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  • Virtual Pets | Games
    Undying Festival 2007

    We started the Undying festival from the news page, for the first clue,
    Each level gave you a letter & the next clue
    At the end of the Festival the letters will make a sentence,


    This sentence was not needed to get the Festival pet, a Daisy
    You also got prizes , MP BP & AU credit along the way.

    Level 1: Clue: To find the game thats the same but not
    Solution: View the Easter Egg Basket in Candyland.

    Level 2: Clue: From Fang Marshmallows to hand cake
    Look and see how much profit you make

    Solution: Buy any item from the Halloween Treats shop.

    Level 3
    Clue: Eat one of these but dont get fat
    A spooky treat thats chased by a cat

    Solution: Feed a 'Rat on a Stick with Jam' to one of your Marapets.

    Level 4
    Clue: Play with this and make your pet smile
    Although not getting injured could be a trial

    Solution: Have one of your Marapets play with a Voodoo Doll.

    Level 5
    Clue: Put these on when going out for a run
    Great for the vampires to avoid the sun

    Solution: Put any Sunglasses on your Character.

    Level 6
    Clue: Enter here, ghouls, ghosties and all
    And try to learn how not to fall

    Solution: Start a Balance course at the Elite Gym.

    Level 7
    Clue: Hit them hard and hit them fast
    or your first hit might be your last

    Solution: Lose a fight in a One Player Battle.

    Level 8
    Clue: Hubble, bubble toil and trouble
    Fire burn, and caldron bubble

    Solution: View a Marapet with a Witchlet attached. (This one works: Sherachi)

    Level 9
    Clue: If you really wish to get ahead
    First discover those who are dead

    Solution: view zombie pets at Gigantic Paradise Zombie Costume.

    Level 10
    Clue: Can you get lucky in this game?
    From fighting to chance its all the same

    Solution: Win BP from tombola BP Tombola.

    Level 11
    Clue: If you eat this item and teeth you miss
    You may need a dentist to assist

    Solution: Feed 'Broken Bolimo Teeth' to one of your Marapets.

    Level 12
    Clue: Search for this creature high and low
    The vilest battler that you know

    Solution: Search for a 'Gross Trading Card', click on it and refresh.

    Level 13
    Clue: When a bat comes along and nibbles your toes
    Visit this place to cure your woes

    Solution: Refresh at the Hospital.

    Level 14
    Clue: To treat a monster as you please,
    First make sure to grab one of these

    Solution: Buy any item from the Weapons shop.

    Level 15
    Clue: Battling sea monsters high and low
    You will need this before you can go

    Solution: Refresh at the Pirate Ship.

    Level 16
    Clue: From the modern age to days of yore
    Rely on this shop to care for the poor

    Solution: Refresh at the Charity shop.

    Level 17
    Clue: So you tried your best but still you fell,
    try one of these to make you well

    Solution: View the Magic shop.

    Level 18
    Clue: When lost afraid with no more to give
    Go to the place where your pets live

    Solution: View one of your Marahomes and refresh.

    Level 19
    Clue: When practicing skills at shooting ghosts
    First try the one who eats the most

    Solution: Score +1 and Submit your score for Shoot the Fatty.

    Level 20
    Clue: When ghouls approach you from every turn
    Seek and find this evil worm

    Solution: View yours or anyone's Battle Deck with the Uayl Trading Card in it.

    Level 21
    Clue: Despite the risks everyone knows
    they always look better with a change of clothes

    Solution: Have one of your Minipets ride the Fasoro Falls.

    Level 22
    Clue: When all is lost with no hope at all
    Look for the one who creates it all

    Solution: View Ian's profile.

    Level 23
    Clue: When you are faced with foes to defeat
    For energy always have this treat

    Solution: Click on any Chocolate in your Inventory.

    Level 24
    Clue: To help another find the key
    Give this treat so you can see

    Solution: Send an 'Eyeball Lolly' to another player.

    Level 25
    Clue: If you have to keep trying its not a glitch
    It takes a while to appease a witch

    Solution: Continue doing Elger quests until you receive the letter.

    Level 26
    Clue: When trying to solve an undead theme
    always look at what you dream

    Solution: View your Wishlist.

    Level 27
    Clue: When bats fly and zombies moan
    Always keep close one made of bone

    Solution: Attach a Skullington to one of your Marapets.

    Level 28
    Clue: When it feels that things just cant get any better
    At least you know you can still post a letter

    Solution: View the Undying Woods page of your Stamp Album, it must have 1 stamp in it.

