Glitter Words


If any of your pets accepts a Job Promotion at Level 20 your account will permanently unlock a new Job Perk. The Job Perks are as follows:

Job Perk at Level 20 Jobs Needed for Perk
Double Magazines Actress or Pop Star
FREE School Tuition Fee for all Pets Architect, Scientist or Teacher
Double Newspapers Astronaut or Journalist
Double Plates from Ferris Wheel Athlete or Chef
2 for 1 Raffle Tickets Banker, Hacker or Programmer
FREE Hotel Stays for all Pets Businessman or Politician
Circus Tickets NO LONGER Needed at Circus mission Clown or Fireman
FREE Hospital treatments for all Pets Doctor or Veterinarian
FREE access to Dentist, no tickets needed Mechanic or Soldier
Double Photos at Photo Parlour Model or Policeman
Half Price Prison Fees for all Pets Spy or Thief