Staff, Support Tickets, Gmail and AU

Who are the staff?
There are 5 types of staff, each with a different coloured star. Staff are chosen by Ian, he does not choose people who ask, he chooses people he thinks will make good staff members. Here is a list of each staff member and their position. You can visit their profile by clicking their name.

Owner Ian
Management Shaggybear, Tishalook, nicky76,
Admins piano_lady, chocolate241, Sinnful,
Moderators Rottielover62, Xaenthe, hunnie, I_Like_Kidney_Beans, Lavie, Roberti, jennymoni, Pursnikitty, Smellinor, PurrrfectPrincess, Cuponer
Support Staff p3ace, cabare

Which staff should I contact and when?
Most questions can be answered in the help forum, so we ask that you try there before mailing a staff member. The help forum can be found here. If your question is still unanswered you can contact one of the Support Staff.
Moderators are responsible for keeping the forums and blogs clean and safe. If you have any problems in the forums, or your blogs get reported, you can contact one of them.
Management and Admins are very busy, often the best way to seek their help is by sending a support ticket. Please do not contact Ian, he is busy running the site and won't reply to your maramail. You can send in an Editorial if you wish to make a suggestion for the site, he reads those.

When should I send a support ticket?
Support tickets can be found by clicking the contact us button at the bottom of any page. They are a great way to contact staff, and most tickets should be replied to within 48 hours of sending them. They are not there for chatting, so only send one in if you have a problem. Just to name a few examples, this could include - Reporting another player for harassment, scamming etc. Reporting a glitch or an error on the site. You are under 13 and therefore do not have access to the help forum. You think your account has been hacked.

How do I purchase Account Upgrades?
Account Upgrades are donations to the site in exchange for items of your choice. They can be bought here. You have 4 ways to buy AU, Google Checkout, Paypal, SMS Payment and Postal Payment. All the links and information to buy through these ways can be found on the Account Upgrade page.
The most reliable method of buying AU is through Google Checkout using your debit or credit card. The reason it is most reliable is because it is manually processed by staff. This may mean the process takes a little while longer, but it is more likely to process smoothly compared to your other options.
Paypal is similar to Google Checkout, the only difference being that it is not processed by staff. So while it is usually more instant, you may experience difficulties if you???re unlucky. These can quickly be resolved through contacting the Marapets gmail.
To pay using your mobile phone credit, you can use the OneBip SMS service. Sign up to OneBip and follow the simple instructions. Your payment will be deducted from your existing phone credit or added to your bill.
Finally there is Postal Payment. This is probably the slowest option of the four, but it is still a valid way to buy account upgrade credit. Please read the Account Upgrade page for more information on cash, cheques and money orders, and where to send them.

What is the Gmail account and when do I contact it?
The gmail account is [email protected] You can use this account to contact staff about any issues to do with Account Upgrades or your account. If you have not received your AU credit within 48 hours (with the exception of postal orders) then you can email marapets, preferably from the email address you signed up with, with as much information as you can give (including your username!). Staff will promptly look in to the matter and process any AU credit owed to you. Gmail is also used for anyone who has lost their password, or feels they may have been wrongly banned. Again, provide as much infomation as possible and staff will look in to the issue for you. But remember, never give your password to anyone, including staff. Please note, gmail is ONLY for problems with AU credit purchases, lost passwords and hacked/banned account enquiries, any other questions must be directed to the help forum or support tickets.