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  • Virtual Pets | Games
    Quest Guide

    Here is a list of all the quests on Marada.
    Don't spend more than 2500 marapoints on the quest item, until you know which quest pays well.
    Buy the items, then go back to the Quest & click to complete, DO NOT click to use item, except the Snowman, read below.
    The Candytree quests is the worst payer of all, so no more than 2000 points
    Elgar in the Haunted House Undying wood, gives you crystals, they sell well
    Santa, is probably the best payer of all of them

    Hover your mouse over the name of the quest, to be taken to that quests

    Borak Brew Quests
    Borak Brewrewards you with marapoints, it's a good payout, and cooking utensils
    High up in the clouds of Nimbus lives Borak. Famous around Marada for his weird and wonderful innovations, he needs your help! He doesn't have time anymore to go shopping for containers for his home brews. If you bring him the items he asks for, Potions, Perfumes or any item in a container, he will reward you with MP. You may even get hold of some of his Cooking Utensils.

    Candy Tree Quests
    The Candy Tree rewards you with marapoints & occasionally a candy fruit.
    North of Chocolate River, a tree was one day planted. As water is limited in Candyland it fed on Chocolate and its fruits became candy. Since then it has grown bigger and bigger and requires more and more chocolates to survive. To get one of the tasty Candy Fruits from the tree you will need to hunt for some Chocolates. It is also rumoured that when certain quests are completed for the Candy Tree, a Chocolate Costume may be awarded!
    Top prize from Candy Tree - 25,000 MP & Chocolate Costume

    Computer Quests
    Computer quests give you magic points for your pet, you can select the pet you want to recieve the magic points
    Computers are the future, and Ziranek has understood this for centuries. This computer geek works for hours, fixing and building computers for the many companies throughout Marada. He is one of the smartest marapets, but with his busy schedule he sometimes runs out of computer equipmemnt he needs to finish a job. If you can help him by collecting him items, he will reward one of your pets with a very special Magic stat! I bet you didn't think computers could do that...

    Farm Quests
    Farm Quests gives you marapoints & balls of yarn
    The Farm in Gigantic Paradise grows some of the largest fruits, vegetables and flowers to sell in its shops. Apart from tourism, this world makes all of its income from agriculture. Gigantic Farm is run by one Knutt farmer named, Mc Doogle, who we believe is related to Elger. As he has so much work to do everyday, he doesn't have time to get his shopping done. If you can complete his shopping list in the time he states, he will reward you with a speical Ball of Yarn and MP.
    Top Prize from Farm - 25,000MP

    Garage Quest
    Garage quests gives you mp's, sometimes a lot of mp's
    The City of Marada is fast moving and 50% of all transport here is done by car. Therefore, from time to time, cars break down. When this happens, cars are taken to this Garage to be repaired. Right now the mechanic here is missing a few car parts he needs to fix a car. Can you find them for him? He'll reward you...
    Top Prize from Garage - 7,500 MP

    Elgar's Haunted House Quests
    Elgar gives you crystals & marapoints, sometimes just mp's
    In the middle of Undying Woods sits a Haunted House, filled with ghosts. Living there is a witch, who is believed to originally have been a Knutt - but now we are uncertain. Anyway, she goes by the name of Elger. She spends her time making strange potions and powerful crystals. She may want you to hunt for some items for her and if she does, make sure you do it on time! If you're late, she will angry.. and you do not want that do you?
    Top Prize from Elger - 25,000 MP & Haunted House stamp

    Kamilah Traveller
    The Kamilah Traveller gives MP & Kamillah Codes occasionally. The Kamilah Desert is one of the driest, remote areas of Marada. The Kamilah Traveller rides on his pet Hump throughout the desert and needs many different supplies along the way for his journey. Bring him the items that he needs before the time limit and he may reward you with a rare Kamilah Code he found along his travels. These are needed for access through the Kamilah Pyramid.

