My Name is Arianna

Cometx, Blue Daisy
Hopefully, it'll soon turn into Nefarious. Its name might not be great but ill upgrade his stats and take a look at the number of CDs he has XD
Layout will be edited frequently (:

My Name is Arianna, My friends call me Ari. I've pretty much got a business here, I lend you guys avatars and pretty much got what you need and want in my shop. So, it's not like a real business. Six boxes that i am surrounded at are the info of my pets. I love my pets so much and i'm gonna upgrade them to the best! :3 Links are below or above the amazing MaraHTML Credit.
I collect plushies and pearls so if you have unused plushies and pearls, feel free to donate. They are welcomed. No, They are appreciated. You may click the link below to see the gallery.

I am saving up for an Icefairy Costume for my hopefully-soon-to-have phanty and so, i am not begging for MP, no. I just want you to know that there is a link to my SHOP below and everything is on their lowest prices, so buy buy buy XD

I am also lending avatars. Information is on my blog, don't bother going to the long cut because a link to my blog below. Not much avvies but will upgrade soon.

[M]aradise is private so you may mm me to give you an invite and have an official look to the club. Club is owned by Narutomara and i am the co-owner. Our Staff are amazing, no no, they're not. They're AWESOME. We will make you feel comfortable. All you have to do is to participate to the activities, relax and just chat with us (: WE might be able to be public for everyone, there is a possible chance.

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Charmayn, Red Flab
She might look like your average flab. But one day, she will be an Icefairy Phanty. Wee! <3
Idiela, Blue Troit
I spent almost all of my bank money to buy her this potion. Hopefully, she'll be pixie or polar cossied :3
Obstinacy, Gothic zetlian
Sharyll, Eleka Fasoro
Im thinking.... Chibs or Viotto? XD This well-named pet is gonna be epic soon.
Zummah, Clown Flab
Inspired from the Zuma 2 Game and as the statue became a clown ;3 Ily.