Forums, Maramail, Blogs, and Clubs

What are the forums for?
The forums are for anyone over the age of 13. They are somewhere to chat to other players, sell items, trade pets, and ask for help.

Which forums are restricted?
The Restricted Chat forum is for members who have been on Marapets for a certain length of time. When you have been on Marapets for a month, you will gain access to the 1 Month Restricted Chat and so on. The only other restricted forum is the Adult Forum. This is for over 18s only, anyone underage that is caught in there will have their access removed. You have to buy access to the Adult Forum through account upgrades.

What are the forum rules?
All site rules apply to the forums, the site rules can be found here. There is also a breakdown of forum rules on midnightsunrise blogs. They can be seen on her profile here.

What happens if I break the rules?
Staff can choose to punish you in two ways, one being a forum ban that lasts an hour and in more serious cases they can underage you. This means you will lose all access to forums, mail and blogs for as long as the staff member sees fit.

Can I use the forums if I am under 13?
You can if you have signed parental consent. Your parent/guardian must fill out and sign this form by hand, then scan it in to send it to [email protected]

I have just signed up, why cant I use the forums?
For the first 24 hours, the only forum you will be able to post in is the Help Forum. Please only use this forum for asking questions though, when you are over 24 hours old, you can use the other forums for chatting.

How do I make and use a forum signature?
Forum signatures are the images underneath your post. These can be made by you, another user or a found image off the internet. These images must be suitable for all ages, and follow Marapets rules. You can create signatures in programs such as Paint, GIMP and Photoshop, or you can buy them in the graphics forum. Once you have an image, you need to upload it to an image hosting site such as Tinypic or Photobucket. You then need to put the URL of the image in to here. It must look like this: [img] URL HERE [/img] for it to work.

What is Maramail?
Every user over the age of 13 has access to Maramail. It works just like emailing, you have an inbox to read your new messages and you can send private messages to other people. You wont be able to use Maramail until your account is over 12 hours old. All site and forum rules apply to maramail.

Do I need to set up an email address to use Maramail?
No, maramail is just for Marapets. All you need is to be over 13 and have a Marapets account, then you are able to use Maramail for free.

Can I Maramail staff/Ian?
Please refer to the staff section of my Marasite to learn about who to contact and when. Staff are very busy, so we ask that you use the appropriate methods to ask questions and report problems. If you have a suggestion or question for Ian then please use the editorial.

Someone is bothering me, can I stop them from Maramailing me?
Yes, you can block them. To do so, simply open their maramail and above their message should be a small button that says '[block]'. Once you have clicked that, they wont be able to mail you or offer on your trades.

Why can't I unblock my friend?
Unfortunately there's no solution to this, you will just have to keep blocking and unblocking them until it works.

What are blogs for?
Blogs are somewhere you can chat, make notes, keep track of progress and personal achievements and so on. Forum and site rules apply.

All of my blogs have been reported?
If one of your blogs gets reported, then they will all show as reported. You can maramail a moderator and nicely ask them to take a look in to it for you. It may be that they were reported by accident.

What cant I put in my blog?
No negative use of usernames (such as listing your enemies). No 100 Questions About Me type of blogs that contain too much personal information or touch down on unsuitable topics. No blogs asking for votes in the Beauty/Ugly Contests. No begging for items or MP.

What are clubs for?
Clubs are a place to make new friends, chat to other club members, as well as play games and quizzes with your club. No club can ask for an entry fee. No club is allowed to have music in their layout. It is against the rules to join clubs just to win prizes and cheap auctions and then leave to do the same again in other clubs. I have covered a few basic questions, but if you have any more specific questions then please ask in the Help Forum.
How do I make a layout?
The best place to go for help with layouts is Tishalook Marasite. You can also ask in the Programming Forum.

How do I get members to join my club?
You can advertise your club in the Club Forum. Please follow forum rules. You can also send out invites to people using the Invite Member feature in your club.

Someone joined my club just for the cheap auctions and shop, then left!
To prevent this in the future you need to make your club private during periods where you have club auctions up, and any cheap shop items that you want to go to your dedicated club members only.