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  • Virtual Pets | Games
    Easter Egg Hunt 2012

    We started the Easter Egg Hunt from the news page, for the first clue,
    Each level gave you the egg in your Egg Basket in Candyland, & the next clue.
    You also got prizes & marapoints along the way.

    Level 1: Easter Egg 1
    Clue:'before you start you'll need to get fit'

    Solution:Train a pet at the gym

    Level 2: Easter Egg 2
    Clue:'Catch up on all the latest gossip'’

    Solution:Go buy a Magazine at the Magazine shop

    Level 3: Easter Egg 3
    Clue:Hold your breath and keep your head up

    Solution:Swim in the Sewage

    Level 4: Easter Egg 4
    Clue:'You would be wise to go here'

    Solution:Visit the Simerian Statue

    Level 5: Easter Egg 5
    Clue:1,2,3,4, pick the right one and you will score

    Solution:Play the Open Graves

    Level 6: Easter Egg 6
    Clue:there is a small chance you will get it right

    Solution:Play one in a Million

    Level 7: Easter Egg 7
    Clue:"Salvage Roman'.

    Solution:Solve Anagram Sam

    Level 8: Easter Egg 8
    Clue:'Right a little, left a little, got it!'

    Solution:Win a plushie at the Plushie Machine

    Level 9: Easter Egg 9
    Clue:Time to go Potty

    Solution:Buy a Pottery item from the Dukka town shop

    Level 10:Easter Egg 10
    Clue:'They hold more than their own weight in water.''

    Solution:Refresh at pet colors sponge costume page

    Level 11: Easter Egg 11
    Clue:''If you do not want it.... someone else will...''

    Solution:Donate an item to the Pot of Gold

    Level 12: Easter Egg 12
    Clue:'It is were Time ticks away'

    Solution:Refresh at the countdown clock at Ziranek

    Level 13: Easter Egg 13
    Clue:"its not about winning, its about taking part"

    Solution:Enter in the Olympics (random)

    Level 14: Easter Egg 14
    Clue:"You are never to old to learn'

    Solution:Enter in a school lesson & pay for it

    Level 15: Easter Egg 15
    Clue:"just the thing when your pet is feeling wobbly"

    Solution:Start a balance lesson in elite gym

    Level 16: Easter Egg 16
    Clue:'Big trees from little acorns grow...'

    Solution:Pick an action at the Nutty Tree

    Level 17: Easter Egg 17
    Clue:Time for a break'

    Solution:Put your pet into the hotel

    Level 18: Easter Egg 18
    Clue:'Feel like picking a fight'

    Solution:Just click Battle on the sidebar

    Level 19: Easter Egg 19
    Clue:A great place for window shopping

    Solution:Refresh at Millionaire Lodge

    Level 20: Easter Egg 20
    Clue:'Having a "bad hair" day'

    Solution:Put on a wig

    Level 21: Easter Egg 21
    Clue:'Look at all the pretty pictures

    Solution:Put a picture in / refresh at album

    Level 22: Easter Egg 22
    Clue:'Have a go while he's nnot watching

    Solution:Go Grave Robbing

    Level 23: Easter Egg 23
    Clue:'Do I have what you want

    Solution:Visit New Wanted Ads

    Level 24: Easter Egg 24
    Clue:Yum chocolate

    Solution:Feed a pet a chocolate

    Level 25: Easter Egg 25
    Clue:'Cheapest Prices all day everyday

    Solution:Bid on any Enpiah Auction, could take a few times

    Level 26: Easter Egg 26
    Clue:'When you have an itch

    Solution:Buy a Scratchard

    Level 27: Easter Egg 27
    Clue:Will you be the lucky one

    Solution:Buy a Lotto Ticket

    Level 28: Easter Egg 28
    Clue:She likes to set a bad example

    Solution:Refresh at Obese Fairy

    Level 29: Easter Egg 29
    Clue:The one to see for protection

    Solution:Go visit the Witch Doctor

    Level 30: Easter Egg 30
    Clue:It's all black and white

    Solution:Buy from the Newspaper stand

    Level 31: Easter Egg 31
    Clue:Somebody needs a sugar fix

    Solution:Complete a Candy Tree quest

    Level 32: Easter Egg 32
    Clue:Even the bravest gets bitten sometimes

    Solution:Use the Ant Hill

    Level 33: Easter Egg 33
    Clue:The odds are even it could go either way

    Solution:Play Double or Nothing

    Level 34: Easter Egg 34
    Clue:Time for a little refreshment

    Solution:Complete a Puchalla Inn quest

    Level 35: Easter Egg 35
    Clue:What is at the end of the Rainbow

    Solution:Do a leprechaun quest

    Level 36: Easter Egg 36
    Clue:Remember your fruit everyday

    Solution:Spin the Fruit Machine

    Level 37: Easter Egg 37
    Clue:Time for a round trip

    Solution:Use the Ferris Wheel

    Level 38: Easter Egg 38
    Clue:Match and win

    Solution:Play the Snap game

    Level 39: Easter Egg 39
    Clue:You never know what you will find up there

    Solution:Browse your attic

    Level 40: Easter Egg 40

    Give the little ones a break

    Solution:Put a minipet in the Resort