Basic Battling FAQ

This battling FAQ is not trying to compete with the two big battle guides that are already around, Alcyone and Gennie. It is rather directed to beginners to battling and the specific questions that occur mostly when you start with it. I'm not considering myself an expert on this matter, so if you are looking for deeper insight, please refer to the above metioned sites.

Q: Where do I go to battle my pet?

A: You can battle in the Battle Dome in minipet island.

Q: I want to battle, but there don't seem to be any opponents in the battle dome?

A: You have to buy trading cards and add them to your battle deck. To add the trading cards to your battle deck, simply click on them in your inventory, and then click "use". As soon as they are in your deck, you can battle the opponents at the battle dome.

Q: Where do I get trading cards?

There are four main sources for trading cards: a) the Trading Card Shop in Undying Woods, b) some quests, missions and all temples and pyramids, c) site-wide events and d) Account Upgrades. If you missed an event or upgrade, take a look at the Trades. Somebody might just sell them.

Q: Which are the cheapest trading cards?

A: The trading cards that are available from the Trading Card Shop, duh. And also the following which you can buy from user shops (origin in brackets): Sumo Feliz (loyalty prize), Santa Claws (Santa Claws quest), Santa (Secret Santa quest), Snowman Twin (Snowman quest), Sumo Sally (Sumo Sally quest), Hungry Bolimo (Travis Truck quest), Mommi (Troll mission level 29), Nutcracker (Christmas 2010 event), Zeus (Temple of Transformation), Poseidon (Temple of Transsubstantiation). In case you want to get the quest prizes from the quests yourself, please note that those are random prizes and that it may take you a while until you get them.

Q: I want to battle with a certain pet, but I cannot select it for battling?

A: You pet cannot battle if it has no health points (it's health shows as 0/13 or similar), or if it is in Pet Trades. If your pet health is down, you can heal it at the Healing Bubble Pit in Jenoa. If you have a battle giftbox, your pet will automatically heal after each battle, but I do not recommend buying one unless you are sure you want to stick to battling. If your pet is in trades, you have to get it out, or it can't battle.

Q: Why does my pet never win a battle?

A: There can be several reasons for this: a) Your pet is too weak for this opponent b) You don't have any battle items attached c) You did not heal your pet during or after the battle.

Q: How do I know which trading card I can beat?

A: You can find out who your pet can beat by checking Alcyone's battle site. If your pet does not at least have the health points listed, you will never win against that opponent. In case the trading card you are battling is not on that list, you can go to Gennie's site for additional information.

Q: Which are the easiest and cheap trading cards?

A: Uayl, Santa, Snowman Twin and Sumo Feliz. You need approximately 9 health to beat Uayl and 10 health to beat Santa, Snowman Twin and Sumo Feliz.

Q: How does my pet become stronger?

A: You can train your pet at the Gym. The stats you can train there are Level, Strength, Defence, Speed, and Health.
The Level stat determines how many crystals you have to pay for a session at the gym. So it is very important that you keep the level stat low. You can train each of the other stats to 2 x level + 1, so if your level is 15, you can train your pet to 31 in strength, defence, speed and health before you have to train the level again.
Your pets Health stat tells you if an opponent can knock you out with one blow or not. As I said before, there is no sense in battling an opponent who gives more health points damage than you actually have. Example: If your health is 6, you will loose to Santa who hits 10 points. If your health is 15, you will be able to beat him. Only battle with a pet whose heath is full up, such as 15/15. If you do not have a battle giftbox, you can heal your pet at the Healing Bubble Pit
The Strength and Speed stats together with the weapon you choose determine how hard you hit your opponent, how many heath points he will loose. If you are curious what this means for your pet, you can try its stats with different weapons in Indygo's Weapon Damage Calculator. Some of the newer weapons are however not in this calculator, and at this point I feel free to admit that I have now clue how it works :)
Oct 2, 2011 edit: Indygo's site is down for about two weeks now and seemingly not coming back. So here is how the damage calculator worked: (0.0093108831 x icon damage) x (strength + speed) = damage
There is no use for the Defence stat yet, and it is at least debatable if there ever will. It is completely up to you if you want to train your pet in defence or not. But be warned: if it is ever put to any use, you will need ages to get your pet's defence up, and you will have to overpay a lot.

Q: Which items do I need for battling?

A: You need two weapons and two wands. Since defending does not work yet, you do not need any defence items. Spells don't work either, so unless you need them for your pet's job, just forget about them. Don't buy any healing potions, they are one-use items. In contrast, wands are multiple use items.

Q: Which are the best weapons and wands?

A: Ah, this is maybe putting it too simple... Think to yourself: What are your pet's stats at this point? How much are you willing to spend? Will you stick to battling?
For pets with less than 20 stats I would recommend two Staff of the Undying Fairy and two Ghost Wands or Christmas Wands. These are sufficient for trying out basic battling, and they are very cheap.
If you decided you want to go on with battling, and your pet has gained some more stats, you obviously want to switch to some better battle items. You have to understand that for most pets with average stats, it does not make much difference which one of the top 3 weapons you use. You should however buy the best you can afford. Same goes for the wands of course.
You can find a list of the top weapons at Gennie's marasite. She also has a list of wands.

Q: How do you use battle items?

