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How to keep your pet from dying!

Yes, your pet can die so make sure to keep it healthy and free from illness and disease.

First a little info from the news:

"Your pet will need to be cared for and healthy. Happiness, tiredness and hunger changes by 5% approx once every 15 hours. This only happens when you are online - if your pets are at 100% happiness and you do not login for 3 months, they will be at 100% when you come back. Each pet's happiness, tiredness and hunger will show as green when it is healthy, orange when it is unhealthy, red when it is being neglected.

When you use items, such as food for hunger, toys for happiness, etc a pet's status will now change by 25% instead of 10%."

Now lets get to what YOU need to do

Is your pet NOT healthy? This is referring to happiness, hunger and tiredness being neglected.

One option is you can use the Hotel in the City of Marada to get or keep your pets Healthy. There is a cost involved. Each hotel room costs 500MP for the first night and then 50MP for each additional night, per pet. However, all Account Upgrades purchased will receive 25,000MP hotel credit to be used at the Hotel. There is an additional perk to using the Hotel. When doing the Queen Bee Quest in Foxfire Forest when she stings any pet that is in the Hotel they will not loose their happiness and it will remain at 100%! Also, be aware that you will NOT receive an alert when your pet or pets are out of the Hotel so you will have to be aware of this.

The second option is as listed below:

Hunger - you can use any food item to feed your pet and decrease it's hunger. If you have less than 7,500 MP you can go to the Gingerbread House in Candyland and feed your pets for free.

Tiredness - you can feed your pet any soft drinks including Marapops in the Soft Drinks Shop in Slater Park and Smoothies from the Smoothie Shop in Lowlyhood

Happiness - to keep your pet happy you can let your pet play with any toy or plushie. Just click on the item in your inventory and use it.

How to cure your pet of any disease

Putting or keeping your pet in the Hotel will NOT prevent your pet from getting an illness or a disease. You have 2 options to heal your pet from any illness/disease:

The first option is to go to the Hospital in the City of Marada and heal your pet which will cost 2,500MP per pet or
You can cure your pet of their disease by having the right cure in your inventory and using it on your pet. Each illness/disease has a specific cure which can be purchased in the Medicine Shop. A list of diseases and cures can be found here

SPECIAL NOTE: it could be cheaper to cure your pet at the Hosptial for 2,500MP instead of using a specific cure, as some of the cures cost more then the Hospital. You can check my Pet Illnesses and Cures Page here to see the individual prices of all cures.

How a pet gets ill or a disease

The Fates Mission - If you fail this mission one of your pets will be chosen at random to become sick.

Murfin Madness Rollercoaster - there is a chance your pet can get very sick and unhappy from this ride as it gets up to speeds of 100 mph! BUT your pet can also ride with enjoyment and no fear - which will make it very happy. Your pet's charisma increases as it gets braver of the rollercoaster ride.

Eleka Fountain - Eleka's Fountain in Eleka Castle can be used to increase your pet's magic, but it can also make your pet sick.

Cursed Pet - your pet will get sick and become unhappy when someone curses your pet or when you curse your pet, although I don't know why your would want to! :)

Random Event - you may get a random event that gives one of your pets a sickness.

How to keep people from cursing your pet - hire the Witch Doctor!

The Witch Doctor can be found here in Eleka's Castle. Just give him 25RP and he will protect your pet for a whole week!

What to do if your pet "dies"

Do not fear, it takes quite a lot for your pet to even get as far as dying!

From the News: "Undying Woods is named undying because pets do not actually die, they just go to the graveyard here and become zombie costumed that other players can rescue. It still takes quite a lot for your pet to become available for others to acquire.

If your pet has any kind of sickness or disease, or it has been neglected health wise (starving, thirsty, tired) and it is still not looked after, you will have several warnings that show up similar to random events to warn you of the pet that is suffering. If nothing is done about it, you will be reminded several times more. If you still do not do anything about it, your pet will die and move to the Gate of the Graveyard in Undying Woods. You then have 14 days to visit this place and either pay 50,000MP to save your pet and it will be costumed Zombie. If you do not want it be zombie coloured, you can pay 75,000MP. If you do not do this, after 14 days the pet will move to the Graveyard as a zombie where any player can take ownership of the pet and it is no longer yours."

Why keep your pet healthy and free from illness/disease

As stated above your pets can "die" and you may lose ownership of the pet
Job Wages cannot be earned
The Gym, Elite Gym, School and University can not be used by sick or unhealthy pets

Oh No! Did your pet get thrown in PRISON!!!

HOW you ask? - if you do something that is illegal and get caught. Such as:

Getting caught while Grave Robbing in Undying Woods can send one of your pets to Prison (the random bone rewards are worth the risk in my opinion).

Overuse and getting caught using Illegal Concoctions can send your pet to prison (in my experience I feel they are fairly expensive and usually don't work the majority of the time).

Not paying your Electric Bill will definitely get one of your pets sent to jail. You do get events letting you know you have an electric bill that you need to pay. You can either click on the event or go to the Power Station in the City of Marada and pay it.

Benefits to keeping your pets out of Prison

Gym, Elite Gym, School and University can NOT be used if your pet is in Prison. Also, you can not collect a pets wages from their job if they are in Prison.

Freeing your Pet! Important things to know

If your pet is in prison, you will have two options which are listed below.

You can free your pet and pay the 2,500MP fine. Your pet will leave prison but will change colour into a prison coloured pet or

If you do not want your pet to change into a prison costume when it leaves the prison, you can bribe the prison guard, Corporal Knifejaw, with 15,000MP and it will escape unchanged.