Dolls, Profiles, Avatars and Currency.

What are Dolls?
Dolls are your characters that you can dress up and customise. They show on your profile, forums and maramail.

How do I dress up my doll?
You can add clothing to your wardrobe by clicking on the item of clothing in your inventory and clicking use. Clothing can be bought in the Female Clothing Shop, the Female Shoe Shop, the Male Clothing Shop and the Male Shoe Shop. Sometimes rarer items such as the costumes are also released in the Account Upgrades but often cost a lot more. To view all the items of clothing available, you can look at the Item Database. Your doll can only wear the clothing designed for its gender. To access your wardobe, visit your profile and click on the wardrobe icon to the right of your doll. Chose what item of clothing you would like to put your doll in and it will show you a preview. If you are happy with it, you must click Update Character otherwise it wont be put on.

How do I change the colour of my clothes?
To change the colour of your clothes, forum font, profile colour, gallery, shop and club font you need to unlock colours with Glowing Eggs. Once the Glowing Egg is in your inventory, click on it and then click use. It will be added to your nest where you will need to hatch it. To hatch an egg, click on it and refresh until it hatches. You can find out which egg unlocks which colours here. To change the colour of your clothes/costumes you then need to visit the Lush Fountainin Lush lake where you enter the colour codes in the boxes. You will see a preview of your character, and once you're happy you need to click 'edit character'.

How do I change my hairstyle?
To change your hairstyle you need to have a Free Female Haircut Coupon or Free Male Haircut Coupon depending on your dolls gender. They can randomly be won at the Tombola or bought through Shop Search. Once you have one in your inventory you can go to the Salon for females, or the Barber for Males. Once you have chosen your haircut you can also use hair dye on it by clicking use on a hair dye that is in your inventory. You can also put wigs on your doll which can be bought here, added to your wardobe and put on the same way clothes are.

How do I change my eyes?
Eye shape can no longer be changed, that feature was removed and replaced with the Change Gender feature. However you can edit your eyes using Contact Lenses and Eye Make Up. Both can be applied by clicking on them once their in your inventory and clicking use.

How do I apply and remove make up?
To apply both eye and face make up, you just need to have the item in your inventory, click on it, and click use. Follow the on screen instructions. To remove make up you need to have either Eye Make Up Remover or Face Make Up Remover in your inventory, click on it and click use.

Can you buy Tattoos?
The Tattoo shop is listed but there are currently no tattoos available. This is a feature that will be released in the future.

How do I edit my profile?
Everything you need to edit your profile can be found by clicking your name in the top right hand corner, and then clicking Update Profile at the top of the page. Here you can change your info tab, the text above your profile, the colour of your profile and your status.

What are Avatars?
Avatars are the small squares you see next to your doll when you post in forums, read maramail and post in blogs and clubs. To update your forum/blog/maramail/profile avatar, you need to click on the Avatars icon to the right of your doll on your profile. Click Change Avatar and choose the one you wish to change it to. Club avatars can be changed by clicking the Clubs button on the side navigation bar, and clicking Change Club Avatar. To find out how to get certain avatars, you can visit Maraforce here.

What is the difference between MP, BP and RP?
There are 3 kinds of currency on Marapets. MPs are Marapoints, which is the strongest and widely used currency, it is earned through most money making ways - quests, games, missions etc. and can be spent in most of the main shops, and user shops. BPs are Baspinar Points which can only be earned through Battling and won at the Tombola. You get BP for each battle you complete, and if you do it through Knutt Knight or Sumo Sally quests, you earn additional small amounts of BP too. BP can be spent at the following:
Mummy Dolls Shop,
Rapunzels Tower,
Newspaper Stand,
Factory Outlet.
RPs are Restock Points, they are earned through restocking items from main shops (buying items), winning small amounts at the Eleka Tombola and by completing Leprechaun Quests. They can be spent at the following:
Treasure Map Shop,
Poison Shop,
Cooking Ingredients Shop.

How do I get Dukka Coins and where can I spend them?
You can win Dukka Coins through playing Archaeology, the Slot Machine and through winning on Scratchcards. They can be spent in the following shops:
Jewellery Shop,
Pirate Ship,
Pottery Shop,
Spell Shop.

How do I earn Olympic Points and where can I spend them?
Olympic Points are earned by entering your pets in to the Olympics and them winning (or in the higher levels you can win points for coming in other places as well). All points earned can be spent at the Olympic Redemption Shop.