    Level 29
    Clue: If night time makes you want to flee
    Purchase these to sweetly see

    Solution: Purchase 'Eyeballs with Jam' from a usershop.

    Level 30
    Clue: Looking for pets will give you a start
    Then take the time to admire her art

    Solution: View Laimay's profile.

    Level 31
    Clue: When Zombies chase you dont get miffed
    Say go away and buy them a gift

    Solution: Buy any Rarity 7 or higher item from any official shop.

    Level 32
    Clue: Dont hide in the corner shaking in fear
    Take a look to see whos here

    Solution: View the online list.

    Level 33
    Clue: Into the darkest night you head alone
    To find a zombie of your very own

    Solution: Refresh at the Graveyard.

    Level 34
    Clue: To get a get prize the do this right
    let the fire burn on deep into the night

    Solution: Burn the Christmas Tree.

    Level 35
    Clue: Somewhere between Earth and Mars
    Find this in a desert of stars

    Solution: Have a 'Camelopardalis' in your Inventory, click on it and refresh.

    Level 36
    Clue: Look around and see if you get
    A way to murder this horned pet

    Solution: Search for 'Yuni Poison', click on it and refresh.

    Level 37
    Clue: Although it may not seem too nice
    Make this pet a sacrifice

    Solution: Create a new Pet Trade.

    Level 38
    Clue: Never give up and continue to toil
    To find a way to please this royal

    Solution: Visit Queen Eleka and refresh.

    Level 39
    Clue: Although you may think its funny
    Its no joke to be all gummy

    Solution: Win anything from the Gumball Machine.

    Level 40
    Clue: To be undying is really very nice
    Especially when one is frozen in ice

    Solution: Visit the Ice Caves in Biala.

    Level 41
    Clue: Its hard to keep your feet on the ground
    When a pet is the wrong way around

    Solution: Refresh at the Insideout costume page.

    Level 42
    Clue: Its hard to keep your feet on the ground
    When a pet is toddling around

    Solution: View a player's Toddler costumed Marapet. (This one currently works: Owner : I_Like_Kidney_Beans )

    Level 43
    Clue: Put this up where the price cant drop
    But please make sure it doesnt go pop

    Solution: Bid on a 'Black Balloon' at the Auctions.

    Level 44
    Clue: If you have fear of being debt
    Take it out to see what you get

    Solution: Withdraw all your MP from the Bank.

    Level 45
    Clue: Technology is the clue for here
    Follow its lead for all to come clear

    Solution: Start a Computer Quest.

    Level 46
    Clue: Undying pets still want to belong
    Even if they have their calander wrong

    Solution: Refresh at the Advent Calendar.

    Level 47
    Clue: If you are bored with the same old mop
    Change the look of whats on top

    Solution: Change the colour of your Characters hair.

    Level 48
    Clue: Although undying sounds unhealthy
    Trying this could make you wealthy

    Solution: Play One in a Million.

    Level 49
    Clue: If you wish to at last succeed
    This you need to look to read

    Solution: Shop search a 'Undying Book'.

    Level 50
    Clue: If you need the might to kill
    Go here to learn to hone your skill

    Solution: Complete a course at the Gym.

    Level 51
    Clue: If you think you may get paid,
    visit to go up a grade

    Solution: Refresh on the Account Upgrades page.

    Level 52
    Clue: Here you find the Undead new
    But do they have a gift for you?

    Solution: Play Open Graves.

    Level 53
    Clue: See if you can boost their sales
    Something spooky never fails

    Solution: View the Halloween Treats shares.

    Level 54
    Clue: Look in the bath to find of these
    When you complete you can do as you please

    Solution: Go to the Spider Solitaire game.

    Level 55
    Clue: Pick a number, try your luck
    chose whats right and dont get stuck

    Solution: Random when you play Keno.

    Level 56
    Clue: To complete this clue you must strive,
    To find the cost to keep you alive

    Solution: Use the Operation Portal on one of your Marapets.

    Level 57
    Clue: To complete this clue you must strive,
    To find the cost to keep you alive

    Solution: Have a Healing Potion in your shop and use the Price Check function.

    Level 58
    Clue: Work out just what this clue meant
    And have a look how many you sent

    Solution: View your Referrals and refresh.

    Level 59
    Clue: Follow instructions, dont try to ramble
    You can be sure this one is a gamble

    Solution: Play the Dukka Town Slots.

    Level 60
    Clue: Dead or alive what it can be?
    Hunt for the things that live in the sea

    Solution: Feed a fish at the Aquarium.

    Level 61
    Clue: If being dead is considered a crime,
    Visit here, dont pay a fine

    Solution: Visit the Jail.