A: Attach the two weapons and two wands of your choice to your battle pet. Click on the battle items in your inventory, then click "use" and select your battle pet to attach the weapons and wands to it. In battle, always choose both weapons to attack, and always heal with both wands. If you can't knock your opponent out with one blow, you have to heal your pet until it's health is full up again. You may have to heal several times before you can attack again. Do not attack unless your health is full up.

Q: How does healing with a wand work?

A: When you use the two wands and 0% magic, your two wands will heal the same as three wands. Say, you have two Kamilah Wands, they heal 35 points each. If you use both wands and no magic (0% magic), they will heal your pet 3 x 35 = 105 points. The damage your opponent does to your pet subtracts from this, so it may appear like your pet is not healed that much. Example: an opponents gives 60 damage, then your pet will only heal about 45 points give or take.
When you use magic for healing, your pet will heal the same as two wands + amount of magic used. Example: You have your two Kamilah Wands and and your pet has 60 magic. You decide to use 100% magic along with the wands. Then your pet will heal 2 x 35 + 60 = 130 points. Opponents damage subracts again of course. You can also decide not to use your full magic, but only a part of it. As you can see, the dropdown menu lets you choose between no magic (0% magic), 25% magic (15 points in our example), 50% (here: 30 points), 75% (here: 45 points), and all magic (100% magic, here: 60 points). You can only use so much magic as your pet has for the whole battle. So if your pet has 60 magic, then the sum of magic used in a battle can not be higher than 60.

Q: Do I have to train magic at all?

A: I would say it depends on your pet's stats, the wands you use, and how deep you want to venture into battling. Personally, I found my two firework wands completely sufficient for a good deal of opponents, until I reached about 150 stats. If you want to stick to battling, and keep training your pet, it is a good idea to work on your pet's magic stats along with the other stats.

Q: How do I improve my pet's magic?

A: The main source of magic is doing Computer Repair quests. You get one magic stat for each quest you complete.

Q: How much magic can you have?

A: Your pet can have five times it's level in magic. So if your pet is level 20, it can have 100 magic.

Q: Are there alternate means of training my pet's magic, level, strength... ? Which means?

A: Yes, there are other methods of improving your pet's stats, all of them are however either not as effective as the main methods I mentioned before, or they are very expensive.
You can gain random magic stats by visiting the Eleka Fountain (can make your pet sick) and the Ice Caves (you need a Christmas Treasure Map for this).
Using a booster gives you anywhere from 1 to 10 magic stats, depending on the booster you use.
Completing level 21 of any temple gives you 10 magic stats, completing the same level of any Pyramid gives you 5 magic stats.
Level, Strength, Defence, Speed, and Health:
You can gain random gym stats from random events (rare), visiting the Clock Tower (put your other pets in pet trades when you use it, so your battle pet gets the stats), the Operations Portal (may change pet color or species), sliding the Sewer Pipes (you need a Sewer Pipes Map for this), or using the Whirlpool (you need a Whirlpool Treasure Map; may change pet color or species).
Using a booster gives you anywhere from 1 to 10 stats, depending on the booster used.
For completing certain levels of any temple, your pet gains 1 Level (at level 7), 2 Strength (at level 11), 3 Speed (at level 17), and 5 Health (at level 23). Completing certain levels of any pyramid gives you 1 Level (level 7), 2 Strength (level 11), 2 Speed (level 17), 5 Health (level 24), 3 Defence (level 29), 6 Level (level 32), 10 Level (level 46), and 8 Speed (level 48).

Q: What do boosters do, and where can I get them?

A: Boosters are one-use items to improve your pet's stats. Since they are hard to obtain, they are usally very expensive. There are three different kinds of boosters, and they have different effects.
Themed boosters: By these I mean boosters that carry names like Desert Booster, Mini Booster and similar. They come mostly from Account Upgrade packs. These boosters will improve one random stat by 1 to 3 points. Stats affected include magic, all gym and all elite stats.
Regular boosters: You can buy these at the Boosters Shop for 1000 Pet Exchange Points per booster. The Magic booster is a loyalty prize also. Regular boosters improve your pet by 3 to 6 points in the stat the booster is named after. Means: A magic booster gives you 3 to 6 magic, a level booster gives you 3 to 6 level and so on.
Maximum boosters: These are available from Account Upgrades for 4 AU credits each. Maximum boosters can improve the stat they are named after by 5 to 10.

Q: Does improving my pet's elite stats help my pet in a battle?

A: No, Coordination, Stamina, and Balance stats are used for the Olympics only. The amount of elite stats your pets has will determine in which Olympic Group it is, and how many Olympic Points you can earn. If you want to join the Olympics, you can train your pet's elite stats at the Elite Gym in Lush Lake.

Hopefully this answered everything you newbie battlers need to get started. As I said initially, this is not trying to be a guide to battling and the universe and all. Which is why I linked you two really good guides that will cover your more advanced questions. You may have noticed that I did not give precise answers on some questions along the lines of "what is the best battle item?". The reason is that I think that some of these questions are just - the wrong questions. If you don't know yet if you like to battle or not, and your pet's stats are pretty low, why would you want to spend all your money on two fantastic wands you never need? Only you can say for yourself, how much money you want to spend, what it is worth for you.

Have fun battling :)