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  • Virtual Pets | Games
    New Member Guide

    Welcome to Marapets and enjoy!

    Marapets Items List
    To see a list of all items on the site & it's rarity - click your profile, wishlist, then item database.

    Ways to make mp:
    A quick way to your bank, click Currency, top of every page
    Play games - You can make thousands daily playing them.
    Do quests/missions - you can make 10's of thousands doing them daily.
    Buy from Mara shops and resell the items in your shop to make mp, try stamps, bakery & chocolate to start with, til you learn what sells well

    Ways to get Dukka coins
    Dukka coins can be won from the scratchcards & slot machine in Dukka caves, Dukka town.

    You can make pets, you can adopt pets, you can feed and care for pets, play with pets, you can battle with your pets, you can change your pets, have it learn, have it get a job, you can have minipets for your pets and so much more.
    You adopt or disown a pet at the Maradan Pound, in the Undying Woods.

    Looking after pets
    Everybody is given one hut to use
    If it breaks down, check out my Tool Guide for how to fix it
    How do i put my pet to sleep? Or get rid of tiredness?
    Have it sleep in a bed in your Marahome (click on bed in home)
    Hotel - In the City: One night only for 500 MP per pet, & then 50mp per night thereafter.
    Marapops - Soft Drink Shop in Slater Park - Cost Varies(one Marapop brings down pet's tiredness by 10%)
    Dehydrated Water - Completing a quest for Ublish
    Marapops and Dehydrated Water can also be found in Trades, Auctions, or Usershops.
    To feed pets, click on item in your inventory, then click use item, click the pet to feed
    The Gingerbread house in Candy land has free food for those with under 7,500 MP's
    And there is VERY cheap food in Puchala Village at the fruit and vegetable shops.
    To put furniture into home. buy the item, click on it in your inventory, click use item, then follow instructions to add it to your home.

    Costumes to colour pets
    (Explore - Biala Mountain - Costumes) or potions (Explore - Dukka Caves - Potion) or enchanted plushies to change your pets. Click on item in inventory to use.
    Location to see what all pets can use or be -
    Explore - Gigantic Paradise - Pet Colors.
    You can also try the Portal once a day to maybe have it do something to your pet.
    Portal location - Explore - Ziranek - planet Enpiah - Portal
    Or you might be lucky & get an enchanted plushie from the plushie machine in Slater Park.
    They can change your pets into something different too.

    Training your pet - Level, Speed, health, etc...
    By training at the gym on Mini Pet Island. To train, you need crystals which you can earn by doing Elger Quests in the Undying Woods or buy from Users Shops.
    Charisma - Your pet can gain Random Charisma stats by completing school courses (random) or from riding Murfin Madness in Slater Park (random).
    Pets can get sick from this ride. Do not use it unless you can afford to cure your pet at the hospital in the city, medication cures are not working at present.
    Magic - do computer quests in Ziranek, The Eleka Fountain gives random magic points & the Ice Caves in Biala also gives random magic points
    All stats can also be gained randomly from the Portal on Planet Enpiah, or from random events.
    You heal pets Health after battle by goiing to the Healing Pit in Jenoa.

    The school is in the city
    Click on the pet to enter the school
    Then click which lesson you want your pet to train for
    You will then be asked to get item/s to pay for the lesson
    School supply shop is in Puchala, or use shop search at the top of every page

    Getting your pet a job
    Your pet will need gym training & school training
    The School is in the city, The school will ask for school supplies, the school supply shop is in Puchala.
    Your pet might also need DVD's, CD's, books & some require Charisma points.
    The DVD & CD shop are in Ziranek, Book shop is in The Undying Woods.

    Trading Cards - Battle
    Buy your trading cards from the trading card shop in Undying Woods.
    Click on them in your inventory, then click to use item & follow instructions to add them to your deck.
    Then click battle on the left sidebar, on every page.
    Click one player battle, all the cards you have in your deck are now showing for you to battle.
    Click the card you want to battle, Use the drop down to pick your pet. then click to battle.
    At the moment the redirect link isn't working, so click one player battle again to start your battle.

    You buy minipets at the minipet shop on Minipet Island
    How do I take care of my minipets?
    Bladder- Let them use the toilet
    Hunger- Use a cooker or refridgerator
    Happiness- Let them watch TV
    Health- Wash them in a bath or sink
    You need to have those things in your marahome to properly take care of your minipet.
    Roll your mouse over the object in your marahome, then click the button, select a minipet, and click the button again.

