There are currently a total of 7,025 Gourmet Foods as of my most recent update.
Updated July 25, 2020 (complete and rechecked for accuracy against Marapets item list and double checked against my pets eaten and missing food list)

** Due to the ever increasing gourmet food list I had to break down the category list into multiple pages.

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Halloween Treats Gourmet

Halloween Treats 1

2012 Pumpkin
2013 Pumpkin
2013 Pumpkin Candy
2014 Pumpkin
2015 Pumpkin
2016 Pumpkin
2017 Pumpkin
2018 Pumpkin
2019 Pumpkin

Addow Pumpkin
Alien Pumpkin
Angel Pumpkin
Apple Bug Lolly
Apple Gummy Brain
Apple Gummy Finger
Apple Gummy Heart
Apple Gummy Kidneys
Apple Gummy Liver
Apple Gummy Lungs
Apple Gummy Stomach
Aqua Pumpkin
Arinya Pumpkin
Astro Pumpkin
Autumn Pumpkin
Awestruck Pumpkin
Azul Pumpkin

Baby Pumpkin
Banana Heartsicle
Basil Pumpkin
Bat Pumpkin
Beelzebub Candy Corn
Beige Pumpkin
Big Ears Pumpkin
Big Mouth Pumpkin
Big Teeth Pumpkin
Bitten Pumpkin
Black Bat Cookie
Black Eye Cupcake
Black Licorice Coffin Lolly
Black Pumpkin
Blank Pumpkin
Blood Hard Candy
Blood Orange Slice
Blood Pudding
Blood Puff
Bloodmoon Lolly
Bloody Bread
Bloody Finger Hot Dog
Blue Bat Cookie
Blue Eyeball Gummies
Blue Eye Cupcake
Blue Pumpkin
Blueberry Bug Lolly
Blueberry Candy Blood
Blueberry Gummy Brain
Blueberry Gummy Finger
Blueberry Gummy Heart
Blueberry Gummy Kidneys
Blueberry Gummy Liver
Blueberry Gummy Lungs
Blueberry Gummy Stomach
Blueberry Heartsicle
Blueberry Pumpkin Ice Pop
Blueberry Stomach Juice
Boo Pumpkin
Bootleg Pumpkin
Bored Pumpkin
Bottled Slime
Bottled Tar
Breeze Pumpkin
Brew in Skull
Bronze Pumpkin
Brown Bat Cookie
Brown Eyeball Gummies
Brown Eye Cupcake
Brown Eye Cookie

Candle Pumpkin
Candy Bucket
Candy Corn Cookie
Candy Pumpkin
Candy Corn Custard
Candy Corn Lolly
Candy Pumpkin
Caramel Apple Custard
Caramel Bug Lolly
Caramel Candy Apple
Caramel Corn Dung
Caramel Dung
Checkered Pumpkin
Cheerful Pumpkin
Cheese Pumpkin
Cherry Bug Lolly
Cherry Gummy Brain
Cherry Gummy Finger
Cherry Gummy Heart
Cherry Gummy Kidneys
Cherry Gummy Liver
Cherry Gummy Lungs
Cherry Gummy Stomach
Cherry Gummy Worm
Cherry Pumpkin Ice Pop
Cherry Stomach Juice
Cherry Sugar Glass
Chibs Pumpkin
Chocolate Candy Blood
Chocolate Ghost Ice Cream Lolly
Christmas Pumpkin
Classic Pumpkin
Cobweb Cotton Candy
Colon Overscore Parenthesis Pumpkin
Confused Pumpkin

Halloween Treats 2

Confused Pumpkin Lolly
Corn Dung
Cracked Pumpkin
Creepy Pumpkin Lolly
Crikey Pumpkin
Crindol Pumpkin
Crying Pumpkin
Crying Pumpkin Candy
Cursed Pumpkin

Daemon Pumpkin
Daisy Pumpkin
Dakota Pumpkin
Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Lolly
Daylight Pumpkin
Dazzled Pumpkin
Dead Pumpkin
Dead Pumpkin Candy
Decadal Pumpkin
Depressed Pumpkin
Desert Pumpkin
Devil Pumpkin
Dirt Jelly Beans
Dizzy Pumpkin
Dragon Pumpkin
Dread Pumpkin
Dusk Cupcake

Ear Cookie
Ear Wax Jelly Beans
Ed Pumpkin
Elf Ear Cookie
Elger Candy Dispenser
Equilor Pumpkin
Ercuw Pumpkin
Evil Cat Pumpkin
Evil Pumpkin
Evil Pumpkin Lolly
Eye a la Ghost
Eye Cookie
Eyelive Appetiser
Eyru Pumpkin

