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  • Virtual Pets | Games
    Baspinar Goals

    At every level you have a new goal to complete related to Baspinar. Each level gets harder to complete but you will receive a prize for completing each level. Unlike quest and mission games, you have unlimited amount of time to complete each goal level and you can only complete them once.

    Prizes include rare items only avaliable from goals, MP, BP, RP, Dukka Coins, Account Upgrade Credit and stats for your pets.

    Goal 1 You need to change your doll's hair style. Chocolate Sword
    Goal 2 Buy an item from the Wallpapers shop. 1,000mps
    Goal 3 Play a game of Sword in the Stone. Blue Crindol Balloon
    Goal 4 Buy an item from the Sunglasses shop. Grass Cookie
    Goal 5 Complete 25 or more Knutt Knight Quests. Baspinars Castle Shirt
    Goal 6 You need to own any Royal coloured pet 2,500mps
    Goal 7 Complete level 5 or higher at the Troll mission Baspinars Castle Gumball
    Goal 8 Complete 45 or more Knutt Knight Quests. 5,000mps
    Goal 9 Own any Armoured coloured pet Baspinars Castle Potato
    Goal 10 Complete 65 or more Knutt Knight Quests 7,500mps
    Goal 11 complete level 5 or higher at the Trunx's Theatre mission Jar of Worms
    Goal 12 You need to own limited edition Oglue pet Newth Flippers
    Goal 13 Complete 85 or more Knutt Knight Quests Baspinar Sword Plushie
    Goal 14 You need to win a Tombola DVD at the Tombola game Baspinars Castle Pearl
    Goal 15 Complete 105 or more Knutt Knight Quests Gardening Book
    Goal 16 Buy Pisces from Princess Rapunzel 10,000mps
    Goal 17 Complete level 10 or higher at the Troll mission 20,000mps
    Goal 18 Complete 125 or more Knutt Knight Quests Last Battle
    Goal 19 complete level 10 or higher at the Trunx's Theatre mission Grassy Shield
    Goal 20 You need to complete level 15 or higher at the Troll mission 30,000mps
    Goal 21 Complete 150 or more Knutt Knight Quests Grassy Axe
    Goal 22 Complete level 15 or higher at the Trunx's Theatre mission
    You will actually need to complet level 16 of Trunx Theatre mission to complete this goal.
    Goal 23 Complete level 20 or higher at the Troll mission 40,000mps
    Goal 24 Complete 200 or more knutt knight quests. 50,000mps
    Goal 25 Complete level 20 or higher of the trunx mission King Baspinar Male Costume
    Goal 26 Buy a Princess Rapunzel Plushie from Rapunzel King Baspinar Female Costume
    Goal 27 Complete level 25 or higher of the troll mission 75,000mps
    Goal 28 Complete 300 or more Knight Knutt quests 100,000mps
    Goal 29 Buy a fairy Pearl from princess rapunzel Royal Wig
    Goal 30 Complete level 25 or higher of trunx 125,000mps
    Goal 31 Buy Pink Blood from Princess Rapunzel 150,000mps
    Goal 32 You need to complete the Troll mission 2 Account Upgrade credit
    Goal 33 You need to be in the topp 100 Weekly Battle Challenge. 160,000mps
    Goal 34 You need to have 250,000BP in your BP Bank Account. 165,000mps
    Goal 35 You need to complete and enter Monthly Checklist. Honey Glazed Ham
    Goal 36 You need to complete the Trunx Mission. 170,000mps
    Goal 37 You need to use a Kidlet Potion (from King Baspinar Loyalty) on a pet. Aristocorn
    Goal 38 You need to spend 250,000BP on an item from Rapunzel's Tower. 180,000mps
    Goal 39 You need to claim a Vault Code prize. Jewelled Booster
    Goal 40 Your pet needs to gain a Charisma stat from the Decapitating Fairy. My Little Rapunzel Doll
    Goal 41 You need to have 500,000BP in your bank account. Jewelled Book
    Goal 42 You need to own any Princess coloured pet. 190,000mps
    Goal 43 You need to use any Ball of Yarn to change the colour of any Popo (from King Baspinar Loyalty). Royal March
    Goal 44 You need to complete 400 or more Knutt Knight quests. 200,000mps
    Goal 45 You need to use a Rotten Costume on a pet. Royal Nectar
    Goal 46 You need to use an Enchanted Oglue Plushie or Oglue Potion on a pet. 215,000mps
    Goal 47 You need to spend 500,000BP at Rapunzel's Tower. Vault Plushie
    Goal 48 You need to complete 500 or more Knutt Knight quests. 230,000mps
    Goal 49 You need to have 1,000,000BP in your bank account. Castle Tower Stamp
    Goal 50 You need to have Monthly Checklist Giftbox in your collection and visit Monthly Checklist. 2 Account Upgrade Credits