mindless ramblings

Here are some sites I find helpful, educational, humorous or good for just wasting time. They are divided into categories although several of them could probably fall into more than one. But falling hurts and nobody wants that, right?

  • Maraforce - This site is most likely the longest running Marapets-related site that's still being updated. Run by Shaggy it contains everything: avatar solutions, mission guides, quest guides, all about tools, pet job guides, a glowing egg table, microwave recipes, a trading card list, all kinds of help pages and so much more.
  • Mara Assist - This site is full of information about so many things including gourmet foods, microwave combinations, history and archives for the advent calendar, advent tree, account upgrades (and much more), pet values and origins - the list just goes on. Updated regularly by OrangeFrappucino.
  • oxyl 4 president - Oxyl's site is full of helpful Mara-related information including a customizable restock tool, doll guides, gourmet food and poison pit lists and a tool to search the Help Forums.
  • Mara Battle Guide - Gennie's site has everything you need to know about battling on Marapets. It has information about weapons, wands, trading cards, opponents, who you can beat (and who you can't!) and a whole lot more. If you have any questions about battling you really should start here.
  • Spice's Avatar Help Center - An up-to-date avatar guide run by spiceoloidmime that also includes Spice's Avatar Lending Center. If you're addicted to avatars this is the place to go.
  • Marapedia - Another great site with all kinds of guides including avatars, missions, pyramids, temples, goals, DNA (how to use it and the DNA minipets it can create), glowing eggs, tools and so many others. Updated regularly by x0panda0x.
  • Marapets Shop Restock Page - By far one of the easiest way I've found yet to restock on Marapets.
  • MaraHTML - Started almost nine years ago this site has all kinds of information about web design including HTML and CSS. Started by me and now run by Civ it has guides and tutorials with much more planned.
  • W3 Schools - The largest (and probably most up-to-date) web development site. It has everything you could possibly want to know about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, JQuery, etc.
  • Lissa Explains It All - This HTML tutorial site may be "for kids" but it's still very helpful especially for beginners. Also has a section about cursors (which I find very annoying but some people like them.)
  • Wondermaraful - Another site that's been around for several years and is still being updated by Ragdonly. I think it started out as a way to teach people basic HTML but it has long since exploded into a site with tutorials, graphics, layouts and lots of freebies.
  • GIMP - GIMP (which stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a downloadable graphic program that has so many features it will blow your mind. It's been around forever, is constantly being updated, is 100% FREE, has zero ads and absolutely no viruses or spyware. If you're looking for graphic software and think Photoshop is the only program that will work, think again. Heck, even if you DO have Photoshop you should probably still get GIMP. Just download it - I really think you'll be impressed. PLEASE READ: be sure to only download this software from the official GIMP site which is linked above. If you download it anywhere else you run the risk of spyware, viruses and other very bad things.
  • Hex Color - Hex color codes, information and palettes.
  • dafont.com - One of the largest online collections of downloadable fonts for both Mac and PC.
  • Big Huge Labs - Make cool stuff with your digital pictures including puzzles, posters, magazine covers, mosaics, etc.
  • Image Chef - Edit your own photos with a bunch of fun options or add text to one of their pictures (writing in the sand, tree carving, bling, cookies, etc.). They also have a meme maker.
  • pho.to - Photo editing features like frames, effects and montages. This site has some really neat, weird, creative stuff like putting your face on a rabbit. Kinda cool and a little creepy!
  • PhotoFunia - Another site that allows you to modify your existing photos with all kinds of things like filters, billboards, magazines, frames, pictures with celebrities, etc.
  • Block Posters - Not really a graphics site but too cool not to mention. Upload a digital picture, input the dimensions you want and download a PDF you can print to create your own block poster. Hang it on your wall and impress all your friends.
  • Want to make your own video GIF like this one? Try these two sites:
    • Tube Offline - Download videos from almost any site on the internet.
    • EZGIF.com - Upload your video to convert it into an animated GIF. This site also has several other GIF options including resize, crop, optimize and creating GIFs from non-animated images.
  • AJ's Crystal Ball - Ask any yes/no question and the Crystal Ball will give you an answer. Be forewarned that the Crystal Ball is full of sarcasm and mischief!
  • Draw a Stickman - This interactive site is entirely too much fun. First you must draw a stickman. You don't have to be a great artist as any stickman will do. After that you get to guide him through his adventures by occasionally drawing items to assist him. Again, artistic talent has nothing to do with any of this but it is quite entertaining.
  • This Is Sand - Point your cursor anywhere on the screen, click and hold it to "pour" sand. You can keep your mouse in one spot or move it all over the screen. To change colors simply click on the circle in the upper right. It's not only fun but very relaxing.
  • Cat Bounce! - Just as the title implies, you get to bounce cats. All you have to do is click on a cat, hold the mouse button down and drag the cat to the top of the screen. Release and watch the cat bounce. For added fun click the "make it rain!" link at the top of the screen. Disclaimer: Obviously, no cats were harmed in the making of this time waster. It's not violent or cruel, it's just good, clean fun.
  • Pointless Sites - A very large collection of pointless sites guaranteed to cure your boredom.