Fairy Pumpkin
Fake Teeth Pumpkin
Fancy Pumpkin
Fasoro Pumpkin
Fat Pumpkin
Fire Pumpkin
Flab Pumpkin
Flat Pumpkin
Frankenstein Pumpkin
Frankie Ice Pop
Fred Pumpkin
Friendly Pumpkin
Fruit Salad Pumpkin
Full Moon Pumpkin
Funsize Black Candies
Funsize Blue Candies
Funsize Orange Candies
Funsize Pink Candies
Funsize Red Candies
Funsize White Candies

Ghost Candy Dispenser
Ghost Cookie
Ghost Hard Candy
Ghost Lolly
Gobble Pumpkin
Gold Pumpkin
Gonk Pumpkin
Gooey Brains
Grape Bug Lolly
Grape Candy Blood
Grape Coffin Lolly
Grape Gummy Brain
Grape Gummy Finger
Grape Gummy Heart
Grape Gummy Kidneys
Grape Gummy Liver
Grape Gummy Lungs
Grape Gummy Stomach
Grape Gummy Worm
Grape Heartsicle
Gravestone Ice Pop
Green Apple Coffin Lolly
Green Candy Bucket
Green Eyeball Gummies
Green Eye Cookie
Green Eye Cupcake
Green Pumpkin
Grey Pumpkin
Grim Reaper Ice Pop
Grinning Pumpkin
Gummy Blue Eye
Gummy Brown Eye
Gummy Green Eye
Gummy Vampire Eye

Hairy Pumpkin
Halloween Bat Cookie
Halloween Candycane
Halloween Mint
Happy Pumpkin
Hazel Eyeball Gummies
Heart Pumpkin
Hump Pumpkin
Hungry Pumpkin
Huthiq Pumpkin

Ice Cream Pumpkin
Ice Fairy Pumpkin
Ideus Pumpkin
Ink Stained Eye Appetiser
Ink Stained Eye Cookie
Ink Stomach Juice

Judgemental Pumpkin
Justin Pumpkin

Kaala Pumpkin
Kiwi Gummy Worm
Knutt Pumpkin
Kujo Pumpkin

Lati Pumpkin
Lemon Candy Blood
Lemon Coffin Lolly

Halloween Treats 3

Lemon Gummy Brain
Lemon Gummy Finger
Lemon Gummy Heart
Lemon Gummy Kidneys
Lemon Gummy Liver
Lemon Gummy Lungs
Lemon Gummy Stomach
Lightning Pumpkin
Lilac Pumpkin
Limax Pumpkin
Lime Candy Blood
Lime Heratsicle
Lime Pumpkin Ice Pop
Liquorice Gummy Brain
Liquorice Gummy Finger
Liquorice Gummy Heart
Liquorice Gummy Kidneys
Liquorice Gummy Liver
Liquorice Gummy Lungs
Liquorice Gummy Stomach
LOL Pumpkin
Lorius Pumpkin
Love Pumpkin
Love Struck Pumpkin Candy

Magenta Pumpkin
Marshmallow Ghosts
Marshmallow Pumpkins
Melted Pumpkin
Midnight Pumpkin
Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Lolly
Miniature Pumpkins
Mint Chocolate Pumpkin Lolly
Misread Pumpkin
Molasses Custard
Moonlight Pumpkin
Mould Jelly Beans
Moustache Pumpkin
Mummy Ice Pop
Mummy Pumpkin
Murfin Pumpkin
Mutant Pumpkin
Mystery Candy Apple
Mystery Candy Blood
Mystery Gummy Worm

Neopolitan Ghost Ice Cream Lolly
Newth Pumpkin
Nightmare Pumpkin
Nimbus Pumpkin
Not Impressed Pumpkin

Oglue Pumpkin
Oops Pumpkin
Orange Candy Blood
Orange Chocolate Pumpkin Lolly
Orange Coffin Lolly
Orange Gummy Brain
Orange Gummy Broomstick
Orange Gummy Finger
Orange Gummy Heart
Orange Gummy Kidneys
Orange Gummy Liver
Orange Gummy Lungs
Orange Gummy Stomach
Orange Gummy Worm
Orange Heartsicle
Orange Pumpkin
Osafo Pumpkin

