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  • Virtual Pets | Games
    Shera's Avatar Guide M to Z

    Mad Scientist Avatar - Have a lab job on any pet and get an promotion
    Mad Scientist Costume Avatar - Use a Mad Scientist costume on a pet
    Maddox Minipet Avatar - not known
    Mafia Avatar - Complete level 24 of the Pirate Mission
    Magic Avatar - Win 5 Battles
    Mailo Avatar - Refresh at the Mailo colours page in minipet island
    Maisonette Avatar - Create and then demolish a maisonette
    Mandolin Avatar - Have 10 Mandolins on your pet then view instruments.
    Maracas Avatar - Have 10 Maracas on your pet then view instruments.
    Marada Avatar - Go to the explore page at either 15, 30, 45 minutes past the hour
    View Digital Fairy - I have 570 avvys, not sure if it's that
    Maramail Avatar - Search for the user maramail and view them
    Marapal Avatar - Have 15 or more marapal's and then view your list
    Marapet Keeper Avatar - Send a score of 3000 +
    Marapoints Avatar - Gain marapoint's in a random event
    Marapop Avatar - Finish he Marapop event, 2006
    Maraschool Avatar - Restock a rarity 7 item in the school supply shop
    Marasite Avatar - Type "marasites" on your marasite
    Maratalk Avatar - Join Maratalk
    Marguerite Avatar - Grow a marguerite Organic Minipet.
    Be attacked by Marie
    Maths Avatar - Teach your pet 27 maths classes
    Be attacked by Mato minipet
    Mayor Avatar - Get any pet a mayor job and collect its income
    Mechanic Avatar - Complete 300 garage quest's
    Mental Avatar - Use a Mental Costume on your pet.
    Mermaid Avatar - Own a mermaid pet and feed it sushi
    Merry Christmas Avatar - Play with a frozen advent wreath you have been SENT until it breaks
    Midi Avatar - Have 10 Midis on your pet then view instruments.
    Midnight Avatar - Use a Midnight Costume on your pet.
    Milk Chocolate Avatar - Have 70 MILK chocolate's in your inventory
    Millionaire Avatar - buy an item from Millionaire's Lodge.
    Mini Fairy - Visit the Mini Fairy when you have over 750 plates
    Have the Mini Gobble Herd TC in your deck
    Mint Chocolate Avatar - Have 25 mint chocolate's in your inventory
    Miort Avatar - Attach the Miort minipet to a pet
    Missions Avatar - Have completed 100 missions and view your profile Stats page
    Mommi Avatar - Beat Mommi 22 times in the one-player battle arena.
    Moneybag Minipet Avatar - not known
    Beat Monsoon 34 times in battle.
    Use the Monster Costume on a pet
    Use a Moonlight Costume
    Mount Avatar - Battle mount over 500 times, win or lose to gain this avatar
    Have 250 DVDs on a pet
    Movie Star Avatar - View the stats needed for a drama queen job via the job centre
    Mozo Avatar - Battle mozo over 50 times, win or lose to gain this avatar
    Mugen Avatar - Attach a Mugen to your pet and view it
    Mummy Avatar - Buy a Mummy Doll from the Mummy Shop.
    Random when playing Mummy Game
    Murderer Avatar - Use a Poison on a pet
    Murderer Battle Avatar - win 90 battles
    Murfin Chase Avatar - Random when sending a score after playing the game
    Muscles Avatar - Win 60 Battles
    Music Avatar - Let your pet listen to 7 cd's.
    Musical Avatar - Teach your pet 10 of the same instrument
    Muskit Avatar - View your deck with the Muskit Trading Card in it
    Mutant Avatar - Make a dna minipet and have professor yekyll make either pet you use a mutant
    Have the Mutant Gobble TC in your deck
    Myer Minipet Avatar - Attatch to a pet for ???

