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What is HTML Basic Information

Here are some lines that one can use to
spiffy up their web pages feel free to use them at your leisure.
All are precoded for your convience, just copy the info in the scroll box

Welcome to HTML help for Kids!

Hi I'm Ragdonly and I'm going to teach you how to do HTML, it's very easy just follow the pictures and read the info here. If you have questions mail my owner Lilaj378.

opening and closing brackets...what they are.

Fonts, letters changing colors and sizes and how they look.

Here is an example you can use, remember to change the number to the color you want and leave in the quotes and # sign.

<font size="2" color="#FF0000">RED text</font>

RED Green Blue

Each font size will give you diffrent looks,
there are examples for you to use..changing the size # will make it larger or smaller

Marapets size 1

<font size="1">Size 1</font>
Marapets size 2
<font size="2">Size 2</font>

Marapets size 3
<font size="3">Size 3</font>

Marapets size 4
<font size="4">Size 4</font>

Marapets size 5
<font size="5">Size 5</font>

Marapets size 6
<font size="6">Size 6</font>

Marapets size 7
<font size="7">Size 7</font>

Just copy the codes if you want to use them.
The b will make BOLD letters<b>bolded words here</b>
The i will make Italic Letters
<i>italicized words here</i>
and the U will make Underlined words.
<u>underlined words here</u>

I have text I want to change how it know there's Arial and comic sans MS, how do I do that and what are as many names of font types are there anyway?
Well here's the coding you can use, change the area that says FONT_TYPE_HERE to what you what the font to look like with one of the names listed in my fonts page ok :D good luck!

<font face="FONT_TYPE_HERE" color="#PUT_A_HATCHED_COLOR_HERE"><br> <xmp> size="PUT_A_NUMBER_HERE">your words go here

now where it says hatched color it means any color that is hatched in your nest is what you can use...sizes, range from 1-7 ok

Now if you want to see what the diffrent type of fonts look like go HERE
Each is coded you can change the sizes and colors of those font codes have fun with it :D

OK now I'll be saying some things that might get confusing so to make it easy remember this if I asked you to right click or left click refer to the image below ok.

Sometimes you might need these right and left click actions to find URL'S of pictures, to copy and to paste.

Ok I know your asking whats a URL? and how do I find one?

A URL is also the address you can find in your browser at the top of your page

the pic above is showing you in the image above where the browser is and where the address is.
HTTP is the start of a URL. Url's will be used in setting images into you pages.
If your wondering HOW do I find the URL of a picture?
Then listen VERY carefully...find a picture you want from marapets...
right click on it with your mouse...see the box that came up?
ok go to the VERY bottom of that box, it will say PROPERTIES...
left click on it.

A new box will show...look at it...see the area in the middle where it says address (URL)

you need to copy and paste that stuff into your HTML code in order to get a picture to show.
IF that was too hard, to do on your own try to get an adult to help you.

How do I put a picture into my web page or siggy line?

<img src="URL-of_image_here" border="0">

I can't get my picture to center how do I do that?

<center><img src="URL_of_image_here" border="0"></center>

OK now can I move my picture to the left or right?

To the right

<div align="right"><img src="URL_of_image_here" border="0"></div>

To the left
<div align="left"><img src="URL_of_image_here" border="0"></div>

How about making your pics smaller or bigger? play with the numbers in the width and height areas to get bigger or smaller images.

Hey how do I do a tiled background? look at the info below just add your own url of the image you want to use.

How do I make links to my other pages?

A link using words:

<a href="URL_to_your_marasite_page_here">CLICK HERE</a>

A link using an image
<a href="URL_of_your_marasite_page_here"></a>
<img src="Url_of_pic_or_button_here" border="0">

Well how are you doing so far? think you can handle something a bit more advanced? If not that's ok you'll do fine with what you know now, BUT if you want to know how to do a table keep going down the page.

this coding will help you make a small BASIC table, for changes to make it bigger, check the next section of this help page below, or better still experiment.
The area where it says width you can change to measure in pixles OR in precentages...150X150 is the adverage pixel image size for marapets images, you can also add the tag height= to it as well just be sure to include a space and don't forget the quotes
Here are a few examples, use them if you wish.

bgcolor="#FFFFCC" align="center"><tr> <td>BLAH BLAH</td> </tr>

align="center"><tr> <td>BLAH BLAH</td> </tr>

mail Lilaj378