There are currently a total of 7,025 Gourmet Foods as of my most recent update.
Updated July 25, 2020 (complete and rechecked for accuracy against Marapets item list and double checked against my pets eaten and missing food list)

** Due to the ever increasing gourmet food list I had to break down the category list into multiple pages.

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Potato Chips to Worms

Column 1


Air Potato Chips
Alien Potato Chips
American Potato Chips
Angel Potato Chips
Anime Potato Chips
Apple Potato Chips
Armour Potato Chips
Artist Potato Chips
Australian Potato Chips
Autumn Potato Chips
Avacado Potato Chips
Balloon Potato Chips
Bat Potato Chips
Bee Potato Chips
Beige Potato Chips
Black Potato Chips
Blitzen Potato Chips
Bloody Potato Chips
Blue Potato Chips
Bone Potato Chips
Breeze Potato Chips
British Potato Chips
Bronze Potato Chips
Brown Potato Chips
Bug Potato Chips
Burnt Potato Chips
Buttered Potato Chips
Calico Potato Chips
Camouflage Potato Chips
Candle Potato Chips
Candyland Potato Chips
Cartoon Potato Chips
Checkered Potato Chips
Cheese Potato Chips
Cheesy Tortilla Chips
Cherry Potato Chips
Chinese Potato Chips
Chocolate Potato Chips
Christmas Potato Chips
Christmas Tree Potato Chips
Cupid Potato Chips
Cursed Potato Chips
Dark Fairy Potato Chips
Daylight Potato Chips
Desert Potato Chips
Dragon Potato Chips
Eleka Potato Chips
Elf Potato Chips
Enpiah Potato Chips
Fairy Flight Potato Chips
Fire Potato Chips
Flower Potato Chips
Frostfire Potato Chips
Ghost Potato Chips
Grape Potato Chips
Hairy Potato Chips
Harpy Potato Chips
Historian Potato Chips
Hobo Potato Chips
Jelly Potato Chips
King Baspinar Potato Chips
Kiwi Potato Chips
Lemon Potato Chips
Lilac Potato Chips
Lime Potato Chips
Love Potato Chips
Magenta Potato Chips
Mango Potato Chips
Matcha Potato Chips
Moonlight Potato Chips
Nightmare Potato Chips
Octopus Potato Chips
Orange Potato Chips
Peach Potato Chips
Pear Potato Chips
Pickle Potato Chips
Pixie Potato Chips
Poison Potato Chips
Potato Chips
Pumpkin Potato Chips
Rainbow Potato Chips
Scout Potato Chips
Slime Potato Chips
Snowman Potato Chips
Teal Potato Chips
Teeth Potato Chips
Tiger Potato Chips
Tomato Potato Chips
Unicorn Potato Chips
Wasabi Potato Chips


Apple Crumble
Blood Sausages
Chicken Broth
Christmas 2010 Dinner
Christmas 2011 Dinner
Christmas 2016 Dinner
Christmas Dinner
Coin Purse Eggs
Corned Beef and Vegetables
Cottage Pie
Crab Fritters
Cranberry Sauce
Creamy Acorn Soup
Creamy Leek Soup
Crispy Won Ton
Duck with Sauce
Easter Bunny Stew
Easter Egg in a Cup
Extravagant Turkey Dinner
Fish and Rice
Fish and Sweetcorn Soup
Fish Parcels
Fish Soup
Ful Medames
Gobble Pot Pie
Gourmet Zombie Meal
Gravy Boat
Green Breakfast
Green Eggs
Grilled Dumplings
Ice Cream and Candy
Jellied Cranberry Sauce
Lemon Fish Steak
Leprechaun Stew
Lobster Dinner
Mac and Cheese
Mashed Potatoes and Turkey Gravy
Milk and Cookies
Mystery Eggs
Pancake Roll
Pie Floater
Pork Stuffed Peppers
Prawn and Squid Soup
Puchalla Dinner
Ration Pack
Roast Pork
Sewer Stew
Shepherds Pie
Spaghetti and Meatballs
Spaghetti Bolognese
Spicy Chicken Soup
Steak and Potatoes
Surf and Turf
Sweet Bean Pancakes
Turkey Dinner


