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This page will explain to you how to make a table, how to change their sizes how to add cells, borders, color and MUCH MUCH More, enjoy and I hope it helps.

thanks Alice.

See the table below it's a basic table and can be used on top of backgrounds in marasite web pages
there will be coding below it that will help you to set up the same table.
Using the HTML tags provided you should be able to have a table in mins
try it :D
A one Celled table with a white background to adjust how wide it is look at the 'width' command in the coding you can make that number as large or as small as you want

This one will make a 1 celled table

This is just a basic table there are more complex ones comming up...don't get nervous now it's really easy

Now you may notice some
tables have wider borders ect
this is done with cell padding and spacing, the next table
Is a two celled table with a thinner boarder. take a look

This is a two celled table with a white background you can add images to this table music and tons more, to make it larger look for the 'width' command in the coding and make that number as big or as small as you want

See the results cool eh!
Now you try :D

As you may have noticed this one is pretty small but if you change
the area that says '150' in the coding it can make it larger or smaller to suit your screen!

Now I'm going to show you have to make a wider
border in your table this one is pretty simple :D all you do is change the cell spacing,
and also you can make the table larger so your info doesn't
bunch up which isn't a pretty sight


This is a cool type of table :D see something neat? This is a two celled table that has larger cell borders! Once again to make it larger look for the 'width' command and change the number to how big you want it the larger the number the wider your table

Now the background=(BG) in this table can look really cool and will if you add color
so thats the next thing we will learn
how to add color to your tables background
The BG color command is what controls the tables coloring with a hex color,
remember you need to have your chosen color 'hatched' for it to work.

This is a cool type of table :D see something neat? This is a two celled table that has a colored background! Once again to make it larger look for the 'width' command and change the number to how big you want it the larger the number the wider your table

This info below shows you how to color the background of any given table. Now in the quoted area where it says bgcolor=''#color'' you need to change the command to background='url of image' but with double quotes,
the coding will be below to get the feel of it
you can now add an image instead of a color just by putting the URL of any image that you want to put in it. not to hard just don't forget the quotes (I'm using the apostrophy as the quotes won't show on the pages)

Here's an example ok try it out the coding is located under it

OMG WICKED!!! a table with a background how cool is that!! This table contains a background tiling that will stretch to fit the full table background no matter how big or small it is :D to change the width of the table look for the 'width' command in the coding and make it how ever large or small you want it, remember the larger the number the bigger it will be :D

It's very easy once it's figured out :D If you need the hex codes click HERE.

Now if you don't want borders around your tables it's easy enough to remove them by changing the border command values to 0.
Or you can make them larger by making the number larger it's all up to you!

..ok any questions? yes...? ok


can I make a table in a table? This is the most common question I get when it comes to tables, the answer is yes,
just code one table and add your second where ever you want it to show
here's the second, ok what are the things I can add to a td/tr HTML commands in my table?... the colspan tag can be added this tells the top part of a table how many cells to span over, like this one which spans 2 lower cells with a topper 'welcome' area.

A Welcome can be put here
This is a two celled table with headder bar :D you can add a neat welcome to the top part and info in here one side like this one can be used as a 'link' area for navigating a web page while the other can have your sites content :D remember to make the 'width' and 'heigth' commands larger if you want to fill your whole screen, you can even use the percentage mark to determine how many percentages your table takes up of screen space...example 80% of the page :D Some of these tables can even include a background if you know where to put the just need to pratice and it does take ALOT of time so don't be discouraged It took me about 3 weeks to learn just the basics, now days I can whip up a page in 20 mins :D so think before getting defeated ok :D pratice and you'll be doing stuff I do in no time :D

TIP:Want to make one side strech more than the other? best bet is to use an image at the top of your screen, :D best thing a line or bar image works like a charm, look at the next table to see what I mean :D

I'm looking for a few diffrent types of tables do you have any other kinds?

Sure do take a peek at these, you can change the back grounds, add images change the fonts style and size
AND colors! Experiment that's what these tables are for.

A Welcome bar goes here
This is a 3 celled table with a headder :D this kind is great for clubs if you know how to set them up and with a bit of pratice you'll have an amazing layout in no time :D
The line bar image up top of the screen makes the middle part of this table stretch to it's full capasity, in doing so it makes for more room in adding content :D many clubs are made with this one for the simple fact that links can be added to one side content to the middle and then special links that are club related only to the other side area :D these tables can also have an imaged background but it does once again take pratice so for now you will just see an image instead added :D you can put in your own if you wish :D and good luck.

TIP:You want to make your table fancy? used animated letter images in your welcome area if you know how it's pretty cool!

many use tables like this one for special club links on this side but you can add them anywhere...


This is a 4 celled table with a headder and a background it can be edited like the rest of the tables contained in this page
Add pictures or links and or info you want others to see :D use your imagination the possibilities are endless :D

This is a side
barred table
they are best suited
for clubs the
big table square
can be used
for links
While this area can be used for images
Or content to tell members about your pages
Don't forget you can change the width and heigth percentages as well to make it bigger

Ok on to the next and final part...

Question: I know this is for tables and stuff but I want to put links in my table so it will go to other do I do that?
Well there mara fan here's how you do it.
Use the command 'A HREF=URL_OF_PAGE_YOU_WANT_TO_LINK_TO' in your table where ever you want it to show.
example of my link here!

Just remember you can ONLY link to other pages WITHIN marapets and not to outside sources unless you get the marapets managers to approve your site **but don't quote me on that claim mail one of them to find out for sure ok**
well that concludes my HTML help guide I hope it comes in handy for you, bookmark the main page so you can find your way back and remember HTML is easier than falling off your computer chair BYE for now and happy HTMLING!