18/03/18: +1 new free layout style to choose from :)

16/03/18: New layout site opened! It is still kinda under construction so I'll be adding and editing stuff along the way.

About & Rules

Welcome to Larcyle Layouts! This is a premade marasite layout site created by me Silver (username: smileterly). Most layouts here function like css templates for you to edit further to suit your taste. Layouts under the free premade tabs are all free for use.

The rules are few but nonetheless important:

  • Credit. Edit all premades here to your heart's content, just make sure some form of visible credit (text/button link back to my site) remains.

  • Do not redistribute. Please don't redistribute my content as yours and no using them for your own requests/sites!

  • No backups. Not really a rule but please save a copy of any coding you want as I do not keep backups of them.

  • Any other questions, suggestion, or doubts? Mail me and I'll try my best to reply asap as I don't play marapets as often right now.

    Free Marasite Premades

    Click on the layout image for preview and code.


    -coming soon!


  • Layout created by me, Silver
  • Header photo by Pok Rie from Pexels
  • Counter from Boingdragon