potato
Golem Potato
Green Potato
Grey Potato
Griffin Potato
Hairy Potato
Harpy Potato
Homeless Fairy Potato
Inside Out Potato (Retired)
Jester Potato
Kamilah Codes Potato
Kamilah Desert Potato
Krampus Potato
Leprechaun Potato (retired)
Light Fairy Potato
Light Potato
Lightning Potato
Lilac Potato
Mafia Potato
Magenta Potato
Meat Potato
Midnight Potato
Mini Fairy Potato
Minipet Potato
Model Potato
Monster Potato
Moonlight Potato
Musical Fairy Potato
Native Potato
Negative Potato
Obese Potato
Old Fairy Potato
Party Potato
Peasant Fairy Potato
Phantom Potato
Pink Potato
Pirate Mafia Potato
Pirate Potato
Pixie Potato
Plushie Potato
Poisoned Potato
Polar Potato
Possessed Potato
Puchalla Potato
Pumpkin Potato
Purple Potato
Radioactive Potato
Rainbow Fairy Potato
Rainbow Potato
Rapunzel Potato
Recycled Potato
Red Potato
Royal Fairy Potato
Sand Potato
Satyr Potato
School Potato
Scout Potato
Scrooge Potato
Seasonal Fairy Potato
Seasonal Potato (Retired)
Sewage Potato
Sewer Fairy Potato
Simeria Potato
Simerian Potato
Skater Potato
Slater Park Potato
Sliced Potato
Snowman Potato
Sparkle Potato
Spam Fairy Potato
Splatter Potato
Spring Potato
Sprouted Bean Potato
Stalker Potato
Stamps Potato
Starry Potato
Stoneage Potato
Stone Potato
Stormy Potato (retired)
Stuffed Potato
Sugar Potato
Sultan Potato (retired)
Summer Potato
Sweatheart Potato
Teal Potato
Test Your Strength Potato
Thunder Potato
Tiger Potato
Trash Potato
Tree Potato
Underwater Potato
Valentine Potato
Vampire Potato
Villain Potato
Vortex Potato
Water Fairy Potato
Water Potato
Wedding Potato
Werewolf Potato
White Potato
Winter Potato
Witch Potato
Zetzilla Potato
Zombie Potato



13th Birthday Pearl
14th Birthday Pearl
6th Birthday Pearl
8th Birthday Pearl
9th Birthday Pearl
Acorn Pearl
Air Pearl
Alien Pearl
Angel Pearl
Angelic Pearl
Angel Pearl
Anime Pearl
Arcade Pearl
Artist Pearl
Aura Pearl
Autumn Pearl
Baby Pearl
Balloon Pearl
Band Camp Pearl
Bandana Pearl
Bankrupt Pearl
Baspinars Castle Pearl
Bat Pearl
Battle Fairy Pearl
Beach Pearl
Bee Pearl
Beelzebub Pearl
Beige Pearl
Birthday Gift Pearl
Birthday Pearl
Black Cat Pearl
Black Eye Pearl
Blitzen Pearl
Bloody Vampire Pearl
Blue Eye Pearl
Bootleg Pearl
Bow Pearl
Bowling Ball Pearl
Broken Egg Pearl
Broken Heart Pearl
Brown Eye Pearl
Bunny Ears Pearl
Burnt Pearl
Butterfly Pearl
Camouflage Pearl
Candycane Pearl
Candyland Pearl
Carrot Pearl
Celebrity Pearl
Checkered Pearl
Cheese Pearl
Chibs Pearl
Chilled Pearl
Chocolate Pearl
Christmas Gift Pearl
Christmas Pearl
Christmas Tree Pearl
Clam Pearl
Cloud Pearl
Clover Pearl
Cookie Pearl
Cool Pearl
Cotton Candy Pearl
Cowboy Pearl
Cupid Pearl
Cursed Pearl
Cute Pearl
Dark Fairy Pearl
Dark Side Pearl
Daylight Pearl
Desert Pearl
Devil Pearl
Digital Fairy Pearl
Digital Pearl
DNA Pearl
Doll Pearl
Drake Pearl
Dukka Caves Pearl
Dukka Coin Pearl
Dung Beetle Pearl
Earth Fairy Pearl
Earth Pearl
Easter Bunny Onesie Pearl
Easter Bunny Pearl
Easter Egg Pearl
Easter Egg Shaped Pearl
Easter Pearl
Eleka Horns Pearl
Eleka Pearl
Elekas Castle Pearl
Elf Hat Pearl
Elf Pearl
Enpiah Pearl
Evil Clown Pearl
Explorer Pearl
Fade Pearl
Fairy Pearl
Famous Pearl
Fancy Pearl
Fat Pearl
Festival Pearl
Fire Fairy Pearl
Fire Pearl