    Your Person/Character -
    Click your member name at the top of every page,
    Then click Doll Maker under your character, , then make your selections from the options available
    make sure when you are finished you click Create Character right under the charcter to save the changes
    You get clothes for your character from the female & male clothes shops on Minipet Island, Clothing Rack in Lowlyhood, Vending Machine in Slater Park, other user shops, trades & auction.
    Click on the clothes in your inventory, click use item, follow instructions to add to your Wardrobe, this also applies to shoes, sunglasses.
    Click your member name top of every page, then click Wardrobe, click any item to put it on your character
    You can also change the colour of your clothes, provided you have hatched the colours out of glowing eggs, by going to Lush Lake, & clicking on Lush Fountain
    You can by lipstick, contact lenses & hair dye from the shops in Lush Lake>
    You can change your hair style at the Barber's shop & Salon in Baspinar's Castle, but only when the castle is open, on the odd number hours, 1, 3 etc.

    To Auction an item.
    Click on the item in your inventory,
    Where it says Auction Item in the box that opens, Put a start price in the top box, & underneath that put a price you want it to go up by everytime a member bids on it.
    Auction length, use the drop down to select the time you want the auction to run.
    For instance, if your start price is 24,000
    Then put 1,000 in the second box, The item will show in your auctions at 25,000 MP
    If you put 5,000 in the second box, your item will show at 29,000

    Your Attic
    Your attic is for storing your items.
    You can Explore the whole of your attic, or use the drop down to find specific groups of items

    BP = Baspinar points
    You get them from winning 1 player battles in the battle arena and from playing Tombola.
    You could also win them on the Snap game & Scratchcards.
    You use them in Baspinars Castle.

    RP = Restock Points
    Everytime you buy an item from a main mara shop, you earn restock points.
    You earn RP according to the rarity of the item you buy from a main shop.
    You can spend RP on the slots in Enpiah (Explore - Ziranek - Enpiah) or to buy map pieces on Minipet Island.
    A full map will get you special prizes.
    You can buy Poinson's from the Poison shop in Eleka Castle
    Cooking ingredients, from the cooking ingredients shop in Eleka Castel

    Dukka Coins
    You can win these from the slot machine in Dukka town
    Or win them from the scratchcards, in Dukka Town
    Or buy from other member's, shops, trades & auctions.

    Glowing Eggs
    Eggs/font colors -
    You buy eggs in Ziranek or other users shops, trades or auctions, click on them in inventory to use, and hatch them in your basket in Gigantic Paradise's Glowing Egg Nest to get more font colors. Just refresh each egg page till it hatches.
    To see what eggs give you what font colors visit my Glowing Egg Guide.
    Click Update Forum Prefs link in Forums to change font colors.

    Recycling Cans
    Click on the can in your inventory, Click use item, click to feed it to your pet. then go back to your inventory, click use item. follow instructions to add to the recycling center. the recycling center is in the city, it's called the rubbish dump, go there to see how many cans you have recycled.

    Arcade Trophy's
    You get a trophy when you send your game scores.
    Once you have the required amount of scores, go to your profile, click on game scores, & then you recieve the trophy & a mail telling you
    Bronze Trophy - 500 scores
    Silver Trophy - 1000 scores
    Gold Trophy - 2500 scores

    The Snowman
    If you are doing a snowman quest -
    You buy the item, click on the item in inventory and enter name in space provided to send item to person. Then send. Then go back to snowman to complete quest.
    Just skip it if you don't have the mps to do it. It doesn't start you over at the begining like missions do if you don't finish.

    You can only do one of any of the mission every 12 hours
    To register an item to a pet, for Tarquin or Trunx, for instance,
    Buy the item, click on it in your inventory, click to use item, then pick the pet
    Go view your pet & click books, DVD's or CD's it then registers the item to the pet.
    Click on my mission links to see what each mission asks for.

    Quest links
    One of the easiest way to make marapoints is to complete quests,
    Don't spend more than 2500 points on each quest until you get used to who pays the best in rewards
    Hover your mouse over the quest name to be taken to the quest
    Boraks Brew
    Candy Tree
    Desert Spy
    Kamilah Traveller
    Knutt Knight
    Puchalla Inn
    Santa Claus
    Secret Santa
    Sewer Monster
    Sumo Sally
    Travis Truck

    Check out my Daily Events page for all the things you can do each day
    This helps by sometimes giving you items to sell