Dailies, Beauty/Ugly Contests and Monthly Checklist

What are 'dailies'?
Dailies are the Luck Games you can do each day. They have varying time restrictions, some you can only do once a day, others you can do once every 10 minutes. A list of them can be found here. Another great way to earn MP is by playing games. You can send your score 3 times a day for each game, which can earn you up to 1500MP per game. Please note that some games are very old and may not work so well, and some will not allow you to send scores.

What is the Beauty and Ugly Contest?
The Beauty and Ugly contests happen once a week. The beauty contest starts and finishes every Tuesday and the Ugly Contest starts and finishes every Thursday. Depending on how many items of clothing you have in your wardrobe will depend on what level you enter. You dress your character according the contest you have entered in an attempt to get the most votes for the MP prize and avatar.

How can I get votes?
You can ask for votes in the Dress Up Forum. Please do not maramail users unless they are your friend. Paying for votes with MP or items is not allowed, but you can trade a vote for a vote with someone else in the contest.

What are the prizes for the Beauty and Ugly contests?
You receive an avatar, an award for your profile and 10,000MP.

What is the Monthly Checklist?
The Monthly Checklist gives everyone a chance to enter a free prize draw to win some Account Upgrade credit. You can enter here. You have to complete all the requirements in order to enter. A 'tick' will show when you have completed a certain requirement.

What does the Monthly Checklist Giftbox do?
This giftbox will enter your name twice in to the draw, but you only have to complete the checklist once and click 'enter checklist' once. If you don't have the giftbox you can only enter once.

I have already entered the checklist but I just bought the giftbox, will I get a second entry for this month?
You have to have the giftbox on your account before you enter for it to work. If you enter and then buy a giftbox to use, it wont work until the next time you enter.