Welcome to my Marasite!

Hi and welcome to my Marasite!
Call me Kat as that is my nickname
I love Fasoro's!
I also LOVE cats!
White tigers are my most fave cat!
Well then so are tigers...
Anyway back to what I was saying =D
Wait...what was I saying?
Oh well anyway check out my friends they are awesome!
Especially cookiedoe =)
She made my AWESOME layout for my Marasite

AHHH! More text! =P
Oooh a link!
That's a lot of writing for one person

I make layouts! =P
Oh yes I do!
They are free too! But of course tips are appreciated!

Hope you enjoyed my Marasite!!

I have a couple things to say...
First of all,
I make layouts for your clubs/Mara sites
For free but tips are appreciated.
Second of all,
Only SOME of my pets are for trade
Here are the names:
And that's probably about it -.-
MM is ALWAYS open!
Club invites depends...
That's all for now!
cookiedoe made my layout which was awesome of her! If you want one MM her!

Created by cookiedoe at www.marasight.com