About Me~

Hi everyone! Welcome to my Marasite, where everything is about me! (: I may put in guides like others do with their marasite, but of course, let's talk more about me :P Click the links at the side to know more! Or to explore more.

This Marasite will be edited soon! (:


Some things to know about me (:

Graphics Tryouts!

Where I experiment little graphics-making skills

Hello everyone! I've been reading some graphics tutorial and I would love to try it out! So whatever I try out would be put here! Sounds nice? (:

First graphic: Signature

Pet Goals

To share my goals with lovely people....

Hola! This are my pet goals for 2014 onwards! I've been working hard towards them (:
* = completed

Wanted Troit [Army] Pets (Pets named)
1. Burnt Troit [Nienne]
2. Snow Troit [Frileux] *
3. Chocolate Troit [Cuppacino] *
4. Negative Troit [Repousser] *

Other pet goals
1. Statting Gesa up to Level 50, with other stats following up by end of 2014. [Gym Stats]
2. Change girlcutesweet's name by June 2014.
3. Statting Gesa's Elite Stats to Level 30 by end 2014
4. Stat up Troit Army to trade for more Sindis

That's all for now!

Pet Goals Progress:
Number of Troit Makers: 3/4
Number of Costumes for Troits: 5/5
Gesa's Level: 36/50
Gesa's Stats: S-54, D-40. SD-51
Gesa's Elite Stats: C-22, S-18, B-14, H-57

Maragoals 2014

18mil spent on EPM :(

* = completed

1. Have 3mil in Shoptil by end of 2014. **
2. Reach 5K messages in my Club by end of 2014. [Current count: 3,395 messages] *
3. Collect ALL Rosy and Winter blushes by June 2014
4. Reach 10mil in Shoptil by June 2014 **
5. Have a total of 20mil by June 2015
6. 5K Club Messages by end 2014
7. 2K forum messages by end 2014
8. 15mil in Shoptil by the end of 2015

~~That's all for now~~
page 6 xx

Bought Graphics

Sharing the works of Maraplayers since 1998 <-- when I was born

(made from wigflip.com)

^^It's so cute^^

No credits sorry xx I hope you can identify your own work >,< Once Blog Codes are up, I'll be transferring all these there!

Item Restock List

Fastest fingers first

This is a mini list of what is good to restock and would make a nice small/big profit. It will be organised into the restock time, although they may not always restock~ Also, this is not a full list!

1. Graphics Card
2. LCD Monitor
3. Floppy Disk
4. Motherboard
5. Headphones
6. Keyboard
7. Memory Stick
8. External CD Drive
9. Hard Drive
10. USB Flashdrive
11. Power Supply

Minipet Food:
Everything that appears

Everything that appears

Illegal Concoctions:
1. Colour Concoctions
2. Random Concoctions [Profits are unpredictable]

Soft Drinks
Every marapop

1. Noir Wigs
2. Freya Wigs

Car Parts:
Everything but:
1. Jumper Cables
2. Filter
3. Car Computer System
4. Transmitter
5. Cooling Fan

1. Kaala Potions
2. LE-Potions [Certain ones do restock]
3. Costumed Non-LE Potions.

Female Clothing:
1. Freya Items
2. Panda Hoodies
3. Tanktops/Certain Tops
4. Some dresses

Everything that appears

That's all!!
Note: Whenever the Weekly Quest is something that requests items from a certain shop, i.e. Computer Repair, focus on that shop!

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