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This is a FREE editable club/OR marasite layout that anyone can use, PLEASE don't mail me asking how to edit it, DO use my info pages, if you do NOT know HTML you should learn some. I do NOT do one on one help with HTML. When using this layout remember MY info at the bottom where it says layout by lilaj378 HAS to remain LINK and all ok, all you add is your name as you edited it. Those caught removing my link info will be reported to staff. You CAN change font styles, colors and sizes You CAN change images for both on the layout and backgrounds You CAN add your own info and remove my content presently in here now You CAN change the border colors and sizes You CAN NOT change the table sizes You CAN NOT remove my link below or my info You CAN NOT sell this layout to anyone! You CAN NOT claim this layout as your own (another words do NOT say your the orginal maker!)

Thanks Alice.

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The line bar image up top of the screen makes the middle part
of this table stretch
to it's full capasity, in doing so
it makes for more room in adding content :D
many clubs are made with this one for the simple fact that links can be added
to one side content to the middle
All clubs need tables if they wish to have imaged background it's necessary because a table 'Contains' the background image like a box holds items
but it does once again take pratice and your best bet is to use this link when editing HERE it should help you choose which BG you want your layout to have
added :D you can put in your own if you wish :D and good luck.

TIP:You want to make your table fancy? used animated letter images
in your welcome area if you know how it's pretty cool!

When you get this layout in your club you can change the banner image by drawing your own and uploading it into mara uploads and adding it to this layout where the old banners URL is located :D to add content remove the information I have here and add your own, remember to save a copy of this orginal in note pad till you get it right ok :D

You can also remove this image and
put in your own pictures :D
experiment you'd be suprized what
you can come up with :D
Layout by Lilaj378 Edited by (YOUR NAME HERE) If you want to edit your own go HERE
All images and art are property of lilaj378 and are used with permission. 2006