Artist Smoothie
Berry Ombre Smoothie
Berry Smoothie
Blackberry Smoothie
Blueberry Juice
Blueberry Layer Smoothie
Blueberry Ombre Smoothie
Blueberry Smoothie
Bubbly Berry Smoothie
Bubbly Blood Smoothie
Bubbly Dish Water Smoothie
Bubbly Kiwi Smoothie
Bubbly Milk Smoothie
Bubbly Mint Chocolate Smoothie
Bubbly Radioactive Smoothie
Bubbly Strawberry Banana Smoothie
Bubbly Sunset Smoothie
Burnt Smoothie
Cantaloupe Smoothie
Cherry Juice
Cherry Layer Smoothie
Cherry Ombre Smoothie
Cherry Punch
Chocolate Layer Smoothie
Chocolate Milkshake
Chocolate Ombre Smoothie
Chocolate Smoothie
Coconut Blueberry Water
Coconut Chocolate Water
Coconut Colada
Coconut Grape Water
Coconut Lemon Water
Coconut Lime Water
Coconut Orange Water
Coconut Water
Coconut Watermelon Water
Cola Punch

Column 2

Energy Boost Smoothie
Evil Smoothie
Eyeball Smoothie
Ghost Pumch
Ghost Smoothie
Grape Ombre Smoothie
Grape Punch
Ice Tea
Ink Juice
Ink Ombre Smoothie
Kale Milkshake
Kiwi Juice
Kiwi Layer Smoothie
Kiwi Smoothie
Lemon Juice
Lemon Ombre Smoothie
Lemon Punch
Lime Juice
Lime Layer Smoothie
Lime Milkshake
Lime Ombre Smoothie
Mint Chocolate Layer Smoothie
Mint Milkshake
Ocean Layer Smoothie
Ocean Smoothie
Onion Punch
Onion Smoothie
Orange Juice
Orange Milkshake
Orange Ombre Smoothie
Orange Punch
Orange Smoothie
Peach Juice
Peach Milkshake
Peach Smoothie
Pickle Smoothie
Pineapple Berry Smoothie
Pineapple Blueberry Smoothie
Pineapple Cherry Smoothie
Pineapple Chocolate Smoothie
Pineapple Grape Smoothie
Pineapple Lemon Smoothie
Pineapple Lime Smoothie
Pineapple Orange Smoothie
Pineapple Peach Smoothie
Rainbow Layer Smoothie
Rainbow Ombre Smoothie
Rainbow Punch
Rainbow Smoothie
Raspberry Layer Smoothie
Safari Smoothie
Salt Milkshake
Sewer Milkshake
Shamrock Shake
Strawberry Layer Smoothie
Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry Ombre Smoothie
Strawberry Smoothie
Tiramisu Berry Latte
Tiramisu Cherry Latte
Tiramisu Latte
Tiramisu Lemon Latte
Tiramisu Lime Latte
Tiramisu Mint Latte
Tiramisu Peach Latte
Tiramisu Pumpkin Latte
Tomato Smoothie
Underwater Smoothie
Vanilla Smoothie
Watermelon Smoothie


