There are currently a total of 7,025 Gourmet Foods as of my most recent update.
Updated July 25, 2020 (complete and rechecked for accuracy against Marapets item list and double checked against my pets eaten and missing food list)

** Due to the ever increasing gourmet food list I had to break down the category list into multiple pages.

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Chocolate Gourmet

Chocolate 1

Bag of Chocolate Coins
Blueberry Flower Chocolate
Box of Gourmet Chocolates
Box of Heart Chocolates

Candy Filled Eggs
Cherry Flower Chocolate
Chocolate Almond Chickle
Chocolate Beetle
Chocolate Bouquet
Chocolate Cherry (retired)
Chocolate Cherry Chickle
Chocolate Cherry Easter Egg
Chocolate Circus
Chocolate Cloud
Chocolate Clover (Retired)
Chocolate Coins
Chocolate Crafted Egg
Chocolate Cream Chickle
Chocolate Cream Easter Egg
Chocolate Dip
Chocolate Dreidel
Chocolate Drops (Retired)
Chocolate Easter Sindi (retired)
Chocolate Flower
Chocolate Foil Bunny
Chocolate Garbage Can
Chocolate Ghost
Chocolate Ghosty
Chocolate Guitar
Chocolate Heart Lolly
Chocolate Heart Sandwich
Chocolate Island Truffle
Chocolate Jelly Heart Lolly
Chocolate Kitty Head
Chocolate Ladybug
Chocolate Mallow Kisses (Retired)
Chocolate Marshmallow
Chocolate Mice
Chocolate Oranges Easter Egg
Chocolate Pear
Chocolate Poop
Chocolate Pyramid Lolly
Chocolate Scorpion (retired)
Chocolate Sindi Statue
Chocolate Sticks
Chocolate Strawberry Chickle
Chocolate Strawberry Easter Egg
Chocolate Strawberry Parfait
Chocolate Strawberry Treats
Chocolate Sunglasses
Chocolate Tower of Pisa
Chocolate Tree
Chocolate Truffles
Cooked Easter Egg
Cream Egg

Dark Chocolate Arinya
Dark Chocolate Astro
Dark Chocolate Basil
Dark Chocolate Carrot
Dark Chocolate Chickle
Dark Chocolate Christmas Tree
Dark Chocolate Coal
Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberry
Dark Chocolate Crikey
Dark Chocolate Crindol
Dark Chocolate Daisy
Dark Chocolate Dakota
Dark Chocolate Decadal
Dark Chocolate Double Hearts
Dark Chocolate Earless Bunny
Dark Chocolate Easter Egg
Dark Chocolate Echlin
Dark Chocolate Ercuw
Dark Chocolate Figaro
Dark Chocolate Flab
Dark Chocolate Gizmo
Dark Chocolate Gobble
Dark Chocolate Gonk
Dark Chocolate Heart Truffle
Dark Chocolate Hump
Dark Chocolate Huthiq
Dark Chocolate Ideus
Dark Chocolate Ike
Dark Chocolate Justin
Dark Chocolate Kaala
Dark Chocolate Kidlet
Dark Chocolate Kitty Head
Dark Chocolate Kronk
Dark Chocolate Kujo
Dark Chocolate Lati
Dark Chocolate Limax
Dark Chocolate Lorius
Dark Chocolate Mordo
Dark Chocolate Nino
Dark Chocolate Nugget
Dark Chocolate Oglue
Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark
Dark Chocolate Phanty
Dark Chocolate Poera
Dark Chocolate Pucu

Chocolate 2

Dark Chocolate Pyramid Lolly
Dark Chocolate Rapunzel
Dark Chocolate Raulf
Dark Chocolate Renat
Dark Chocolate Rusty
Dark Chocolate Sindi
Dark Chocolate Snookle
Dark Chocolate Speiro
Dark Chocolate Sugar Skull
Dark Chocolate Sybri
Dark Chocolate Tasi
Dark Chocolate Troit
Dark Chocolate Turkiye
Dark Chocolate Viotto
Dark Chocolate Vixen
Dark Chocolate Vlad
Dark Chocolate Willa
Dark Chocolate Xoi
Dark Chocolate Yuni
Dark Chocolate Zoink
Dark Chocolate Zola
Dark Chocolate Zoosh

