Why hello there. I see you have stumbled upon a wonderful place. A place filled to the brim with literary genius. Here I have archived all the spectacularly spooky and horrific stories, poems, and mad-libs that the members of the club have created. Feel free to browse through the selections you see here. Read to your hearts content. Beware that the words written here are quite frightful and not for those with weak dispositions...Enjoy!

*Disclaimer--It shouldn't need to be said but the writings you find here belong to someone and are their own creative work. Please do not steal, borrow, or use the content here unless the owner gives you express permission. No one likes a plagiarist.

*Also a quick shout out to Dark for making this wonderful Marasite for me to show the world the creativity inspired by the darkness!!

Phantom Poetry

  • This is where all the wonderful Poems come to rest. Be they creepy, spooky, brilliant, or down right gruesome. The best of the best are cataloged here for all to see. I hope they don't give you a fright.
  • Arnold

  • Dinner With the Family

    My Resolution this year
    Why, is to eat you my dear!
    With potatoes and peas
    A nice stew, if you please.

    For dessert, a nice kid pot pie,
    The apple of my eye,
    Not too big or too small
    Just enough for all.

    Then it would just be me
    And I would relax with tea
    And wish I hadn't ate my mate
    for my resolution would be to lose weight!

  • Maddening Mad-Libs

  • Here we have a selection of Mad-Libs. The wonderful creator of these stories choose certain words to plug into blank spaces to come up with these often hilarious and sometimes disturbing stories. I hope you enjoy reading these.
  • Ona

  • New Years Day around here is a bit Blue. We tend to go all out. Arnold managed to drop his cat in the paper this year, so Jenna fished it out with a Water.

    Lilly was in the corner with Ginny singing Sheena Easton on Karaoke. Dark was telling everyone her resolutions..which consisted of, run less, dance more, and swim more stupidly.

    The party ended when Draco decided he wanted to put a tall bicycle on his elbow and walk on the tables...unfortunately they weren't quite cold enough to hold him and he toppled to the floor breaking his eye. Nothing like starting a new year in the tree!!

  • Fearsome-Fill-It-In's

  • The entries here where given a story with words missing out of it. It was up to them to do their best to fill in the story using words that best fit with the overall feel of the piece. Try not to shudder while reading these masterpieces.
  • Jenna

  • January is such a resolutionary month. Things around here tend to get a bit off. I always forget to hide the spooks and even have a tough time with the walkers. Most people can't hear the voices that I can but that doesn't make me a psychopath. Just special . Call me strange if you will but I think you're mortal.

    Since I am cooped up all day in the gingerbread house, I have to find ways to entertain myself. I usually eat the walls and dance on the bodies. It must be so boring for those who don't have other realities in their heads....but lucky for me I have minions!!

  • Creepy Create-Your-Own's

  • The submissions here really tested the members creativity. They where given ten words and a theme to create a short story around. You may need to read these with the lights on.
  • Dark
    (Black Christmas)

  • It was Christmas Eve and Santa was getting his reindeer ready for a long night ride. His wife was inside hanging the mistletoe since it was the only way to get a kiss from the man in red. Little did Santa know, but Mrs Clause has a twisted ,evil mind. She was upset that this time of year all the kids took Santa from her and wanted to get even. She made a special Egg nog that has lots of alcohol in it, She knew how angry drinking made Santa. She thought that would get even with the kids and she would never get caught. She had this evil grin as Santa started drinking his egg nog and she noticed it was already working,, He saw the mistletoe and was upset he had to kiss her. So he gave her the kiss and staggered out side and as he was getting in the sleigh he stumbled and tripped. He saw that up under the sleigh was a shotgun. He grabbed the gun and went back inside to Mrs Clause and shot her dead. You should never let Santa drink to get even with others, because the one who may get hurt could be you.