Alien Goo
Ancient Brew
Apple Juice Box
Aqua Soda
Aquarius Water
Baby Bottle
Banana Bubble Tea
Beige Soda
Black Cat Mocktail
Black Soda
Blood Skull Juice
Blue Soda
Bluberry Mocktail
Blueberry Skull Juice
Bottle of Barbecue Sauce
Bottle of Coala
Bottle of Courage
Bottle of Moat Water
Brain Juice
Brown Soda
Bubble Gum Mocktail
Bubble Gum Soda
Candy Mocktail
Carrot Juice Pouch
Cherry Mocktail
Chocolate Daisy Milk
Chocolate Doughnut Milk
Coolmint Shake
Coral Soda
Cranberry Mocktail
Creamm Soda
Cup of Gold Tea
Daisy Milk
Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix
Dark Chocolate Soda
Daylight Mocktail
Diet Aqua Soda
Diet Beige Soda
Diet Black Soda
Diet Blue Soda
Diet Brown Soda
Diet Bubble Gum Soda
Diet Coral Soda
Diet Dark Chocolate Soda
Diet Dirt Soda
Diet Flower Soda
Diet Ghost Soda
Diet Green Soda
Diet Grey Soda
Diet Ice Fairy Soda
Diet Lilac Soda
Diet Magenta Soda
Diet Maroon Soda
Diet Milk Chocolate Soda
Diet Mint Chocolate Soda
Diet Navy Soda
Diet Olive Soda
Diet Orange Chocolate Soda
Diet Orange Soda
Diet Pickle Soda
Diet Pink Soda
Diet Purple Soda
Diet Red Soda
Diet Teal Soda
Diet Vanilla Soda
Diet White Chocolate Soda
Diet White Soda
Diet Yellow Soda
Dirt Soda
Drink Me Vial
Easter Egg Mocktail
Eyeball Mocktail
Flower Soda
Fresh Blueberry Juice
Fresh Cherry Juice
Fresh Kiwi Juice
Fresh Milk
Fresh Pineapple Juice
Frost Icy Mix
Fruit Punch Juice Pouch
Ghost Juice
Ghost Soda
Gift Wrapped Bottle
Ginger Ale
Goblet of Ichor
Goblet of Pumpkin Juice
Green Soda
Grey Safari Water Flask
Grey Soda
Griffin Wine
Hearty Brew
Hot Grape Juice
Hump Milk
Ice Fairy Soda
Incredibly Sweet Juicer
Irish Tankard
Jenoa Punch
Jolly Icy Mix
Kale Milk Shake
Lemon Lime Big Sip
Lightning Punch
Lilac Soda
Lowlyhood Spritzer
Lucky Brew
Lush Fountain Water
Magenta Soda
Mango Bubble Tea
Maroon Soda

Column 3

Matcha Bubble Tea
Melted Snow
Melted Snowman
Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Mix
Milk Chocolate Soda
Mint Chocolate Soda
Mint Shake
Moon Mocktail
Mt Drop
Mystery Blue Juice
Mystery Green Juice
Mystery Purple Juice
Mystery Red Juice
Mystery Yellow Juice
Naga Mocktail
Navy Soda
Olive Soda
Onion Juice
Orange Chocolate Soda
Orange Soda
Peppermint Hot Cocoa Mix
Peppermint Shake
Peppermint Tea
Pickle Juice
Pickle Punch
Pickle Soda
Poison Brew
Poison Juice
Protein Shake
Pumpkin Shake
Pumpkin Skull Juice
Pumpkin Spice Latte
Purple Soda
Quantum Soda
Queen Eleka Juice
Rainbow Bubble Tea
Rainbow Mocktail
Rainbow Water
Red Safari Water Flask
Red Soda
Robot Juice
Root Beer Float
Royal Nectar
Santa Hot Chocolate
Scurvy Soda
Sea Shell Mocktail
Shimmering Nectar
Sparkling Aqua Brew
Sparkling Beige Brew
Sparkling Black Brew
Sparkling Blue Brew
Sparkling Brown Brew
Sparkling Cinnamon Apple Juice
Sparkling Coral Brew
Sparkling Ghost Brew
Sparkling Green Brew
Sparkling Grey Brew
Sparkling Historian Brew
Sparkling King Baspinar Brew
Sparkling Lilac Brew
Sparkling Magenta Brew
Sparkling Maroon Brew
Sparkling Navy Brew
Sparkling Olive Brew
Sparkling Onion Brew
Sparkling Orange Brew
Sparkling Pickle Brew
Sparkling Pink Brew
Sparkling Purple Brew
Sparkling Red Brew
Sparkling Teal Brew
Sparkling Tomato Brew
Sparkling Water
Sparkling White Brew
Sparkling Yellow Brew
Spiced Pumpkin Mocktail
Spoiled Milk
Strawberry Bubble Tea
Strawberry Daisy Milk
Strawberry Doughnut Milk
Strawberry Icy Mix
Summer Mocktail
Sweet Yuni Drink
Sweet Zola Juice
Tar Skull Juice
Taro Bubble Tea
Teal Soda
Thirst Quencher
Thunder Drink
Tomato Juice
Ultra Tundra Freezie
Unlucky Brew
Vanilla Bubble Tea
Vanilla Doughnut Milk
Vanilla Soda
Vintage Apple Juice
Vintage Blood
Volcanic Drink
White Chocolate Soda
White Soda
Winning Brew
Winter Mocktail
Yellow Safari Water Flask
Yellow Soda
Zap Energy Drink
Ziranek Energy Drink