    Naoen Avatar - Send a Naoen to another User.
    Napoleon Avatar - Have 10 Napoleons in your Gallery, then view them
    Native Avatar - Use a Native Costume on your pet
    Naughty Avatar - Given by the advent calendar christmas 2005
    Received on the 6th day of the Advent 2012
    Naunet Avatar - Win 70 Battles
    Neesta Avatar - Buy a Neesta from the Minipet shop
    Neeka Avatar - Complete level 29, Tarquin Mission
    Nefarious Avatar - Use the Nefarious Costume on a pet
    Use the Neon costume on a pet
    Nerd Avatar - Attach a Nerd to your pet for 450 + days.
    Nesasio Avatar - Attach a Nesasio to your pet then view the minipet.
    News Avatar - Read the news and refresh
    Win against Newth Night 37 times
    Unattach from a Fire pet
    Night Avatar - View the online list when the Night layout is on.
    Nille Avatar - Battle nille over 15 times , win or lose to gain this avatar
    Ninja Avatar - Use an enchanted ninja knutt plushie on any pet
    Nocto Avatar - Avvy appears when you view battle page with LXi & Nocto on, Lxi must have been battled 8 times.
    Nodio Avatar - Search Nodio on the shop search
    Post 50k posts on the forums
    Notice Avatar - Spend a minimum of 150k at the noticeboard on ONE notice
    Recieve the Nude from the Tablaes Temple
    Nurse Avatar -
    Nutty Tree Avatar - Not Known

    Obese Fairy Avatar - Feed your pet 100 Gourmet Foods
    Obey Avatar -
    Ocarina Avatar - Have 10 Ocarinas on your pet then view instruments.
    Offline Avatar - Read a maramail from a sender who is OFFline
    Ogul Avatar - Battle ogul over 225 times , win or lose to gain this avatar
    Oglue Lunch... Avatar - Play Oglue Lunch and send score when it is game of the week.
    Oke Avatar - Win against Oke over 15 times.
    Old Avatar - Own a pet that has 30 + defence stats and use an old costume on it
    Have 1000 photo's in your album then visit the old fairy
    Olympics Avatar - Buy an item from the Olympic Points Redemption shop
    Olvic Avatar - Attach Olvic to pet, then view Olvic.
    Online Avatar - Visit the log in page
    Operate Avatar - Random from using the operation portal at Enpiah
    Win against Operative 41 times
    Orange Avatar - Have any enchanted orange plushie in your inventory and click on it
    Orange Chocolate Avatar - Have 100 orange chocolate's in your inventory
    Orville Avatar - Buy an Orville from the minipet shop.
    Send a rock gumball to Chocolate241

