Referral Tips

How to get referrals the easy way!

The easy way to get LOADS of referrals is through traffic exchange websites. These are sites where you go to look at other people's websites in exchange for them looking at yours. You sign up with one or more using your marapets referral link as your site and then get 'credits' by viewing other peoples links. The more you view the more credits you get, and the more credits you have the more your referral link will be shown to everyone else.
There are two types of traffic exchange sites:
manual sites - where you have to go click all the links yourself auto surf sites - where it will refresh the page every 10 seconds or so with a different site so you dont have to click anything. you can leave this running in a spare browser window/tab
Here's links to a few of the more popular sites, though there's loads more out there:

Yarold's Link Exchange





You can find your referral link Here

Note - When getting referrals like this you'll be visiting a lot of unknown websites, so I'd advise you make sure you have a virus scanner active (you should have one anyways!). If you're under 18 you should also check with your parents that it's OK for you to do

Notes about marapets rules re referring

This method of getting referrals is not against the rules - although you may be viewing other sites automatically with the auto exchange sites, anyone who views your link the same way would still have to choose whether or not to sign up here if they think mara looks interesting etc.
Buying and selling referrals is against the rules