Bay Leaves
Black Pepper
Celery Seed
Chilli Powder
Garam Masala
Garlic Powder
Ginger Powder
Green Curry Powder
Red Curry Powder
Vanilla Pods
White Pepper


Anime Sugar Cube
Arcade Fairy Sugar Cube
Artist Sugar Cube
Assistant Sugar Cube
Battle Fairy Sugar Cube
Battle Sugar Cube
Bee Sugar Cube
Beige Sugar Cube
Black Sugar Cube
Blood Sugar Cube
Blue Sugar Cube
Boot Camp Sugar Cube
Bootleg Sugar Cube
Bronze Sugar Cube
Cotton Candy Sugar Cube
Daylight Fairy Sugar Cube
Desert Fairy Sugar Cube
Digital Fairy Sugar Cube
Digital Sugar Cube
Drake Sugar Cube
Duck or Dive Sugar Cube
Earth Fairy Sugar Cube
Eleka Sugar Cube
Fade Sugar Cube
Fire Fairy Sugar Cube
Flower Sugar Cube
Forest Fairy Sugar Cube
Forest Fairy Sugar Cube
Frozen Sugar Cube
Galaxy Sugar Cube
Giant Sugar Cube
Glowing Fairy Sugar Cube
Glowing Sugar Cube
Gold Sugar Cube
Golem Sugar Cube
Greedy Fairy Sugar Cube
Green Sugar Cube
Griffin Sugar Cube
Harpy Sugar Cube
Historian Sugar Cube
Homeless Fairy Sugar Cube
Ice Caves Sugar Cube
Ice Fairy Sugar Cube
Kamilah Codes Sugar Cube
King Baspinar Sugar Cube
Kirin Sugar Cube
Lemon Sugar Cube
Light Fairy Sugar Cube
Lilac Sugar Cube
Magenta Sugar Cube
Merman Sugar Cube
Mine Marada Sugar Cube
Mini Fairy Sugar Cube
Mint Sugar Cube
Miss Marada Sugar Cube
Moonlight Fairy Sugar Cube
Musical Fairy Sugar Cube
Naga Sugar Cube
Obese Fairy Sugar Cube
Old Fairy Sugar Cube
Old Sugar Cube
Olympic Sugar Cube
Orange Sugar Cube
Peach Sugar Cube
Pearl Hurl Sugar Cube
Pear Sugar Cube
Peasant Fairy Sugar Cube
Peppermint Sugar Cube
Pink Sugar Cube
Plushie Fairy Sugar Cube
Popstar Sugar Cube
Protein Sugar Cube
Pumpkin Patch Sugar Cube
Purple Sugar Cube
Quack Mafia Sugar Cube
Queen Eleka Sugar Cube

Column 4

Rainbow Sugar Cube
Red Sugar Cube
Rock Sugar Cube
Royal Fairy Sugar Cube
Sand Sugar Cube
Satyr Sugar Cube
Scrooge Sugar Cube
Seasonal Fairy Sugar Cube
Sewer Fairy Sugar Cube
Silver Sugar Cube
Slime Boy Sugar Cube
Space Fairy Sugar Cube
Spam Fairy Sugar Cube
Spring Sugar Cube
Strawberry Sugar Cube
Sugar Cube
Sultan Sugar Cube
Tangerine Sugar Cube
Teal Sugar Cube
Tooth Fairy Sugar Cube
Valentine Sugar Cube
Vampire Sugar Cube
Wardrobe Fairy Sugar Cube
Water Fairy Sugar Cube
Watermelon Sugar Cube
Winner Sugar Cube
Yellow Sugar Cube