    Palm Avatar - Grow a Palm Organic Minipet.
    Use a Panda Costume on a pet
    Panflute Avatar - Have 10 Panflutes on your pet then view instruments.
    Party Avatar -
    Open a party treasure chest
    Look at your deck with the TC in it
    Send any paper hat to Xaenthe
    Pat Avatar - Attach a Pat to your Leprechaun pet.
    Peachie Avatar - Grow a Peachie Organic Minipet.
    Battle Peak and win
    Pearl Avatar - Have 46 pearls in your inventory, one of each, NO Account Upgrade Pearls
    Battle Pebbles.
    Pee Avatar - Grow a Pee Organic Minipet.
    Peiko Avatar - Attach a Peiko to your pet for 500 + days.
    Penitentiary Avatar - Complete the Penitentiary Mission
    Peppa Avatar - Grow a Peppa Organic Minipet.
    Perchuka Avatar - Win 130 battles
    Personal Trainer Avatar - Gain a stat at the Personal Trainer in Lush Lake.
    Pessen Avatar - Battle pessen over 175 times , win or lose to gain this avatar
    Phanty Rescue Avatar - Send a score on the Phanty Rescue Game, approx 50k +
    Phospho Avatar - Battle phospho , win or lose to gain this avatar
    Photo Collector Avatar - View your Photo Album.
    Photo Parlour avatar - Take a photo of a Shaved Walee at the photo parlour in Lush Lake.
    Piano Avatar - Have 10 Piano on your pet then view instruments.
    Piccolo Avatar - Have 10 piccolos on your pet then view instruments.
    Pilgrim Avatar - Use a Pilgrim Costume on your pet.
    Use a Pinata costume on a pet
    Pingi Mini Avatar - Attach a Pingi to your pet for 75 + days.
    Pink Avatar - Look up ANY pink pet
    Pinkal Avatar - Attach a Pinkal to your pet for 270 + days.
    Pinto Avatar - Attach pinto to pet, then view it.
    Pippin Avatar - Buy a Pippin from the Minipet shop.
    Pirate Avatar - Own any pirate pet and view it's profile
    Pirate Mafia Avatar - Complete Pirate Mission
    Pixel Avatar - Attach a Pixel to your pet for 560 + days.
    Pixie Avatar - View the Pixie stamp in your stamp album
    Pizza Avatar - Visit the pizza shop in Slater Park when it is empty
    Plant Avatar - Purchase a plant costume from the pirate ship
    Plate Avatar - Collect 150 plates then view your Plate collection.
    Plug Avatar - Attach a plug to any pet for 50 day's
    Plump Avatar - Feed your pet 300+ gourmet foods.
    Plushie Avatar - Random when getting a Plushie at the Plushie machine in Slater Park
    Collect ??? plushies
    Plushies Avatar - Own a huthiq pet and use a plushie costume on it
    Have 500 plushies in your collection
    Win against Plutonium 42 times
    Plynx Avatar - Attach a Plynx to your pet for 520 + days.
    Poached Avatar - Attach a Poached to your pet for 600 + days.
    Win a battle
    Attach Polar to a Polar Pet
    Poseidon Avatar - Win 350 battles
    Poison Avatar - Buy A Poison from the Poison's shop in Eleka Castle
    Polar Avatar - Use a Polar Costume on your pet.
    Pongin Avatar - Attach a Pongin to your pet for 700 + days.
    Poop Avatar - Have one of each type of poop in your inventory.59
    Pop Star Avatar - Have a karaoke king job and collect the income
    Poppy Avatar - Grow a Poppy Organic Minipet.
    Power Avatar - Pay a bill at the power station (bill given randomly)
    Prancer Minipet Avatar - not known
    Premium Wig Avatar - not known
    Pretty Avatar - Have 25 red rose's in your inventory
    Princess Avatar - Complete level 27 of Trunx Mission
    Princess mini Avatar - Attach a Princess to your pet for 240 + days.
    Prison Avatar - Take a Feliz pet out of prison
    Use a Prize Costume on a pet
    Prize Winner Avatar - Win a prize from the Monthly Prize Draw.
    Protect the Egg Avatar - Win any free Gift.
    Psyclone Avatar - Aged Psyclone on a Funky pet - 31 days +.
    Puchalla Avatar - Complete level 24 of Puchalla Bumpkin Mission.
    Puchalla Inn Avatar - Puchalla Inn Quests. ??
    Puff Avatar - Complete level 22 of Minipet Island Goals
    Pugwash Avatar - Complete Level 27 of the Pirate Mafia Mission.
    Pulika Minipet Avatar - not known
    Pumpkin Avatar - Click on a pumpkin in your inventory.
    Pumpkin Ed Avatar - Attach a Pumpkin Ed to your pet for 1050 + days.
    Pumpkin Hunt Avatar - Available from Pumpkin Hunt 2006
    Pumpkin Hunt 2007 Avatar - Feed a pet a pumpkin gained from the Pumpkin Hunt 2007
    Pumpkin Hunt 2012 Avatar - Click on a Pumpkin during the 2012 hunt
    Click on a pumpkin in the 2013 event
    Pumpkin mini Avatar - Attach a Pumpkin mini to your pet for 980 + days.
    Make a Pumpkin Wiz Plate
    Pumpkitty Avatar -
    Punk Avatar - Use the Punk Costume on a pet
    Punk mini Avatar - Attach a Punk to your Punk pet.
    Punk Xoi Avatar - Win 225 battles
    Purple Avatar - Have a purple pet and view it
    Push Avatar - Re-stock a wind up grint toy from the toy shop
    Win against Pyramid 43 times
    Win against Pyramid Twins 44 times
    Pyri Avatar - Attach a Pyri to your pet for 90 + days.

