Glitches and Common Problems

Glitches is the word used for when something does not function correctly. Most of the problems on Marapets are easily fixed by updating the cache. The cache can be updated in a few ways, but the one we nearly always suggest is to feed your pet any gumball. Here are some of the frequently occurring problems that you may encounter and their solutions.

My MP or items have gone missing!
Dont panic! Usually this is solved by simply feeding your pet a gumball. Sometimes it shows MP you???ve had in the past so it may look like you have lost or gained a lot of MP, when actually it is just messing up. Give it time, if it doesnt come back after about 24 hours then you can contact staff through a support ticket.

It wont let me create a new pet, even though I have pet space?
Sometimes the pet counter is wrong, but this should reset itself by going to the Pets page and refreshing.

I got a Hieroglyph from completing a University course, but it is not in my inventory?
Hieroglyphs like to take a while finding their way to your inventory, to speed it up all you need to do is add an item from your attic to your inventory.

It wont let me unblock my friend?
There isn???t a definite fix for this one, all you can do is keep trying to block and unblock them in the hope it works.

It is telling me I don???t have enough room for more items in my gallery/shop, but I do?
Try moving an item from your attic to your gallery or shop which should update the cache and reset your count.

My Gourmet Food count is not updating?
This only seems to be a problem with adding coffees, but feeding your pet a gumball should do the trick for this one.

Why are there some items in the Factory Outlet that I can???t buy?
For some reason some items got stuck in the Outlet such as Encyclopedia A. These were never meant to be in there and we are waiting for them to be removed, nobody is able to buy them.

None of the Security codes in shops etc are showing up?
You need to go in to your cookie settings and make sure that the cookie named is not blocked. If it is then you need to make it an exception (you can make it an exception just to be on the safe side anyway).

Why can???t I see dolls?
You have to have Flash Player to see the dolls, which is why you can not see them on certain devices such as iPhones.