Gift Wrapped Chocolate Pumpkins
Gift Wrapped Chocolate
Gold Chocolate Truffle

Handmade Chocolate Lati
Handmade Chocolate Pumpkin

Lemon Flower Chocolate

Melted Dark Chocolate Bunny
Melted Milk Chocolate Bunny
Melted White Chocolate Bunny
Milk Chocolate Arinya
Milk Chocolate Astro
Milk Chocolate Basil
Milk Chocolate Carrot
Milk Chocolate Chickle
Milk Chocolate Christmas Tree
Milk Chocolate Covered Strawberry
Milk Chocolate Crikey
Milk Chocolate Crindol
Milk Chocolate Daisy
Milk Chocolate Dakota
Milk Chocolate Decadal
Milk Chocolate Double Hearts
Milk Chocolate Earless Bunny
Milk Chocolate Easter Egg
Milk Chocolate Echlin
Milk Chocolate Ercuw
Milk Chocolate Figaro
Milk Chocolate Flab
Milk Chocolate Gizmo
Milk Chocolate Gobble
Milk Chocolate Gonk
Milk Chocolate Heart Truffle
Milk Chocolate Hump
Milk Chocolate Huthiq
Milk Chocolate Ideus
Milk Chocolate Ike
Milk Chocolate Justin
Milk Chocolate Kaala
Milk Chocolate Kidlet
Milk Chocolate Kronk
Milk Chocolate Kujo
Milk Chocolate Lati
Milk Chocolate Limax
Milk Chocolate Lorius
Milk Chocolate Mordo
Milk Chocolate Nino
Milk Chocolate Oglue
Milk Chocolate Peppermint Bark
Milk Chocolate Phanty
Milk Chocolate Poera
Milk Chocolate Pucu
Milk Chocolate Rapunzel
Milk Chocolate Raulf
Milk Chocolate Renat
Milk Chocolate Rusty
Milk Chocolate Sindi
Milk Chocolate Sindi Head
Milk Chocolate Snookle
Milk Chocolate Speiro
Milk Chocolate Sugar Skull
Milk Chocolate Sybri
Milk Chocolate Tasi
Milk Chocolate Troit
Milk Chocolate Turkiye
Milk Chocolate Viotto
Milk Chocolate Vixen
Milk Chocolate Vlad
Milk Chocolate Willa
Milk Chocolate Xoi (Retired)
Milk Chocolate Yuni
Milk Chocolate Zoink
Milk Chocolate Zola
Milk Chocolate Zoosh
Mint Chocolate Arinya

Chocolate 3

Mint Chocolate Astro
Mint Chocolate Basil
Mint Chocolate Bolimo
Mint Chocolate Chickle
Mint Chocolate Crikey
Mint Chocolate Crindol
Mint Chocolate Daisy
Mint Chocolate Dakota
Mint Chocolate Decadal
Mint Chocolate Easter Egg
Mint Chocolate Echlin
Mint Chocolate Ercuw
Mint Chocolate Figaro
Mint Chocolate Flab
Mint Chocolate Gizmo
Mint Chocolate Gobble
Mint Chocolate Gonk
Mint Chocolate Hump
Mint Chocolate Huthiq
Mint Chocolate Ideus
Mint Chocolate Ike
Mint Chocolate Justin
Mint Chocolate Kaala
Mint Chocolate Kidlet
Mint Chocolate Kronk
Mint Chocolate Kujo
Mint Chocolate Lati
Mint Chocolate Limax
Mint Chocolate Lorius
Mint Chocolate Mordo
Mint Chocolate Nino
Mint Chocolate Oglue
Mint Chocolate Phanty
Mint Chocolate Poera
Mint Chocolate Pucu
Mint Chocolate Rapunzel
Mint Chocolate Raulf
Mint Chocolate Renat
Mint Chocolate Rusty
Mint Chocolate Sindi
Mint Chocolate Sindi Head
Mint Chocolate Snookle
Mint Chocolate Speiro
Mint Chocolate Sugar Skull
Mint Chocolate Sybri
Mint Chocolate Tasi
Mint Chocolate Troit
Mint Chocolate Turkiye
Mint Chocolate Viotto
Mint Chocolate Vixen
Mint Chocolate Vlad
Mint Chocolate Willa
Mint Chocolate Xoi
Mint Chocolate Yuni
Mint Chocolate Zoink
Mint Chocolate Zola
Mint Chocolate Zoosh
Munch Chocolate Bar

