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  • Virtual Pets | Games
    Easter Egg Hunt 2008

    We started the Easter Egg Hunt from the news page, for the first clue,
    Each level gave you the egg in your Egg Basket in Candyland, & the next clue.
    You also got prizes & marapoints along the way.

    Level 1:Fishing Easter Egg
    Clue:''Had your eggs and feeling fit? Go here to see what you can hit'

    Solution:'Look at your Battle Deck

    Level 2:King Baspinar Easter Egg
    Clue:'If your chicken fails to lay see what others have to say'

    Solution:Visit the noticeboard

    Level 3:ice Caves Easter Egg
    Clue:'To ensure this egg ends up as mine first I must be sure what time'

    Solution:Visit the Clock Tower & refresh the page

    Level 4:Trotter Easter Egg
    Clue:'Lack of chocolate made you huffy? then go here and enjoy whats fluffy'

    Solution:View the Furry Costume in Gigantic Paradise

    Level 5:Baspinar Easter Egg
    Clue:'Easter eggs to you we bring to serve a feast fit for a king!'

    Solution:Refresh at King Baspinar

    Level 6:Puchala Easter Egg
    Clue:'At easter far and wide we roam to find a pet a loving home''

    Solution:'Disown or adopt a pet.'

    Level 7:Blitzen Easter Egg
    Clue:'This egg is found with no mean trick it all comes down to which you pick'

    Solution:Play the Millionaire Game in Lush Lake

    Level 8:Battle Arena Easter Egg
    Clue:'If an egg full tummy begins to swell Come over here, you will feel so well'

    Solution:Cure your pet at The Hospital THEN Heal your pet at the Healing Pit in Jenoa
    The Healing pit on it's own works for some.

    Level 9:Marada Easter Egg
    Clue:''If kindness to others is what you believe giving is always the best way to receive''

    Solution:Do a Snowman Quest

    Level 10:Clam Easter Egg
    Clue:''If on an egg you wish to feed a whole new look is what you need''

    Solution:'Change your Clothes at your Wardrobe'

    Level 11:Knutt Knight Easter Egg
    Clue:'As the days are long and sunny its time for you to chase a bunny'

    Solution:Refresh at Easter Bunny Trading card

    Level 12:Lowlyhood Easter Egg
    Clue:'Too much chocolate makes you froth? then get your pet to burn it off'

    Solution:Complete a Gym Lesson

    Level 13:Undying Woods Easter Egg
    Clue:'Not feeling as shiny as you could? Then this will make you look so good!'

    Solution:Visit the Clothing Rack take some clothing

    Level 14:Leprechaun Easter Egg
    Clue:'To get this little egg to hatch, try your luck and make a match

    Solution:Play Keno & WIN

    Level 15:Biala Easter Egg
    Clue:'Be bold! Be brave! Forget your health Buy a sweetie for yourself'

    Solution:Buy a Gumball

    Level 16:Snowman Easter Egg
    Clue:''To reach this egg we chose to hide Watch this little fellow slide''

    Solution:Play Newth Racing

    Level 17:Lush Lake Easter Egg
    Clue:'When enough MP you earn Then its time to watch and learn'

    Solution:Take a pet out of School
    Took me two attempts to get this

    Level 18:Smugglers Easter Egg
    Clue:''Do what is asked and you will get whats fair This shiny jewel is made to share''

    Solution:'Do an Elger Quest & send the Crystal to a friend

    Level 19:Ziranek Easter Egg
    Clue:'You know this clue is quite a treasure so choose and buy at your leisure'.'

    Solution:Buy a Map at the Map Shop

    Level 20:Gigantic Paradise Easter Egg
    Clue:'Click right here pick one new get an egg and make a change too''

    Solution:Change your Avatar

    Level 21:Eleka Easter Egg
    Clue:''Grab this egg without preamble take a chance for life is a gamble''

    Solution:Play Dukka Slots

    Level 22:Repair Geek Easter Egg
    Clue:If your hopes of an egg continue to fade check back and appreciate what you have made'.'

    Solution:collect your Bank Interest

    Level 23:Jenoa Easter Egg
    Clue:''A party item, one of a set Pay for this, see what you get''

    Solution:Bid on a Paper Hat in Auctions

    Level 24:Queen Eleka Easter Egg
    Clue:'Pick your colour, choose from all Look! Oh yum! Its a little ball'.'

    Solution:Feed your pet Gumballs until you get the Egg

    Level 25:Whirlpool Easter Egg
    Clue:''Get your shovel, off you go time to reach what lies below''

    Solution:Play Worm Digging

    Level 26:Fates Easter Egg
    Clue:'Though easter eggs increase your wealth vegetables are good for your health'.'

    Solution:Refresh at Guess The Weight

    Level 27:Slater Park Easter Egg
    Clue:''Strap them in,hope for the best a change is always as good as a rest''

    Solution:Put a minipet on Fasoro Falls

    Level 28:Rapunzel Easter Egg
    Clue:Make your choice, don't be in a muddle, you just might find a friend to cuddle.'

    Solution:Use the Plushie Machine

    Level 29:Enpiah Easter Egg
    Clue:'If you want an egg the path is clear, go ahead and withdraw here'

    Solution:Withdraw points from your bank

    Level 30:Farm Easter Egg
    Clue:'If you have nowhere else to go Then use this to defeat a mighty foe''

    Solution:Refresh at Sword in the Stone

    Level 31:Ublish Easter Egg
    Clue:''Wanting to find a gift thats nice? Then go here and use it twice''

    Solution:Refresh at Recycling Center

    Level 32:Garage Easter Egg
    Clue:''If lack of eggs is taking toll Then make this shake rattle and roll'.'

    Solution:Shake the Christmas Tree

    Level 33:Elger Easter Egg
    Clue:'If you are bored no need to shout just take a chance on what comes out'

    Solution:Put a pet in the Portal

    Level 34:Gym Easter Egg
    Clue:'If another egg is what you would like cheer this one in the dead of night'

    Solution:Complete a Troll Mission

    Level 35:santa Claws Easter Egg
    Clue:If all the eggs are too much for you then give some out to the needy too'

    Solution:Buy an item at the Charity Shop

    Level 36:Candytree Easter Egg
    Clue:'Visit here and you will find the one who broke it all, cried and lost his mind!'.'

    Solution:Refresh at Ian's Profile