One of the largest help sites in Marapets

This is the pre made marasite section of my site,
if you want one please MAIL Lila and tell her which one you want to order. They are NOT FREE!
Click on the color pallette to see bigger screenshot of EACH verison of each layout.
PS ALL separately sectioned, layouts have the same background colors but different characters in the headders
so if you want a blue quell go to the Blue section and search the selection I have there
I DO NOT help with editing! All sections where YOUR links are to go state "Link URL"
You then add your own content to the scroll box area *removing mine in the mean time :D*
and YES I DO make custom versions! all sales are final and there are no
refunds once a member gets the coding. I use ALL the pets I RE-vamped as the Headder image you pick which one you want and a background image and/or color
of your choice

Click on the image to see a bigger version of the layout they are
ALL SCREENSHOTS NOT the actual layout! To order one, you have to mail lilaj378
and state the name of the layout the color you want.
ALL payments are made through trades payment
FIRST layout coding sent in maramail, all sales FINAL

Black Layouts:

Armoured AzulAstronaut AzulBattle DoyleGothic FassieHalloween FassieInstant Trouble Prison Rofling Stolen
Blue Layouts:

Angel Quell 1Funk ChibsBlue Furry ChibsMommy QuellRofling GirlWater FassieWinter FassieFix It UpHeavenlyStarry MurfinSuperhero MurfinWizard EcrewBad Boy SindiYuni Play
Green Layouts:

Angel Quell 1Armoured FelizeCowgirl ChibsFunky ChibsGirl FriendsRofling GirlXmas Murfin
Orange Layouts:

Angel Quell 1Chibs SweetheartsChocolate ChibsFassie LoveHalloween ZetlinKing! Rofling Girl
Pink Layouts:

Angel Quell 1Fairy Chibs Funky ChibsLove Fassie Ofaso GirlRofling Girl Rotten Ideus
Purple Layouts:

Angel Quell 2Angel Quell 1Eleka 1Fairy ChibsFunk ChibsPrincess ChibsRofling Girl Eleka FassieBaby Quookle
Red Layouts:

Angel Quell 1Love FassiePrincess RenatRofling GirlChibs School GirlTotal Crush