Nut Chocolate

Orange Chocolate Arinya
Orange Chocolate Astro
Orange Chocolate Basil
Orange Chocolate Bolimo
Orange Chocolate Carrot
Orange Chocolate Chickle
Orange Chocolate Crikey
Orange Chocolate Crindol
Orange Chocolate Daisy
Orange Chocolate Dakota
Orange Chocolate Decadal
Orange Chocolate Easter Egg
Orange Chocolate Echlin
Orange Chocolate Ercuw
Orange Chocolate Figaro
Orange Chocolate Flab
Orange Chocolate Gizmo
Orange Chocolate Gobble
Orange Chocolate Gonk
Orange Chocolate Hump
Orange Chocolate Huthiq
Orange Chocolate Ideus
Orange Chocolate Ike
Orange Chocolate Justin
Orange Chocolate Kaala
Orange Chocolate Kidlet
Orange Chocolate Kronk
Orange Chocolate Kujo
Orange Chocolate Lati
Orange Chocolate Limax
Orange Chocolate Lorius
Orange Chocolate Mordo
Orange Chocolate Nino
Orange Chocolate Oglue
Orange Chocolate Phanty
Orange Chocolate Poera
Orange Chocolate Pucu
Orange Chocolate Rapunzel
Orange Chocolate Raulf

Chocolate 4

Orange Chocolate Renat
Orange Chocolate Rusty
Orange Chocolate Sindi
Orange Chocolate Sindi Head
Orange Chocolate Snookle
Orange Chocolate Speiro
Orange Chocolate Sugar Skull
Orange Chocolate Sybri
Orange Chocolate Tasi
Orange Chocolate Troit
Orange Chocolate Turkiye
Orange Chocolate Viotto
Orange Chocolate Vixen
Orange Chocolate Vlad
Orange Chocolate Willa
Orange Chocolate Xoi
Orange Chocolate Yuni
Orange Chocolate Zoink
Orange Chocolate Zola
Orange Chocolate Zoosh

Peanut Butter Chocolate (retired)

Sewage Chocolate

Valentine Chocolates Gift
Valentine Truffles (retired)
Valentines Dark Chocolate Box
Valentines Day Chocolates
Valentines Milk Chocolate Box
Valentines White Chocolate Box
Vanilla Flower Chocolate

White Chocolate Arinya
White Chocolate Astro
White Chocolate Basil
White Chocolate Carrot
White Chocolate Chickle
White Chocolate Christmas Tree
White Chocolate Covered Strawberry
White Chocolate Crikey
White Chocolate Crindol
White Chocolate Daisy
White Chocolate Dakota
White Chocolate Decadal
White Chocolate Double Hearts
White Chocolate Earless Bunny
White Chocolate Echlin
White Chocolate Equilor
White Chocolate Ercuw
White Chocolate Figaro
White Chocolate Flab
White Chocolate Gizmo
White Chocolate Gobble
White Chocolate Gonk
White Chocolate Heart Truffle
White Chocolate Hump
White Chocolate Huthiq
White Chocolate Ideus
White Chocolate Ike
White Chocolate Justin
White Chocolate Kaala
White Chocolate Kidlet
White Chocolate Kitty Head
White Chocolate Kronk
White Chocolate Kujo
White Chocolate Lati
White Chocolate Limax
White Chocolate Lorius
White Chocolate Mordo
White Chocolate Nino
White Chocolate Oglue
White Chocolate Peppermint Bark
White Chocolate Phanty
White Chocolate Poera
White Chocolate Pucu
White Chocolate Rapunzel
White Chocolate Raulf
White Chocolate Renat
White Chocolate Rusty
White Chocolate Sindi
White Chocolate Sindi Head
White Chocolate Snookle
White Chocolate Snowman
White Chocolate Speiro
White Chocolate Sugar Skull
White Chocolate Sybri
White Chocolate Tasi
White Chocolate Troit
White Chocolate Turkiye
White Chocolate Viotto
White Chocolate Vixen
White Chocolate Vlad
White Chocolate Willa
White Chocolate Xoi
White Chocolate Yuni
White Chocolate Zoink
White Chocolate Zola
White Chocolate Zoosh
White Pyramid Lolly