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  • Virtual Pets | Games
    Undying Festival 2008

    We started the Undying festival from the news page, for the first clue,
    Each level gave you a letter & the next clue
    At the end of the Festival the letters will make a sentence,

    Daisies like flowers very rare ones taste the best

    You also got prizes , MP BP & AU credit along the way.

    Level 1: Clue: Digging is the key
    Solution: Dig at The Simerian Archeology.

    Level 2: Clue: Whats the time Mr Wolf?
    Solution: Visit the Undying Woods Clock.

    Level 3
    Clue: Evil? What... us?
    Solution: Look up Devil pets at Pet Colours.

    Level 4
    Clue: 3 in a row is the way to go
    Solution: Play theFruit Machine">.

    Level 5
    Clue: Follow the Bookworm
    Solution: o a Tarquin Mission
    Bat Potato

    Level 6
    Clue: Go to the place where all is old but new
    Solution: Refresh at the Antique Shop.

    Level 7
    Clue: Gifts arent just for Christmas!
    Solution: Do aSnowman Quest.

    Level 8
    Clue: Jonson is waiting for you
    Solution: Use Baspinar Tombola

    Level 9
    Clue: Let them ride but dont let them get wet
    Solution: Use theFasoro Falls.

    Level 10
    Clue: At the end of the rainbow your prize awaits
    Solution: Do aLeprechaun Quest
    Festival Book

    Level 11
    Clue: Water is good for the health?
    Solution: Heal your pet atJenoa Healing Bubble Pit>

    Level 12
    Clue: Time for a change if youre lucky
    Solution: UseThe Portal.

    Level 13
    Clue: Fame is in the eye of the beholder
    Solution: Use the Celebrity Clothing Rack.

    Level 14
    Clue: Pick a number, are you the one?
    Solution:Play One in a Million.

    Level 15
    Clue: Join with me and make new friends
    Solution: Refresh at Clubs in Puchala
    Batty minipet

    Level 16
    Clue: Dont get this stuck in your pets teeth
    Solution: Buy a Gumball.

    Level 17
    Clue: Time for a new look,
    Solution: Change your Character's Clothes

    Level 18
    Clue: Take a spin and try your luck
    Solution: Play Dukka Slots

    Level 19
    Clue: Treasure can be found at sea
    Solution: Refresh at the Pirate Ship.

    Level 20
    Clue: claw your way to a cuddlesome win
    Solution: Win a Plushie at thePlushie Machine
    Haunted Festival dvd

    Level 21
    Clue: An interesting sum
    Solution: Collect your Bank Interest.

    Level 22
    Clue: The faster, the stronger, the fitter
    Solution: Take a pet out of the Gym

    Level 23
    Clue: Useful to fight for a post
    Solution: Look at the battle arena page of your stamp album

    Level 24
    Clue: Hunt him down but dont get scared
    Solution: Play the open graves game

    Level 25
    Clue: you say tomayto, I say tomahto...
    Solution: Feed a potato to your pet.
    Bat Pearl

    Level 26
    Clue: better grab your shovel
    always look at what you dream

    Solution: Go Worm Digging

    Level 27
    Clue: 'if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride
    Solution: Add an Enchanted Gonk Plushie to your Wishlist

    Level 28
    Clue: on your head my friend
    Solution: Send Somebody a Paper Hat.

    Level 29
    Clue: all bottled up, but theyre still staring at me!
    Solution: Click on a can of Fish Eyes in your inventory.

    Level 30
    Clue: Festive cuddles for all!
    Solution: Hug Christmas Tree.

    Level 31
    Clue: Bigger is better?
    Solution: Increase your Shop size.

    Level 32
    Clue: If you give then you will receive
    Solution: Do a Secret Santa Quest.

    Level 33
    Clue: A match is on the cards
    Solution:Play the Snap Game

    Level 34
    Clue: Chewy but sweet,give a pet a treat
    Solution: Feed a Blue Gumball to a pet

    Level 35
    Clue: Your number is just the ticket
    Solution: Buy a Raffle Ticket

    Level 36
    Clue: BounceFind the Knowledge of your elders
    Solution:Use the Simerian Statue

    Level 37
    Clue: Are they here yet

    Solution:Refresh at the online List

    Level 38
    Clue: Time for a swap
    Solution: Put your pet in Eleka pet trades

    Level 39
    Clue: Getting wet can be a curse
    Solution: Use the Eleka Fountain

    Level 40
    Clue: Is this pet a work of art
    Solution: Refresh on Laimays petLaimay

    Level 41
    Clue: Seek out the music of the dead
    Solution:Shop search, Undying Tunes.

    Level 42
    Clue: Some plants may be poisonous
    Solution: Look up Daisy Poison On the Satalitte Search