hi there! welcome to kagayama's marasite. i say reading this box is pretty useful for navigating the website - but, it isn't completely necessary! my personal marasite is password protected; to find out the password, maramail me and let's be friends. once i consider us close enough, i'll let you into the depths of my site! hover over navigation!
well, i am assuming that you've come to my marasite either to view my art or the marasites i've coded. so, with the following rules in mind, go ahead and click the links in the navigation panel!

1. maramail me if you are using a site layout
2. if you are not using a layout, and you wish to request for artwork or a marasite layout, follow the requesting procedures.
3. leave ALL credits intact. do not crop them out of my artwork and do not remove them from marasite codes.
4. do not claim my artwork or my codes as your own. i will find out!

* for payment, i do accept other forms of currency (such as BP, RP, wishlist items, etc.)

and if you're not here for my site layouts or artwork, but simply here for other things - i hope you enjoy your time here! i will have music recommendations sorted by genre, as well as many other things such as korean drama recommendations, anime recommendations, etc.

i play video games as well, so feel free to maramail me and we can link up on them! a few that i play are maplestory, fortnite, league of legends, and occasionally cs:go. do feel free to maramail or maratalk me - i'm open to making new friends!