    Qikre Avatar - Win 280 battles
    Queen Eleka Avatar -Have the Trading Card in your Deck and view Deck
    Quest Avatar - Complete 25 elger quest's at the haunted house

    Raa Avatar - Beat the Raa over 4 times
    Rabid Fasoro Avatar - Beat the Rabid Fasoro trading card over 150 times
    Racing Avatar - Start a race at the Olympics
    Put a radioactive costume on a pet.
    Raffle Avatar - Purchase 100 raffle ticket's
    Rainbow Avatar - Equip a Rainbow Zax to any Rainbow Pet
    Rainbow Fairy Avatar - not known
    Rainy Avatar - Use a Rainy Costume on your pet.
    Rapunzel Avatar - Buy anything from rapunzel's tower
    Rapunzel Battle Avatar - Win 10 Battles
    Rat Avatar - Attach a Rat to your pet for 800 + days.
    Reaper Minipet Avatar - not known
    Recorders Avatar - Have 10 Recorders on your pet then view instruments.
    Recycled Avatar - Trade in your recycled cans for a recycled costume
    Red Avatar - Feed a red Addow pet a red gumball
    buy something from the games redemption shop
    Use the Redpanda Costume on a pet
    Refer Avatar - Refer 25 members at any given time to marapet's using your referal link
    Make a Rejected Plate
    Reisand Avatar - Beat the Reisand over 2 times
    Reon Avatar - View a 80+ day old Reon on a Stoneage pet.
    Rich Avatar - Buy a second item at The Millionaire's Lodge.
    RIP Avatar - Look at your battle deck with the RIP trading card in it
    Robot Avatar - accept a robot pet through pet exchange.
    Robot Repair Avatar - Repair a Robot at the Robot Quest.
    Rocket Minipet Avatar - not known
    Rofling Gold... Avatar - Play Rofling Gold when it's the featured Game of the Day.
    Rosette Avatar - Grow a Rosette Organic Minipet.
    Grow a Rosie Organic Minipet.
    Complete level 27 of the troll missions
    Send a Rotten Potato to Rottielover62
    Royal Avatar - Use a Royal costume on a pet
    Win something from the Royal Fairy
    Rubhd Avatar - Battle rubhd over 100 times , win or lose to gain this avatar
    Make a Plate
    Win against Runty 45 times
    Rusty Avatar - Battle rusty over 225 times , win or lose to gain this avatar
    Rusty Twins Avatar - Complete the Rubbish Dump Mission
    Rutabaga Avatar - Grow a Rutabaga Organic Minipet.
    Rweek Avatar - Buy a rweek from a user shop