Brown Rice Onigiri
Flounder Sashimi
Makara Tail
Panda Onigiri
Red Tuna
Round Clam
Salmon Sashimi
Soy Sauce
Wasabi Paste
White Rice Onigiri


Acorn Squash
Baked Sweet Potato
Boiled Egg Carrot
Butternut Squash
Carrot Bouquet
Christmas Anis
Corrupted Bell Pepper
Corrupted Carrot
Corrupted Onion
Crookneck Squash
Flint Corn
Fluted Pumpkin
Fried Corn
Gift of Carrots
Gifted Corn
Gourmet Carrot
Halloween Anis
Holy Corn
Ivy Gourd
Kai Lan
Leaf Rolls
Orange Corn Husks
Pastel Carrot
Pattypan Squash
Red Cabbage
Red Onion
Root Ginger
Ruby Corn Husks
Spiny Chayote
Spoiled Carrot
Spoiled Turnip
Water Chestnut
Yellow Corn Husks

WINGS AND THINGS (WARDROBE) Valentine Chocolates Box


Aqua Meal Worm
Aqua Striped Worm
Aqua Worm
Aubergine Meal Worm
Aubergine Striped Worm
Aubergine Worm
Beige Meal Worm
Beige Striped Worm
Beige Worm
Black Glow Worm
Black Striped Glow Worm
Blue Glow Worm
Blue Meal Worm
Blue Striped Glow Worm
Blue Striped Worm
Blue Worm
Brown Glow Worm
Brown Meal Worm
Brown Striped Glow Worm
Brown Striped Worm
Brown Worm
Cyan Meal Worm
Cyan Striped Worm
Cyan Worm
Giant Black Glow Worm
Giant Blue Glow Worm
Giant Brown Glow Worm
Giant Green Glow Worm
Giant Grey Glow Worm
Giant Orange Glow Worm
Giant Pink Glow Worm
Giant Purple Glow Worm
Giant Red Glow Worm
Giant Teal Glow Worm
Giant White Glow Worm
Giant Yellow Glow Worm
Gold Meal Worm
Gold Striped Worm
Gold Worm
Green Glow Worm
Green Meal Worm
Green Striped Glow Worm
Green Striped Worm
Green Worm
Grey Glow Worm
Grey Meal Worm
Grey Striped Glow Worm
Grey Striped Worm
Grey Worm
Lilac Meal Worm
Lilac Striped Worm
Lilac Worm
Lime Green Meal Worm
Lime Striped Worm
Lime Worm
Magenta Meal Worm
Magenta Striped Worm
Magenta Worm
Meal Worm
Navy Meal Worm
Navy Striped Worm
Navy Worm
Ochre Meal Worm
Ochre Striped Worm
Ochre Worm
Olive Meal Worm
Olive Striped Worm
Olive Worm
Orange Glow Worm
Orange Meal Worm
Orange Striped Glow Worm
Orange Striped Worm
Orange Worm
Pink Glow Worm
Pink Meal Worm
Pink Striped Glow Worm
Pink Striped Worm
Pink Worm
Purple Glow Worm
Purple Meal Worm
Purple Striped Glow Worm
Purple Striped Worm
Purple Worm
Red Glow Worm
Red Meal Worm
Red Striped Glow Worm
Red Striped Worm
Red Worm
Sky Blue Meal Worm
Sky Blue Striped Worm
Sky Blue Worm
Striped Worm
Teal Glow Worm
Teal Striped Glow Worm
Tyrian Meal Worm
Tyrian Striped Worm
Tyrian Worm
White Glow Worm
White Striped Glow Worm
Yellow Glow Worm
Yellow Meal Worm
Yellow Striped Glow Worm
Yellow Striped Worm
Yellow Worm