Paffuto Pumpkin
Pampered Pumpkin
Party Pumpkin
Pickled Bat Wing
Pickled Poera Eyes
Pickled Renat Foot
Pickled Rusty Tongue
Pile of Mould
Pink Bat Cookie
Pirate Pumpkin
Pixie Pumpkin
Plotting Pumpkin
Plushie Pumpkin
Poera Pumpkin
Poop Cookie
Popcorn Jelly Beans
Pretty Pumpkin
Prison Pumpkin
Puddle of Blood
Puddle of Mud
Puddle of Piddle
Puddle of Saliva
Puddle of Slime
Puddle of Swamp Water
Puddle of Tar
Pumpkin Apple
Pumpkin Bread
Pumpkin Candy
Pumpkin Cookie
Pumpkin Hard Candy
Pumpkin Ice Pop
Pumpkin Jelly Beans
Pumpkin Liquorice
Pumpkin Soup
Pumpkin Spice Custard
Pumpkins Lolly
Purple Bat Cookie
Purple Candy Bucket
Purple Eye Cookie
Purple Pumpkin
Puzzled Pumpkin

Quell Pumpkin

Rainbow Candy Apple
Rat Tail
Raulf Pumpkin
Red Bat Cookie
Red Candy Bucket
Red Eye Appetiser
Red Eyeball Gummies
Red Eye Cupcake

Halloween Treats 4

Red Pumpkin
Reese Pumpkin
Renat Pumpkin
Rotten Corn Dung
Rotten Dung
Royal Pumpkin

Sad Pumpkin
Sad Pumpkin Lolly
Scared Pumpkin
Scared Pumpkin Candy
Scary Pumpkin
Screaming Pumpkin
Seasonal Pumpkin
Severed Addow Head
Severed Astro Head
Severed Azul Head
Severed Basil Head
Severed Bolimo Head
Severed Chibs Head
Severed Crindol Head
Severed Daisy Head
Severed Decadal Head
Severed Doyle Head
Shocked Pumpkin
Shocked Pumpkin Candy
Shred Pumpkin
Sick Pumpkin
Silent Pumpkin Candy
Silly Pumpkin Candy
Silver Pumpkin
Sindi Pumpkin
Skater Pumpkin
Sketch Pumpkin
Skull Cake
Skull Hard Candy
Skull Muffins
Sleeping Pumpkin
Slice of Pumpkin Pie
Sliced Maggots
Slime Candy Apple
Slime Stomach Juice
Slime Sugar Glass
Small Face Pumpkin
Smashed Pumpkin
Smelly Pumpkin
Smug Pumpkin Candy
Snaggletooth Pumpkin
Snot Jelly Beans
Snot Puff
Snowy Pumpkin
Soap Jelly Beans
Sobbing Pumpkin
Solidified Blood
Sour Fingers
Sparkle Pumpkin
Spider Jucie
Spider Muffins
Spider Pumpkin
Spider Web Pumpkin Soup
Splatter Pumpkin
Spring Pumpkin
Stale Halloween Candy
Star Eyes Pumpkin
Starry Eyed Pumpkin
Starry Pumpkin
Stomach Juice
Stone Pumpkin
Strawberry Coffin Lolly
Strawberry Ghost Ice Cream Lolly
Strawberry Heartsicle
Sugar Free Mini Pumpkins Lolly
Sugar Free Pumpkins Lolly
Super Sour Jelly Beans
Summer Pumpkin
Super Sour Jelly Beans
Sweet Potato Cinnamon Custard

Tar Heartsicle
Tar Puff
Teal Pumpkin
Ted Pumpkin
Traumatised Pumpkin
Troit Pumpkin

Unimpressed Pumpkin
Unwed Pumpkin
Upset Pumpkin
Ushunda Pumpkin

Valentine Pumpkin
Vampire Eye Appetiser
Vampire Eye Cookie
Vampire Ice Pop
Vampire Pumpkin
Vanilla Ghost Ice Cream Lolly
Vlad Pumpkin
Voodoo Pumpkin

Water Pumpkin
Watermelon Candy Blood
Watermelon Gummy Brain
Watermelon Gummy Finger
Watermelon Gummy Heart
Watermelon Gummy Kidneys
Watermelon Gummy Liver
Watermelon Gummy Lungs
Watermelon Gummy Stomach
Watermelon Gummy Worm
Wed Pumpkin
Werewolf Ice Pop
Whiny Pumpkin
White Bat Cookie
White Chocolate Pumpkin Lolly
White Pumpkin
Willa Pumpkin
Winking Pumpkin
Winter Pumpkin
Witch Hat Cookie
Witch Pumpkin
Worried Pumpkin Lolly
Wrapped Pumpkin Lolly

Xoi Pumpkin

Yakubi Pumpkin
Yawning Pumpkin
Yellow Bat Cookie
Yellow Candy Bucket
Yellow Pumpkin
Yuni Pumpkin

Zola Pumpkin
Zombie Pumpkin