    Sad Avatar - Adopt a green Feliz from the pound
    Win against Sandman 46 times
    Santa Avatar - Do 140 Santa quests
    Santa Battle Avatar - Win 340 battles
    SantaClaws Avatar - Win 230 battles
    Satellite Avatar - Type garbage in at the satellite that will not return a search result
    Saxaphone Avatar - Have 10 Saxaphones on your pet then view instruments.
    Scary Avatar - Own a zombie yakubi and look at its profile
    Schmog Avatar - Take a aged schmog of 80 + days off any pet you own
    School Avatar - Use a School Costume on your pet
    Science Avatar - Teach the same pet 52 science lesson's
    Find Scorpi In teh Scorpio Chest
    Open a ScorpioChest
    Scratch Avatar - Win the Scratch Card jackpot on the Treasure Hunt card
    Scrooge Avatar - Buy a normal scrooge from a shop for 1 marapoint
    Have the Scrooge TC in your deck
    Search Avatar - Look yourself up in the slow shop search
    Seasonal Avatar - Own a Chib's and use a seasonal costume on it
    Seasonal Mini Avatar - Find a Seaso when opening the Underwater Treasure Chest
    Seasons Greetings Avatar - Donate any advent 2005 item to the pot of gold (random)
    Buy from the Desert Spy shop
    Secret Santa Avatar - Do 200 Secret Santa Quests.
    Sell Avatar - Sell any shares you may own
    Serri Avatar - Attach a Serri to any pet and then remove it
    Sewage Avatar - Get the Sindi Poop from the Sewage.
    Sewer Cleaner Avatar - Complete level 30 of Sewer Cleaner Mission
    Sewer Monster Avatar - Complete 50 Sewer Monster quests
    Sewers Avatar - Let your pet swim in the Sewage at City Sewers
    Sewer Pipes Avatar - Complete the Sewer Pipes Treasure Map
    Shack Avatar - Random when building a shack
    Shadow Avatar - Have a shadow trading card in your deck and then view your complete deck
    Shaggy Avatar - Send any Poop to Shaggybear
    Have a pet listen to 10 Shamisen
    Shaved Avatar - Complete mission 27 of Tarquin
    Shea Avatar - Buy a Shea from the minipet shop
    Sheepbow Avatar - Buy a Sheepbow from the minipet shop
    Shilpy Avatar - Complete level 22 Of Eleka Castle Goals
    Simerian Excavator Avatar - Complete 200 Excavator quests
    Make a Plate
    Shineh Avatar - Put a Dukka coin into the Dukka Exchange
    Shoot The Fatty Avatar - Shoot only ONE fatty and let the time run out
    Shout Avatar - Post SHOUT on the spam forum
    Shroom Avatar - Grow a Shroom Organic Minipet.
    Sick Avatar - A random event given from using murfin madness and your pet falling ill
    Silver Avatar - Have any enchanted silver plushie in your inventory
    Simerian Avatar - Use a Simerian Costume on your pet.
    Simerian Explorer Avatar - Do 35 Simerian Explorer quests.
    Sixth Avatar - Attach a Sixth to your pet for 200 + days.
    Simerian Statue Avatar - Gain a School stat at the Statue.
    Sizzle Avatar - Bid on a fried egg plushie in a marapals auction lot
    Sk8er Avatar - Attach a Sk8er to your pet for 850 + days.
    Skater Avatar - Use a Skater Costume on any pet
    Skeleton Avatar - Complete mission 27 of Trotter
    Sketch Avatar - Have a sketch costume in your inventory then go click on Sketch Costume at Gigantic Paradise.
    Skinny Avatar - Have 50 fast food items in your inventory and then view the skinny Costume in gigantic paradise
    Skullington Avatar - Buy a Skullington from the Minipet shop
    Slate Pyramid Avatar - Not Known
    Sleeping Avatar - Make any pet you own go to sleep in your marahome
    Slime Avatar - Recieve the Slime Costume from the Fugunzel Mission
    Smew Avatar - Attach a Smew to your pet for 70 + days.
