Getting Started

Watch this video to learn more about :

How to get started:
-1. Sign up and create an account on if you have not done so already. You can make your username/password anything you want as long as it's available, and it does not have to relate to Marapets.
2. Go to
3. Join the group United Ricers
4. Choose a subject (any subject works)
5. Make sure that you are playing for United Ricers by checking on your toolbar as modeled in the picture below.
Always check your toolbar often to make sure you are playing for the group United Ricers or else the grains won't count. If the group you are playing for is not United Ricers, click the arrows next to the Groups in the toolbar and press play on the group United Ricers.
6. Answer questions! ^-^

What is

How do you earn rice?
-For every answer that you answer correctly, 10 grains of rice will be donated. You earn 10 grains of rice for every correct answer and it will be added to your total.
NOTE: Your group total may not be updated when you gained the grains. It may take up to 3 days for it to update, but usually it will update in that day. Freerice is working on it.

What can I do with rice?
You can use them to buy graphics or trade them in for mp!
Go to Graphics Store for more info on graphics.
Go to Cash Outfor more info on getting mps.

How does the Freerice Graphics Store work?
-Graphics (bought with permissions to be in the Freerice Graphics Store) will be put in the store. There will be a "price" next to it saying how much you need to donate in order to get the graphic. Once you earn enough rice, you need to mail ilovpupps
that you want to buy it. The graphic will be given to you and be removed from the store. Also you cannot return the graphics, be refunded rice, or exchange them for other graphics.

Where is the Freerice Graphics Store?
- Graphics Store

Earn mp for donating! Check out the Cash Out feature for details!

The Freerice Graphics Store is open!

The Freerice Project has donated over 1,500,000 grains!