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What is HTML Basic Information

Here is some advanced HTML info

Welcome to my HTML Help pages for adults
Each area will be set so it makes it easy for you to find what you need I hope that all the info I have here helps and if you have any questions please feel free to mail me, JUST remember IF you don't TRY or don't read through everything (and yes I'll know from the way you ask your questions) then there's no way I can really help you. I can't do your pages for you so please make the effort before mailing me, good luck! thanks Alice.

What is HTML? Tags and what they mean.

To add stuff to your mara sites you need to learn what HTML is and what each tag means.
HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, it's much simpler than programming
languages like Java, Perl, C, or BASIC
This tutorial will hopefully teach you how to make your own pages (hopefully by the time you finish reading all the info)

A Web page consists of an HTML file, plus any image (or picture files) used on your web page.
The HTML file (a normal text file) contains all the text to display,
and also acts as the glue to hold the text and images together in the right places,
and display them in the right style or positions.
Writing an HTML file means composing the text you want to display, then inserting any tags you want in the right places.
Tags begin with a character, and tell a browser to do something special,
like show text in italic or bold, or in a larger font, or to show an image, or to make a link to another Web page.
Although HTML has many tags you can use, you don't need to know them all to use HTML, you can get by with just a few.
You don't need an HTML editor program to write HTML. Some people like to use them, and that's fine,
but many pros and beginners prefer to use a plain text editor and insert the tags themselves,
as I'm doing here. So good luck and again if you have questions PLEASE mail me and ask,
One doesn't learn if they don't ask for help or ask questions, just rememeber to make an effort first.

*PS marapet pages do NOT show tags as text unless in mailings or posting so all tags are being displayed
in scroll box form so all you have to do if you want is just copy the info and paste it in your pages,
edit it as you see fit, there's just a few things to remember.
1.To get your home page in Marasites to show the page HAS to be named HOME
2.Tags DON'T work in your profile so you can't link to other pages in your profile page or siggy lines
3. In order to make a great page LEARN to follow directions and read every bit of info you can!
4. Use NOTEPAD to do your editing for EVERYTHING you do before
you make pages and save the info in a EASY to find area on your computer and name it something simple!

Text and how to use the HTML tags to change basic text

Below are scroll boxes of text tags in HTML, you can use each one to do something diffrent
to your pages try it you'll be impressed at what you learn!
To make you text BOLD use this tag

<b>BOLD TEXT</b>
To make your text in Italics use this tag


To make Underlined fonts or sections try this


And to try something fancy, you can even make your page look like a
typewriter did the printing by using these tags!


Notice that each tag has to start and end with the triangle brackets and each one has a diffrent command that tells the browser what to do very simple when you look at it

Breaks Paragraphs and Horizontal refrences

Take a look at these tags each helps one learn that these will make lines, breaks
(like hitting enter) and paragraphs in your text and images, remember that these tags can be used
either for text OR images depending whats first in the HTML codes
Ok you may have noticed that sometimes your text goes right across the page
and it never seems to go down a line till you reach the end of the page.
Well if you want to make a break you can use a simple code BR like this


Each time you do this it's like hitting enter on your keyboard.
You can do the same with paragraphs by using this tag


this is like hitting enter two times but it makes a larger break in your info.

You can also use horizontal lines to break up text as well
just by using this tag

You can make it also longer or shorter by using a new command that
tells it how long or short you want it
<hr width="50%">
play with the precentages to get a line like you want it.
How to use the center command.
Center will center text and images as well just remember to have the center command
first then the image or text after it. Here's the center Tags you can use,
some use the paragraph command with it as well this helps you to align your text to the left or right if you wish

This tag opens center
this closes the center tag remember to use it once done remember to ALWAYS use it once finished centering images and text!

This one aligns text to the right

<P align="right">ALL text goes to the right with this tag</P>

this one goes left

<P align="left">

Changing Size, color and style of your fonts

I've had the question hey how do I make my font in my user look up a diffrent color? a diffrent type? and or size...
well read whats below and you should get a rough idea on how to do it yourself,
just remember in marapets you need to have that color 'hatched' in order to use it
If you don't the color won't work.
To change your font 'FACE' as it's called you can visit HERE there are many already done for you, you can change the color if you have it hatched,
and the size to suit your page

Ok now I know your gonna ask ok what in the world is a hatched color?
Well a hatched color is just a hex decimal code for a certain color that ALL computers see...if you go HERE you can see the hex colors and their respective numbers just remember when adding the number put the
# sign in front of the actual number in order
for it to show properly Like this

<font color="#HEX_DECIMAL_COLOR_HERE">

Remember you have to have the hex number hatched
in order for it to work so get them eggs!

to see how to make tables and much more click HERE