    Smuggler Avatar - Buy any item from smuggling
    Snap Avatar - Send a maramail to yourself, with Snap as the title, & Snap as the message, read the mail.
    Snickle Avatar - Attach a Snickle to your pet for 60 + days.
    Win against Sniffer 47 times
    Win Sniffles on Gertrude mission
    bid on an auction with 1 second left
    Snob Avatar - Vote for the Snob party, then view your profile.
    Snoop Minipet Avatar - not known
    Snow Avatar - Use a Snow Costume on your pet
    Snowballl Avatar - Win 60 Battles
    Snot Newth Avatar - n/k
    Snoween Avatar - Attach a Snoween to your pet for 300 + days.
    SnowFight Avatar - Win 290 Battles
    Snowman Avatar - Complete 50 snowman quest's
    Snowman Costume Avatar - Use a Snowman Costume on your pet
    Snowman mini Avatar - Attach a Snowman to your pet for 130 + days.
    Snowmantwin Avatar - Beat the Snowman Trading card 200 times
    Snowy Avatar - Do a look up on a snowy costume in the search box
    Snuggles Avatar - Attach a Snuggles to your Polar pet.
    Sobek Avatar - Complete level 20 Temple of Transmogrification in Simeria
    Sorcerer Avatar - Win 4 Battles
    Space Avatar - Put a space Azul pet into the operation portal at Enpiah
    Space Fairy Avatar - Use a Space Fairy costume on your pet.
    Sparkle Avatar - Use Sparkle Costume on pet.
    Sphinx Minipet Avatar - not known
    Spidly Avatar - Attach a Spidly to your pet for 15 + days.
    Spirit Avatar - Buy a Spirit from the Minipet shop
    Splatter Avatar - not known
    Sponge Avatar - Complete mission 24 of Clam.
    Spooks Avatar - Purchase a Spooks from another user's shop
    Find all ther blue spooks
    Sports Avatar - Teach a pet 77 sport's lesson's
    Sports Costume Avatar - Buy the Sports Costume from the Olympic shop
    Use spring costume on a pet
    Spy Avatar - Use a Spy Costume on your pet
    Squeek Avatar - Randomly awarded from purchasing rubber duck's at the toy shop
    Squit Avatar - Battle Squit and win
    sshh Avatar - Read your pet the Book of secrets, then view your pets books.
    St Pat 2013 Avatar - View your wardrobe with the Leprechaun wig in.
    Stamp Avatar - Put any stamp in your stamp album
    Stamp Collector Avatar - Have 200 or more stamps in your Stamp Album
    Open a Galactic Treasure Chest containing a Starbert
    Starry Avatar - Own a starry pet and let it play with a rarity 7 star
    Stars Avatar - Complete 5 Ublish mission's
    Statue Avatar - Gain a pet stat from the Statue in Simeria
    Use the Steampunk costume on a pet
    Open th Steampunk Chest
    Stitch Minipet Avatar - Attatch to a pet for 167 days
    Stocks Avatar - purchase 2,500 stocks of the same company and view my stock's page
    Stoneage Avatar - Own an aged stoneage pet with stats, possible 250+ days with above 50 stats.
    Feed your pet 1000 Gourmet Foods
    Strawberrie Avatar - Grow a Strawberrie Organic Minipet.
    I love Sultan Avatar - not known
    Sultan Battle Avatar - not known
    Summer 2010 - Available only from Summer Referral Contest 2010
    Use summer costume on a pet
    Sumo Feliz Avatar - win 160 battles
    Sundial Avatar - Sacrifice your pet to the Light Fairy at the Sundial.
    Grow a Sunflower organic minipet
    Random when making a plate
    Superhero Avatar - Random when visiting the Ice Caves.
    Swimming Avatar - Enter your pet in a swimming event at the Olympics at Lush Lake
    Swondor Avatar - View your deck with the Swondor Trading Card in it
    Sword Avatar - Just try to pull the sword from the stone, in Baspinar.