    Knutt Knight
    Knutt Knight gives you Baspinar points & occasionally Diamonds
    The Knutt Knight lives inside Baspinar's Castle and wants you to battle. Just like King Baspinar, he wants Marada to have a strong army trained and prepared for war. Accept one of his quests and he'll ask you to add a certain Trading Card to your battle deck, battle the opponent in the Arena and if you win, you have completed his quest. He will reward those who manage to complete his quests with BP and Diamonds, for use in the Elite Gym at Lush Lake.
    Top Prize from Knight - 2,500 BP & Diamond

    Leprechaun Quests
    The Leprechaun rewards you with RP - Restock points.
    The Gigantic Paradise Leprechaun arrived nearly 500 years ago, after getting on the wrong flight from Ireland. Ever since he has lived at the end of the rainbow, giving out quests for items that he needs. If you can bring him the items that he needs before his deadline, he'll reward you with RP from his pots of gold!
    Top Prize for Leprechaun - 15,000 RP

    Puchalla Inn Quests
    Puchalla Inn
    In the quiet country village of Puchalla there is a small public Inn where passers-by wander in for a social drink and snack.
    Everytime you visit there is a different Maradan friend for you to meet. The Puchalla Inn bartender runs the Inn by himself
    and needs your help restocking keeping his bar packed full of drinks and snacks for his customers.
    Bring him drinks, such as Soft Drinks and Coffee and snacks from the Diner and he will reward you with MP.
    While completing a quest here, your pet will become more outgoing and socialable, and could receive a Charisma stat.

    Robot Repair Quests
    Robot Repair gives you MP & if your lucky the Robot you repaired
    Technology in Ziranek improves so quickly that old robots are just replaced and sold for parts.
    These Robots are all minipets that just need a new battery to repair them. You can save an old Robot Minipet from being destroyed and made into a Marapop Can by bringing
    the correct Battery that a robot needs and you can repair it. If you repair one, you will be rewarded with MP.
    If you are really lucky, the new repaired Robot might be so grateful that you can keep it!

    Santa Claus Quest
    Santa gives you marapoints, sometimes alot of points
    Every Marada knows that Santa Claus lives at Biala Mountain. Ever since he fired his elves for stealing, he needs help getting gifts ready in time for Christmas. Accept a quest from Santa and you will need to collect a plushie or toy for him within the time limit. If you manage to complete his quest he will greatly reward you with MP.
    Top Prize from Santa - 25,000 MP & Santa Claws Trading Card, he might still give the 50,000 MP

    Secret Santa
    Secret Santa gives you MP & Santa Trading Card
    Buy the item Santa asks for, click to use item, & copy & paste the name the Santa gives you,
    Go Back to the Santa for your reward.

    Simerian Excavator
    The Simerian Excavator gives MP & Simerian Slates occasionally. The lost city of Simeria is filled with history and is an archaeologists dream. The Simerian Excavator spends all of her time in Simeria digging for fossils, artifacts and anything that can unlock more of Simeria's past. She needs your help to bring her items that she needs and she will reward with you MP and maybe even a Simerian Slate that she has recently dug up!

    Simerian Explorer Quests
    Simerian gives you Runes & MP
    If you complete the Simerian Explorer Treasure Map you will be able to find the exact location the explorer is currently at.
    Once you find him inside this huge world, you will be able to complete his quests.
    If you bring him the items he needs, he will reward you with MP and maybe even a Rune he found while exploring Simeria.
    Runes are the key to understanding one of the many ancient langugages in Simeria, and will help you find you way around the Simerian Temples...

    Slater Stalker Quests
    Slater Stalkerrewards you with Stalker Points, it's a very poor payout,
    To complete a Slater Stalker quest you will need to have the Hidden Avatar she asks for in your collection and you will also need to bring her the item. If you complete this in the time limit she will reward you with Stalker Points. You can spend these points in her own shop, which restocks randomly throughout the day.
    Snowman Quests
    Snowman gives you marapoints & ice sculptures
    Buy the item snowman asks for, click to use item, & copy & paste the name the Snowman gives you,
    Go Back to the snowman for your reward.
    The Snowman in Biala is always in the festive spirit. He loves to give special presents to all of his many friends but just does not have the time to give them all. The freezing temperatures of Biala Mountains keep the snowman healthy and leaving to give out presents is too dangerous. If you help him give out presents he will reward you greatly!
    Top Prize, Snowman Twin trading Card, & 25,000 MP

    Travis Truck
    Travis Truck gives you MP & randomly a Hungry Bolimo Trading Card
    Travis and his wife Talisha live in a green truck with their 42 kids. They have both been temporarily unemployed since they left school at age 13, forty years ago and struggle to provide for their family.
    Travis will reward you for bringing anything that can be eaten to him to feed his ever-growing family.