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  • Virtual Pets | Games
    Undying Festival 2010

    We started the Undying festival from the news page, for the first clue,
    Each level gave you a letter & the next clue
    At the end of the Festival the letters will make a sentence,

    Marapets is now on Facebook Do you like us

    You also got prizes , MP BP & AU credit along the way.

    Level 1: Clue: To find what Addow is the same but not Refresh the magic stars it has got
    Solution: Search Enchanted Snowy Addow Plushie, click on it then refresh the page.

    Level 2: Clue: Ewwww, I hate gumballs. Somebody else can have it!
    Solution: Donate gumballs til you get the next clue

    Level 3
    Clue: As still as one
    Solution: Go to the Statue in Simeria & use it.

    Level 4
    Clue: Could you be the next king
    Solution: Pull the Sword from the stone.

    Level 5
    Clue: Your loyalty will be tested
    Solution:Refresh at the Loyalty Page

    Level 6
    Clue: Sometimes it's all about the winning
    Solution: Win a Battle.

    Level 7
    Clue: Itsy Bitsy
    Solution: Refresh on the Spider Solitaire game.

    Level 8
    Clue: Slip and slide, what a prison ride
    Solution:Go to Newth racing & bet on Newth 6

    Level 9
    Clue: Guessing is no fun unless you are right
    Solution: Play Keno & win MP.

    Level 10
    Clue: Mini Umbrellas might be needed
    Solution: Put a minipet on Fasoro Falls

    Level 11
    Clue: Nothing wrong with some extra weight
    Solution:Refresh at the Obese Fairy

    Level 12
    Clue: Too much of the same gets old
    Solution: Search Old Costume, click on it then refresh the page

    Level 13
    Clue: Getting too vain will drive you insane
    Solution: Refresh at the Beauty Contest page.

    Level 14
    Clue: Take some time to wind down
    Solution:Refresh at the Clock Tower.

    Level 15
    Clue: Slow or fast, just do not be last
    Solution: Enter any pet into the Olympics

    Level 16
    Clue: From the leg to the ankle?
    Solution:Get a bone at the Grave Robbing.

    Level 17
    Clue: Insane Cuddles
    Solution: Go to the Nutty Tree & click hug

    Level 18
    Clue: One, two, three, which shall it be?
    Solution: Play Trash Fairy

    Level 19
    Clue: "The smell alone might make you sick"
    Solution: Go to the Trash Heap.

    Level 20
    Clue: "You look simply gorgeous darrrling!"
    Solution: Collect clothing from Clothing Rack

    Level 21
    Clue: "Its all a game of apples and oranges?"
    Solution: Spin the Friut Machine.

    Level 22
    Clue: "Use it fast, you are breaking the law!"
    Solution:Use the Portal

    Level 23
    Clue: "Are you my number one?"
    Solution: Buy a lottery ticket

    Level 24
    Clue: Double it up
    Solution: Play Double or Nothing

    Level 25
    Clue: Bounce
    Solution:Send a score for the game Bounchy

    Level 26
    Clue: "Off with her head!"
    always look at what you dream

    Solution: Use the Guillotine

    Level 27
    Clue: "Would you be interested in making a profit?"
    Solution: Collect your bank interest

    Level 28
    Clue: "Witch house should you bring items to?"
    Solution: Complete an Elgar Quest

    Level 29
    Clue: Wanted - Dead or Alive
    Solution: Add a zombie Tantua photo to your wishlist.

    Level 30
    Clue: Throw in a coin and wish for magic
    Solution:Play Eleka's Fountain.

    Level 31
    Clue: They wriggle while you giggle
    Solution: Get a worm from worm digging

    Level 32
    Clue: "If I was a rich man..."
    Solution: Refresh at the Millionaire's Lodge.

    Level 33
    Clue: "Madness I tell you!"
    Solution:Gain a Charisma stat at Murfin Madness

    Level 34
    Clue: ."Throw this fruit at the worm queen"
    Solution: Give a wormy Apple to Indygo

    Level 35
    Clue: A pet giving this a try will not take very long to die"
    Solution: Refresh at the Poison's shop