    Sudoku Avatar - Complete any Sudoku puzzle.
    Sumo Sallyt Avatar - Complete 2500 Sumo Sally quests
    Sunflower Avatar - Grow a Sunflower Organic Minipet.
    Superhero mini Avatar - Attach a Superheros to your Superhero pet.
    Inviting a friend to the 10th birthday party

    Complete the Tableus Temple
    Win a Tadi in battle
    Taffy - Available from Character Trick or Treat Halloween 2010
    Taiko Avatar - Teach your pet 10 Taiko and view Instrument list
    Win against Test tube 48 times
    Timpani Avatar - Teach your pet 10 Timpani and view Instrument list
    Tail Avatar - Attach a Tail to your pet for 420 + days.
    Tambourine Avatar - Have 10 Tambourines on your pet then view instruments.
    Tanned Avatar - Random when using the Tanning Salon.
    Tarquin Avatar - Complete all 30 tarquin missions
    Taurus Chest - Open a Taurus Chest?
    Make a Plate
    Teepee Minipet Avatar - not known
    Theatre Avatar - Complete level 30 of Trunx Mission
    Use heal when battling Thirugon in the battle arena, may take more than 1 try
    Buy a Thracius from the minipet shop.
    Win 49 battles against Thunder
    Get the Thunder Costume from the Gertrude mission
    Win 80 Battles
    Random while getting a notice that a Wild minipet has attached you,
    Time Avatar - Visit the clock tower between 00:00:00 and 00:00:59
    Tinsel Avatar - Age a Tinsel on a Christmas Pet, approx 28 days +
    Toddler Avatar - Have 3 Toddler pets, then view your pets
    Tombola Avatar - Win a Tombola Stamp on the Tombola.
    View the Plushie Fairy after you have won the Toodles minipet for having 425 plushies collected.
    Toothache Avatar - Win 80 battles
    Find a Toppy in a Steampunk chest
    Tommy Avatar - Grow a Tommy Organic Minipet.
    Toy Costume Avatar -
    Trade Avatar - Send yourself a trading card
    Trailer Avatar - Complete level 24, Penitentiary Mission
    Training Avatar - Awarded when a pet has trained at a gym and the session is completed
    Transformation Avata
    transmogrification Avatar - Complete level 30 of the Temple of Transmogrification.
    transumption Avatar - Complete level 30 of the Temple of Transumption.
    Transubstantiation Avatar - Complete Transubstantition Temple.
    transvaluationn Avatar - Complete level 30 of the Temple of Transvaluation.
    Trash Fairy Avatar - Get to level 7 on the Trash Fairy Game.
    Trash Heap Avatar - Pick up a bug minipet from the Trash Heap in City Sewers.
    Travis Truck Avatar - Complete 90 Travis Truck Quests.
    Treasure Avatar - Refresh at the Account Upgrade page
    Treat Avatar - Complete level 22 of Undying Woods Goals
    Tree Hugger Avatar - Vote for the Tree Hugging party, then view your profile.
    Have 1000 or more items of clothing in your Wardrobe.
    Tres Avatar - Attach a Tres to your pet for 440 + days.
    Tresure Avatar - Beat Tresure 76 times in the Battle Arena
    Tri Minipet Avatar - not known
    Triangle Avatar - Have 10 Triangles on your pet then view instruments.
    Tricked Avatar - Available only April 1st 2005..
    Trick Or Treat 2005 Avatar - Own a halloween pet and trick or treat Elger - halloween 2005
    Trick or Treat 2007 Avatar - Visit Elger with a Halloween or similar costumed pet
    Trick or Treat 2010 - Available when doing Character Trick or Treat Halloweeen 2010
    Given during the Elger T or T 2012 Avatar -
    Visit Elger in the Trick or Treat event 2013
    Play guess the flag
    Troll Avatar - Complete all 30 troll missions
    Trombone Avatar - Have 10 Trombones on your pet then view instruments.
    Trotter Avatar - Complete mission 30 of Trotter
    Trumpet Avatar - Have 10 Trumpets on your pet then view instruments.
    Tuba Avatar - Have 10 Tubas on your pet then view instruments.
    Tuin Avatar - Win 310 battles
    Tuly Avatar - Grow a Tuly Organic Minipet.
    Click a Turkey in the 2012 Turkey Hunt
    Tweblud Avatar -View a 100+ day old Tweblud attached to your Angel pet.
    Twigee Avatar - n/k
    Twinkle Avatar - Attach a Twinkle to your Sparkle pet.
    Find Twins in Gemini Chest
    Twittle Avatar - Attach a Twittle to your pet for 350 + days.
    Two million Avatar - Attach a Two million to your pet for 210 + days.
    Twree Avatar - Have a twree trading card in your INVENTORY and then view a deck with a twree card in it

    Uayl Avatar - Random from battling uayl
    Ublish Avatar - Finish ALL 30 of Ublish mission's
    Ugly Contest Avatar - Win the Ugly Contest
    Undead Billiards Avatar - Random when sending your score after playing
    Undying Avatar - Visit undying woods halloween 2004
    Undying Fairy 2 Avatar - Win Doomed minipet from Undying Fairy game
    Undying Battle Avatar - Random when battling Uayl
    Undying Festival 2010 - Available from the Undying Festival July 2010
    Complete Undying Festival 2012
    Undying Minipets Avatar - Create an undying minipet.
    Undying Tombola Avatar - Get the Stamp at the Undying Tombola
    Undying Woods Avatar - Complete level 30 of the Undying Woods Goals.
    completing the map and clicking organise
    Unattach from a Voodoo pet
    Upgrade Avatar - Have your shop at size 51 or above
    Upload Avatar - Be logged in and view Marauploads.com on a Thursday
    Underwater Avatar - Use an underwater costume on a pet.
    Ush Avatar - Put 2 ush in your gallery and then view your gallery

