Fortune Teller Guide

You can visit the Fortune Teller once every three hours.
Mail me if you have any idea about the fortunes that don't have a description yet or that say more info is needed!
But please: Don't waste my time by explaining the meaning of the proverb that was used to create the fortunes.
Thank you!

Fortunes what they mean
I can see a date... a time... it seems significant to you... You will win an average of 1000 - 4000 MP in a random event. Or even more if you are in a game (win the jackpot). Can also mean you get stats from the Clock Tower.
Never visit Biala in bare feet.. You will have expensive Quests in Biala (to be verified)
If you swim in sewerage you can expect to smell like poo.. You will win poop from the sewage
Patience is a virtue. All good things come to those who wait... You didn't wait 3 hours before seeing the Fortune Teller again ;P
The early osafo catches the worm.. You will find a worm in the wormdigging
Beware of geeks bearing gifts.. Don't do a Tarquin quest unless you have all books, because he will ask for a rarity 20+ or expensive book.
Never look a gift Gonk in the mouth.. Don't complain about a pet or item you have been given. Probably refers to Snowman and Santa who will have somebody send something to you. It has also been reported that a pet changed into a Gonk at the portal. More info needed.
Better the Crindol you know... You should do some Santa Claws quests.
Never eat yellow snow! Possibly means any biala quest will be expensive, can also refer to the Blitzen Mission. More info needed
If you take a Zoink to market expect to come home alone.. Might refer to the pet trades in the sense of: If you trade your pet you most likely never get it back. Might also refer to the Trotters mission. More info needed
Marapoints don't grow on trees.. Don't go on a mission if you are low on money, because the mission will be expensive (I had that at least three times on Ublish, Hector and Blitzen). Also no use in doing Candy Tree quests either.
Every Rusty has it's day.. You will be lucky with something you do. Might refer to the Rusty Twins Mission also. More info needed.
A walee in hand is worth two in the bush The item or pet you want to trade for might not be worth it. You should mull it over again.
A rolling Xoi gathers no moss.. You won't be able to do many of the same quest, because they are going to become expensive pretty soon. Better move on to another quest.
A Figaro cannnot change it's spots.. still unknown, mail with any information
You can lead a Chibs to water but you can't make it swim.. still unknown, mail with any information
The Paffuto swims upstream on Wednesdays.. still unknown, mail with any information
Don't count your Ercuws before they hatch.. still unknown, mail with any information