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2019 Account Upgrades

Genie Account Upgrade - released January 15, 2019 and retired March 10, 2019.
The Genie costume was first released May 2011 and has been updated and
re-released with new items included in the upgrade.

Genie Account Upgrade item list...

Genie Costume


Genie Lamp Stamp

Three Wishes

Genie Book

Genie Songs

Genie Doughnut

Genie Pearl

Wonky Pyramid
Treasure Map

Baby Account Upgrade - released February 13, 2019 and retired April 15, 2019.
The Baby Costume was first released in June 2011 and is back
in a new and updated version inclusing 7 new baby items.

Baby Account Upgrade item list...

Baby Costume

Baby Bottle

Toddler Pearl

Book of Bibs

Tales from the Crib

Stork Stamp


Nursery Rhymes

Enchanted Baby
Fasoro Plushie

Enchanted Baby
Nino Plushie

Jinn Account Upgrade - released March 12, 2019 and retired May 31, 2019.

Jinn Account Upgrade item list...

Jinn Costume


Jinn Lamp Stamp

Two Wishes

Jinn Book

Jinn Songs

Jinn Doughnut

Jinn Pearl

Puny Pyramid
Treasure Map 04

Imperial Treasure Chest - released April 5, 2019 and retired May 31,2019.

Click here for Imperial Treasure Chest item list...


Easter Account Upgrade - released April 14, 2019 and retired May 6, 2019.

Easter Account Upgrade item list...

Easter Costume

Egg Collectors (DVD)

Easter Basket Stamp

Bunny Beats

Easter Bunny Onesie Pearl


Carrot Book

Easter Bunny Candy Floss

Simerian Explorer Treasure Map

Lava Account Upgrade - released April 25, 2019 and retired May 20, 2019.

Lava Account Upgrade item list...

Lava Costume

Molten Melodies

Lava Pearl

Lava Stamp

Lava Doughnut


Book of Volcanoes

Disaster Zone

Enchanted Lava
Chibs Plushie

Enchanted Lava
Grint Plushie

Spring Account Upgrade Set - released May 12, 2019 and retired June 30, 2019.
The Spring Costume was initially released June 2013.

Account Upgrade releases have changed, read below for more info

Spring Account Upgrade item list...

Spring Costume

Forest Pearl

Book of Petals


Petals Stamp

Spring Candy Floss

Spring Flowers

Spring Hits

Enchanted Spring Lati Plushie
or Spring Lati Potion

Enchanted Spring Azul Plushie
or Spring Azul Potion

Enchanted Spring Crindol Plushie
or Spring Crindol Potion

Enchanted Spring Equilor Plushie
or Spring Equilor Potion

Enchanted Spring Knutt Plushie
or Spring Knutt Potion

Spring Fasoro Potion

Punk Account Upgrade - released June 2, 2019 and retired July 31, 2019.
The Punk Costume was first released in 2008 and retired ever since.
There are 7 new Punk themed items.

Punk Account Upgrade item list...

Punk Costume

Book of Punk
Rock History

Chain Reaction

Chain Stamp


Mohawk Pearl

Punk Hot Dog

Punk Life

Enchanted Punk Limax Plushie
or Punk Limax Potion

Enchanted Punk Kaala Plushie
or Punk Kaala Potion

Enchanted Punk Knutt Plushie
or Punk Knutt Potion

Enchanted Punk Tantua Plushie
or Punk Tantua Potion

Musical Account Upgrade - released June 21, 2019 and retired July 31, 2019.
The musical costume was retired, revamped and brought back in this upgrade.
There are 7 new musical themed items available.

Musical Account Upgrade item list.....

Musical Costume

Band Camp Pearl

Book of Music


Marching Band Concert

Marching Band Cupcake


Sheet Music Stamp

Enchanted Musical Quell Plushie
or Musical Quell Potion

Enchanted Musical Azul Plushie
Musical Azul Potion

Enchanted Musical Doyle Plushie
or Musical Doyle Potion

Enchanted Musical Paffuto Plushie
or Musical Paffuto Potion

Light Account Upgrade - released August 3, 2019 and retired September 22, 2019.
This light costume is a revamp of a retired costume and reintroduced with 7 new light themed items.

Light Account Upgrade item list:

Light Costume


Light Cupcake

Light Glowing Egg


Paladin Pearl

Paladin Playlist

Paladin Stamp

Enchanted Light Ercuw Plushie

Light Ercuw Potion

Enchanted Light Azul Plushie

Light Azul Potion

Enchanted Light Bolimo Plushie

Light Bolimo Potion

Enchanted Light Jessup Plushie

Enchanted Light Xoi Plushie

Light Xoi Potion

15th Birthday Limited Edition Account Upgrade - released August 24, 2019 and retired September 10, 2019.

