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  • Virtual Pets | Games
    Easter Egg Hunt 2009

    We started the Easter Egg Hunt from the news page, for the first clue,
    Each level gave you the egg in your Egg Basket in Candyland, & the next clue.
    You also got prizes & marapoints along the way.

    Level 1:Checkered Easter Egg
    Clue:'Lati... Sindi... Lati... Sindi... I need a rabbit, not this Chibs!

    Solution:Visit Eleka Pet Trades

    Level 2:Cheese Easter Egg
    Clue:'Maybe I can win a rabbit?’

    Solution:Visit the Plushie Machine

    Level 3:ice Chinese Easter Egg
    Clue:'Up, up, and away!'

    Solution:Visit the Balloon Shop

    Level 4:Clown Easter Egg
    Clue:'One day I will get to level 1337'

    Solution:Gain a stat at the Elite Gym

    Level 5:Devil Easter Egg
    Clue:Society of Naughty Addow Plumbers'

    Solution:Play the Snap game

    Level 6:Digital Easter Egg
    Clue:'Buy one if you are not too scared of the ghost...'

    Solution:Do the Undying Woods Tombola

    Level 7:Earth Fairy Easter Egg
    Clue:'Too much chocolate made you sick? Time to go and get yourself fit'

    Solution:Pay for a stat at the Gym

    Level 8:Elf Easter Egg
    Clue:'me ecaR'

    Solution:Bid on Newth 4 at Newth Racing

    Level 9:Eleka Easter Egg
    Clue:Is there an egg under here?'

    Solution:Play the Trash Fairy

    Level 10:Fire Fairy Easter Egg
    Clue:'sue royu cslmseu'

    Solution:Play the Gigantic Fairy

    Level 11:Funky Easter Egg
    Clue:'Egg shells make good shovels?'

    Solution:Play the Worm Digging

    Level 12:Geek Easter Egg
    Clue:'Lend me a copy of Watership Down?'

    Solution:Complete a Tarquin Level

    Level 13:Glass Easter Egg
    Clue:'Is it Easter yet?'

    Solution:Visit the Clock Tower Refresh

    Level 14:Ice Easter Egg
    Clue:'Dress your bunny in ribbons and bows'

    Solution:Play theClothing Rack

    Level 15:Ice Fairy Easter Egg
    Clue:'ese ojnnso'

    Solution:Play the Baspinar Tombola

    Level 16:Light Fairy Easter Egg
    Clue:Time to rabbit on about what you have learned'

    Solution:Play theSimerian Statue

    Level 17:Lightning Easter Egg
    Clue:Time for a change'

    Solution:Use the Portal
    Took me two attempts to get this

    Level 18:Love Easter Egg
    Clue:'Bunny bones?'

    Solution:'Do the Grave Robbing

    Level 19:Millionaire Easter Egg
    Clue:oooooh Pretty pictures!'

    Solution:Refresh on your Avatars Page

    Level 20:Mummy Easter Egg

    Solution:View the Sindi Page At Pet Colours

    Level 21:Nefarious Easter Egg
    Clue:'Eaten more eggs than you oughta?

    Solution:Heal a pet at the Healing Pit

    Level 22:Ninja Easter Egg
    Clue:'Match those....rabbits?'

    Solution:Play a game of Keno

    Level 23:Pixie Easter Egg
    Clue:'lupl hist'

    Solution:Play Sword in the Stone

    Level 24:Plant Easter Egg
    Clue:Try your luck with a frozen egg'

    Solution:Buy a Lottery Ticket

    Level 25:Prison Easter Egg
    Clue:'If your easter shopping is one big fail

    Solution:Refresh at theNotice Board

    Level 26:Punk Easter Egg
    Clue:'Will you win or will you lose?

    Solution:Play the Millionaire Game

    Level 27:Royal Easter Egg
    Clue:'Lucky number? Evil!'

    Solution:Play theEleka Tombola

    Level 28:Seasonal Easter Egg
    Clue:Give your pets an easter treat

    Solution:Feed your pet a Bronze gumball

    Level 29:Simerian Easter Egg
    Clue:'yklcu kictte'

    Solution:Buy 100 Raffle Tickets

    Level 30:Skeleton Easter Egg
    Clue:'Time to put on your easter bonnet'

    Solution:Change your clothes at your Wardrobe

    Level 31:Snowman Easter Egg
    Clue:If you want to get a cracker give this one a big smacker'

    Solution:Kiss the Christmas Tree

    Level 32:Space Fairy Easter Egg
    Clue:'Are there eggs at the end of the rainbow?'

    Solution:Do a Leprechaun Quest

    Level 33:Starry Easter Egg
    Clue:'Dont you hit my rabbit!'

    Solution:Go to your Battle Deck

    Level 34:Undying Easter Egg
    Clue:'etg uyro ahcs'

    Solution:Collect your Bank Interest

    Level 35:Valentine Easter Egg
    Clue:'Can I buy a rabbit here?'

    Solution:Refresh at the Upgrades Page

    Level 36:Witch Easter Egg
    Clue:'Come to me oh little egg'

    Solution:Play the Dukka Slot Machine

    Level 37:Wizard Easter Egg
    Clue:'Excavate the ancient egg of knowledge'

    Solution:Play the Archeology

    Level 38:Leprechaun Easter Egg
    Clue:'On the look out for rabbits'

    Solution:View the Online Members page

    Level 39:Cowboy Easter Egg
    Clue:'Fed up of rabbits by now?'

    Solution:Search for Sindi Poison

    Level 40:Angel Easter Egg
    Clue:'We all know Marapets rocks but how often do we throw rocks at midnight?'

    Solution:Send a Rock Gumball to MidnightSunrise