Firework Pearl
Flower Pearl
Flowery Pearl
Forest Fairy Pearl
Forest Pearl
Frankenstein Pearl
Frozen Pearl
Funky Pearl
Geek Pearl
Genie Pearl
Ghost Pearl
Giant Pearl
Gigantic Paradise Pearl
Gingerbread Pearl
Glacier Pearl
Glowing Pearl
Goblin Pearl
Gold Pearl
Golem Pearl
Graveyard Pearl
Green Eye Pearl
Green Pearl
Grey Pearl
Hairy Pearl
Halloween Pearl
Happy Pearl
Harpy Pearl
Haunted House Pearl
Heart Pearl
Historian Pearl
Holly Pearl
Hurler Pearl
Ice Cream Pearl
Ice Fairy Pearl
Ice Pearl
Insideout Pearl
Invisible Pearl
Island Pearl
Jack O Lantern Pearl
Jelly Pearl
Jenoa Pearl
Jester Pearl
Jinn Pearl
Kamilah Desert Pearl
Kamilah Pearl
Killer Pearl
King Baspinar Pearl
Knight Pearl
Krampus Horn Pearl
Krampus Pearl
Ladybird Pearl


Laurel Pearl
Lava Pearl
Leopard Pearl
Leprechaun Pearl
Light Blue Pearl
Light Fairy Pearl
Light Pearl
Light Side Pearl
Lightning Pearl
Lilac Pearl
Love Pearl
Lush Lake Pearl
Mafia Pearl
Magenta Pearl
MaraTalk Pearl
Marching Band Pearl
Mermaid Pearl
Merman Pearl
Midnight Pearl
Mini Fairy Pearl
Mini Pearl
Minipet Pearl
Mohawk Pearl
Money Pearl
Monster Pearl
Moon Pearl
Moss Green Pearl
Mouldy Pearl
Mushroom Garden Pearl
Mushroom Pearl
Musical Fairy Pearl
Musical Pearl
Naga Pearl
Native Fairy Pearl
Nefarious Pearl (retired)
Nightmare Pearl
Obese Pearl
Old Fairy Pearl
Olympics Pearl
Orange Pearl
Paladin Pearl
Panda Pearl
Party Pearl
Party Streamers Pear
Patchwork Pearl
Pearl with a Hat
Peasant Fairy Pearl
Phantom Pearl
Pink Pearl
Pirate Pearl
Pixie Pearl
Plushie Pearl
Poison Pearl
Polar Pearl
Popstar Pearl
Pot of Gold Pearl
Princess Pearl
Prison Pearl
Protein Pearl
Puchalla Village Pearl
Pumpkin Pearl
Punk Pearl
Purple Pearl
Queen Eleka Pearl
Rainbow Fairy Pearl
Rainbow Pearl
Recycled Pearl
Red Eye Pearl
Robot Pearl
Royal Fairy Pearl
Rudolph Pearl
Safari Pearl
Salmon Pearl
Sand Pearl
Santa Pearl
Satyr Pearl
Scarf Pearl
School Pearl
Scout Pearl
Scrooge Pearl
Seasonal Fairy Pearl
Seasonal Pearl
Sewage Pearl
Sewers Pearl
Silver Pearl
Simeria Pearl
Simerian Pearl
Skater Pearl
Skull Pearl
Slater Park Pearl
Sleepy Pearl
Slime Boy Pearl
Smuggler Pearl
Snob Pearl
Snow Madam Pearl
Snow Pearl
Snowflake Pearl
Snowman Pearl (retired)
Snowy Pearl
Space Fairy Pearl
Space Pearl
Spam Fairy Pearl
Sparkle Pearl
Spider Pearl
Spotty Pearl
Spring Pearl
Spy Pearl
Starry Pearl
Steampunk Pearl
Striped Pearl
Strobe Pearl
Sugar Pearl
Sultan Pearl
Summer Pearl
Sun Pearl
Superhero Pearl
Teal Pearl
Test Your Strength Pearl
Thanksgiving Pearl
Tiger Pearl
Tiny Beach Pearl
Tiny Blue Pearl
Tiny Clam Pearl
Tiny Dung Beetle Pearl
Tiny Hurler Pearl
Tiny Mermaid Pearl
Tiny Pearl with a Hat
Tiny Poop Pearl
Tiny Purple Pearl
Tiny Red Pearl
Tiny Snob Pearl
Tiny Teal Pearl
Tiny Underwater Pearl
Tiny Water Pearl
Tiny White Pearl
Tiny Yellow Pearl
Toddler Pearl
Tomato Pearl
Tooth Fairy Pearl
Trash Pearl
Tree Pearl
Turkey Pearl
Twisted Rose Pearl
Underwater Pearl
Undying Fairy Pearl
Undying Festival Pearl
Undying Woods Pearl
Vacation Pearl
Valentine Pearl
Vampire Pearl
Village Pearl
Villain Pearl
Vortex Park Pearl
Vortex Pearl
Wardrobe Fairy Pearl
Water Pearl
Wedding Pearl
Werewolf Pearl
Winter Pearl
Witch Pearl
Wooden Pearl
Word Search Pearl
Zetzilla Pearl
Ziranek Pearl