Pets, Battling, Marahomes
and Minipets.

How do I get a LE or restricted pet?
LE pets are limited edition, whereas restricted were only released once. You can see which pets are limited edition and restricted here. LE pets and restricted pets are available through Missions, Account Upgrades and Temples. If you would like to know how to get a certain pet then please ask the Help Forum. To learn more about Account Upgrades, Missions and Temples, see my other pages.

How do I put a costume on my pet?
Costumes can be bought in the here, although rarely restock.
You can sometimes buy them in Account Upgrades too. The easiest way to get one is usually by buying from another player in trades or shop search. You also get them as a prize for some missions. Here is a list of all the pets and the costumes they can wear.

My pet is sick, how do I cure it?
You can either cure your pet at the Hospital or give it the appropriate medicine. To find out which medicine you need, click here.

Can Pets or Minipets die?
No, they are no longer able to die. However, you can look after your pet at the Hotel and your minipets at the Resort if you want to.

What are Pet Auctions for?
Pet auctions allows you to sell your pets, although you can only sell non-LE and non-restricted pets. Pet Auctions can be found by going to Auctions, and clicking the Pet Auctions button. You can list a pet at any price you want to, but you must not agree to a sale price prior to the auction. Anyone caught agreeing to a price beforehand will be punished. The idea of the auctions is that the outcome of the auction is unpredictable. You are not allowed to sell your pet in any other way. You are only allowed to auction pets or trade pets for other pets.

How do I stat and train my pets?
Pets can be trained at the gym and elite gym. The stats gained from training can be used in battle and to get jobs and promotions, as well as contributing to the olympic results if you enter your pets in to them. The gym is paid for in crystals that can be bought through Shop Search or won through completing Elger quests. The Elite Gym is paid for in diamonds which can be bought through shop search or won randomly by completing Knutt Knight quests (which can only be accessed during the daytime hours) and Sumo Sally quests. Please note that when training at the gym your pets level must always be half of your lowest stats. You can also put your pet through school and university which will help with jobs and promotions. School is paid for in school supplies and the University requires scholarships for each lesson. Scholarships can be won by feeding fish at the Aquarium in Jenoa with worms. Worms can be won through playing Worm Farming.

What are learnies?
Learnies are DVDs, CDs, Instruments and Books (including magazines and newspapers). You give them to your pet to increase their value, help them complete missions and also to get jobs and promotions. To give your pet a learnie all you need to do is have it in your inventory, click on it, click use and follow the on screen instructions. You can learn the same instrument up to 10 times.

What are Gourmet Foods?
Gourmet foods are any food item over rarity 10, you can feed them to your pet to win prizes from the Obese Fairy. To check an items rarity, you can click on it in your inventory, or search for it on the satellite search. Haydn4 has a list of gourmet foods here.

How do I get magic and charisma?
Magic can be earned through Computer Repair quests, randomly won at the Eleka Fountain and also randomly won at the Ice Caves which requires completion of the Christmas Treasure Map to gain access. Charisma can be randomly won in a number of ways, a ride on Murfin Madness, using the Portal (please note that this can change your pets species or costume, so do not portal any pets you like), occasionally when completing gym, elite gym and school sessions, at the Guillotine, at the Clock Tower, and finally by completing Puchalla Inn quests.

How do I get a job and when will I get a promotion?
To apply for a job you need to have all the requirements on your pet. You can view and apply for jobs at the Job Centre. Promotions are offered at random, they appear as a random event at the top of your screen.

How do you battle?
Please refer to my Useful Marasites page for links to great battling guides.

How do I heal after battle?
You can heal your pet using the Healing Bubble Pit in Jenoa. Alternatively you can buy the Battle giftbox from Account Upgrades (or another user) which automatically heals your pet after battle.

What are Marahomes for?
Marahomes are somewhere that you can look after your pets by adding furniture and appliances. You can put your pet to bed, feed your pet and clean it. Alternatively you can put your pets in the hotel where they will be looked after.

How do I grow Organic Minipets?
Firstly you need to own a house and some seeds depending on which Organic Minipet you would like, in your inventory. To plant your seeds, click on them and then click use, chose which home you would like to plant them at and what part of the garden. When you visit your garden and click on the mound of dirt, it will tell you to water your plant, to do so you need to have a full pot of water in your inventory. You can buy pottery here. You then need to buy a Lush Lake ticket and fill your pot here. You now have a full pot of water, which can be used to water your plants when you visit your garden. You need to water your plant four times in total before you can fertilise it. To fertilise it you need to have a Fertiliser in your inventory. Fertiliser can be bought from Account Upgrades or from other users in trades. It does not matter which colour fertiliser you use. Go back to your garden, click on your patch and fertilise. You are now the proud owner of a new Organic Minipet!

What are DNA Minipets and how do I make them?
DNA minipets are created at the laboratory. It is where Dr Yekyll experiments with DNA to breed new DNA Minipets. To find out how to make a certain DNA Minipet, you can look at a list here. The colour of DNA you use will result in the colour your DNA minipet will be. Please note that using the laboratory comes with the risk of your pets turning mutant, so I recommend you do not use any pets you like the costumes of.

For more information on Minipets, Maraforce has FAQ???s here.