    Vacation Avatar - Put ALL your pet's on vacation
    Valentine Avatar - Feed a Valentine from a love cooker
    Valentine 2009 Avatar - Take your pink, valentines, pixie, love, cotton candy or princess coloured pet to visit the Candy Tree on Valentines Day 2009.
    Feed a 2014 Velentines day choc box to a pet
    Valentine Costume Avatar - Use a Valentine Costume on your pet.
    Valentino Avatar - Attach a Valentino to your Valentine pet.
    Vampire Avatar - Use a Vampire Costume on your pet.
    Vampry Avatar - Attach a Vampry to your pet for 1020 + days.
    Vamps Avatar - Attach a Vamps to your Vampire pet.
    Vending Machine Avatar - Complete the Vending Machine map in Slater Park
    Venus Avatar - Win 320 battles
    Vibue Avatar - Battle Vibue and draw
    Vikee Avatar - Buy a Vikee from the Minipet shop.
    Vile Avatar - Attach a Viles to your Villian pet.
    Villian Avatar - Use Villain costume on pet.
    Villian Battle Avatar - Win 170 battles
    Viola Avatar - Teach your pet 10 Viola and view Instrument list
    Violin Avatar - Have 10 Violins on your pet then view instruments.
    Win Viper in a battle
    Open the Virgo Chest
    Volum Avatar - Have 100 Volum's in your attic and view your attic
    Voodoo Avatar - When you complete Level 24 of The Fates Mission.
    Vortex Avatar - SOLUTION
    Vorto Avatar - Attach a Vorto to your Vortex pet.

    Waka Minipet Avatar - not known
    Wallet Minipet Avatar - not known
    Wanted Avatar - Visit Items Wanted shop
    War Avatar - When you joined a team for the War in March 2007.
    Win 51 battles against Waste
    Watar Avatar - Own a water pet and feed it a water crystal
    Wax Minipet Avatar - not known
    Weightlifting Avatar - Start the weight lifting in the Olympics
    Werewolf Avatar - Use a Werewolf Costume on your pet.
    Whistle Avatar - Have 10 Whistles on your pet then view instruments.
    White Avatar - View the white pet's page at gigantic paradise
    White Chocolate Avatar - Have exactly 50 White Chocolates in your Inventory.
    send an ian plushie to Ian.
    Winner Avatar - Win whilst betting any amount on Newth # 3
    Have Winter Demon in your deck, the view it
    Withdraw Avatar - Use the ATM machine in Ziranek and withdraw 1,000mp exactly
    Witchlet Avatar - Attach a Witchlet to your pet for 180 + days.
    Wizadrip Avatar - Win 260 battles
    Whirlpool Avatar - Random when finding mp in the Whirlpool.
    Wife Avatar - Let your pet play with a Bride doll til it breaks.
    Witch Avatar - Use a Witch Costume on a pet.
    Wizard Avatar - Own a wizard pet and equip any healing potion to it
    Wonion Avatar - Grow a Wonion Organic Minipet.
    Word Search Avatar - Enter the Word Search game at Enpiah.
    Wugor Avatar - Win 30 battles
    WWW Avatar - Have a pet watch the guide to marasites dvd and then view the dvd list

    Xor Avatar - Battle xor 6 times and then view the opponent at the front of the battle arena
    Xylophone Avatar - Have 10 Xylophones on your pet then view instruments.
    Xmas 2010 - Available from Merry Christmas Character event Christmas 2010

    Yakubi Attack Avatar - Send score for the game Yakubi Attack 3 times, and then go back to the game.
    Yaoe Avatar - Win 331 battles
    Yellow Avatar - Maramail any user with the subject "yellow" and main conversation "yellow"
    Yeti Avatar - Win 180 battles
    Make a Yeti Plate
    Yhing Minipet Avatar - not known
    Yonce Avatar - Put a Yonce on your wishlist in the dukka caves
    Yoop Avatar - View a 100+ day old regular coloured Yoop attached to your pet
    Use a blusher on your character
    Yule mini Avatar - Attach a Yule to your Seasonal pet for 99 + days.
    Yum Avatar - Post the word 'yum' in your maraclub , may take more than one try

    Zard Avatar - Beat Zard 150 times.
    Zax Avatar - Equip a Zax to the same coloured pet
    Zeew Avatar - Win 270 battles
    Battle Zetlia in the 2014 Marada War, 112 battles?
    Zeus Avatar - Win 40 battles
    Ziranek Avatar - Visit Ziranek and refresh when at the main page
    Zombie Avatar - Restock a trading card of any type at the TC shop in haunted wood's
    Zorg Minipet Avatar - not known
    Zound Avatar - Have 2 zound's in your shop for 250k and then view your shop