15th Birthday LEAU item list:

15 Cake Recipe Book

15 Years

Oley Summoning Stone

Party Hot Dog

Sheer Dress

Party Streamers Pearl

Party Balloons Glowing Egg

Galaxy Skirt

Party Burger

Ombre Party Wig

15th Birthday Stamp

Party Streamers

August 24, 2019 and August 31, 2019 welcomed a Flash Sale on Limited Edition and Restricted Potions until they sell out.


Fairy Account Upgrade - released September 15, 2019 and retired October 7, 2019.
The fairy costume was retired, revamped and brought back in this upgrade.
There are 7 new fairy themed items available.

Fairy Account Upgrade item list.....

Fairy Costume


Fairy Chants

Fairy Cupcake

Fairy Glowing Egg

Fairy Gumball

Fairy Wing Stamp


Enchanted Fairy Raulf Plushie

Enchanted Fairy Addow Plushie

Enchanted Fairy Azul Plushie

Enchanted Fairy Bolimo Plushie

Enchanted Fairy Fasoro Plushie

Enchanted Fairy Flab Plushie

Enchanted Fairy Gonk Plushie

Enchanted Fairy Jessup Plushie

Enchanted Fairy Kidlet Plushie

Enchanted Fairy Murfin Plushie

Enchanted Fairy Reese Plushie

Fairy Raulf Potion

Fairy Azul Potion

Fairy Bolimo Potion

Fairy Flab Potion

Fairy Jessup Potion

Fairy Kidlet Potion

Fairy Murfin Potion

Fairy Reese Potion

Midnight Account Upgrade - released September 28, 2019 and retired October 25, 2019.
The midnight costume was retired and brought back in this upgrade.
There are 7 new midnight themed items available.

Midnight Account Upgrade item list.....

Midnight Costume

Book of Midnight Horrors
br> Midnight Cupcake
Midnight Curse

Midnight Glowing Egg

Midnight Lati Stamp

Music Past Midnight


Enchanted Midnight Mordo Plushie

Enchanted Midnight Crindol Plushie

Enchanted Midnight Gonk Plushie

Enchanted Midnight Grint Plushie

Enchanted Midnight Paffuto Plushie

Enchanted Midnight Reese Plushie

Enchanted Midnight Tantua Plushie

Enchanted Midnight Xoi Plushie

Enchanted Midnight Zetlian Plushie

Midnight Mordo Potion

Midnight Crindol Potion

Midnight Gonk Potion

Midnight Reese Potion

Midnight Tantua Potion

Midnight Zetlian Potion

Halloween Trick or Treat Character Costumes Limited Edition Account Upgrade -
released October 20, 2019 and retiring once again on October 31, 2019.


Witch Account Upgrade - first released October 2006, this AU was released October 23, 2019 and retired November 30, 2019.
The witch costume was retired and brought back in this upgrade.
There are 7 new witch themed items available.

Witch Account Upgrade item list.....

Witch Costume



Witch Chants

Witch Glowing Egg

Witch Hat Stamp

Witch Pearl

Witch Potato

Enchanted Witch Chibs Plushie

Enchanted Witch Azul Plushie

Enchanted Witch Feliz Plushie

Enchanted Witch Jessup Plushie

Enchanted With Kidlet Plushie

Enchanted With Murfin Plushie

Enchanted Witch Reese Plushie

Enchanted With Xoi Plushie

Enchanted With Yakubi Plushie

Witch Murfin Potion

Witch Reese Potion

Witch Yakubi Potion

Halloween Limited Edition Account Upgrade - released October 29, 2019 and retired November 20, 2019.

Halloween Limited Edition AU item list:

2 AU

Elegant Dracula Wig

Scale Skin


Spooky Book

Voodoo Man

Leaf Arch

Death Hoodie

Spider Cake

Devil Glowing Egg

Spooky Dress

Decadal Cake Pop

Enpiah Account Upgrade - first released March 2008, this AU was released November 12, 2019 and retired December 22, 2019.
The enpiah costume was retired and brought back in this upgrade.
There are 7 new enpiah themed items available.

Enpiah Account Upgrade item list.....

Enpiah Costume

Book of Enpiah Eyes

Alien Intruder

Enpiah Jelly

Enpiah Playlist

Enpiah Potato Chips

Enpiah Ushunda Stamp


Enchanted Enpiah Daisy Plushie

Enchanted Enpiah Azul Plushie

Enchanted Enpiah Crindol Plushie

Enchanted Enpiah Gonk Plushie

Enchanted Enpiah Murfin Plushie

Enchanted Enpiah Renat Plushie

Enchanted Enpiah Tantua Plushie

Enchanted Enpiah Xoi Plushie

Enpiah Daisy Potion

Enpiah Azul Potion

Enpiah Crindol Potion

Enpiah Gonk Potion

Enpiah Murfin Potion

Enpiah Renat Potion

Enpiah Tantua Potion

Thanksgiving Limited Edition Account Upgrade - released November 24, 2019 and retired December 9, 2019.

Thanksgiving Ready

Gobble Cake Pop

Battle Mace

Colonial Hat

Tumbleweed Jelly

Thanksgiving Boots

Casual Colonial Wig

Gobble without a Cause

Corn Glowing Egg

Rainy Account Upgrade - first released March 2011, this AU was released December 5, 2019 and retired January 10, 2020.
The rainy costume was retired and brought back in this upgrade.
There are 7 new rainy themed items available.

Rainy Account Upgrade item list.....

Rainy Costume

Enchanted Rainy Snookle Plushie

Rainy Snookle Potion

Enchanted Rainy Azul Plushie

Rainy Azul Potion

Enchanted Rainy Fasoro Plushie

Rainy Fasoro Potion

Enchanted Rainy Feliz Plushie
Rainy Feliz Potion
Book of Fungi

Rainy Cotton Candy

Rainy Day Adventure

Rainy Glowing Egg

Rainy Stamp

Soothing Rain Sounds


Christmas Limited Edition Account Upgrade - released December 14, 2019 and retired December 31, 2019.

Snowy Chimney

Christmas Overalls
Rudolph Glowing Egg
Winter Locks Wig

Snowman Summoning Stone

Snowy Tree

Northern Lights Contact Lenses

Christmas Corset


Seasonal Heels

Elf Account Upgrade - first released November 2006, this AU was released December 18, 2019 and retired December 31. 2019
The elf costume was retired and brought back in this upgrade.
There are 7 new elf themed items available.

Elf Account Upgrade item list.....

Elf Costume

Elf Hat Pearl

Elf Hat Stamp

Elf Saved Christmas

Elf on Repeat

Elfberry Ice Cream


Nice or Naughty

Enchanted Elf Vixen Plushie

Enchanted Elf Bolimo Plushie

Enchanted Elf Crindol Plushie

Enchanted Elf Kidlet Plushie

Enchanted Elf Newth Plushie

Enchanted Elf Osafo Plushie

Elf Vixen Potion

Elf Bolimo Potion

Elf Crindol Potion

Elf Fasoro Potion

Elf Kidlet Potion

Elf Murfin Potion

Elf Newth Potion

Elf Osafo Potion

CAROL SINGING character costumes were released again on December 10, 2019 for a limited time in the account upgrades shop.
Carol Singing will end December 31, 2019.

The approved list of Christmas Character Costumes that will work for this event are as follows:

Advent Tree Costume, Angelic Costume, Archangel Costume, Blitzen Justin Onesie, Candycane Costume, Christmas Cake Costume,
Christmas Day Costume, Christmas Night Costume, Christmas Onesie, Christmas Overalls, Christmas Pudding Costume, Christmas Reindeer
Costume, Devious Elf Costume, Drummer Girl Costume, Elfember Costume, Frosty Tree Costume, Gift Wrapped Costume, Gingerbread Lady Costume,
Gingerbread Man Costume, Hamster Onesie, Holly Costume, Jack Frost Costume, Jacqueline Frost Costume, Krampus Costume, Mistletoe Costume,
Mrs Claus Costume, Ms Scrooge Costume, Nisse Costume, Polar Bear Costume, Polar Skin, Present Costume, Reindeer Costume, Santa Claus Costume,
Santa Claws Costume, Santa Claws Skin, Santa Elf Costume, Scrooge Costume, Stocking Costume, Toy Sindi Onesie, Tree Costume, Tree Uniform Costume,
Vixen Costume, Vixen Skin, Winter King Costume, Winter Kujo Onesie, Winter Queen Costume, Yeti Costume


Blitzen Account Upgrade - first released December 2010, this AU was released December 22, 2019 and retired January 31, 2020
The blitzen costume was retired and brought back in this upgrade.
There are 7 new blitzen themed items available.

Blitzen Account Upgrade item list.....

Blitzen Costume

Antler Stamp


Blittle Christmas

Blittle Cookie

Reindeer Games

Slice of Christmas Cake

Songs for Happy Reindeer

Enchanted Blitzen Vixen Plushie

Enchanted Blitzen Fasoro Plushie

Enchanted Blitzen Reese Plushie

Enchanted Blitzen Xoi Plushie

Blitzen Vixen Potion

Blitzen Fasoro Potion

Blitzen Reese Potion

Blitzen Xoi Potion