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  • Virtual Pets | Games
    Treasure Maps

    Advent Tree Instructions
    The Advent Tree works through the month of December every year. You need to complete the Advent Tree Instructions to be added to the Advent Tree's daily prize giving list. Prizes are rewarded at midnight every day in December, for the day's before prizes. If you complete the Instructions on the 23rd of December, you will only receive prizes after this date. The prizes for each day are rewarded at the END of the day, to make sure that those who complete the instructions during that day will still receive the prizes.

    Christmas Treasure Map
    A full Christmas Treasure Map will give you access to Biala Cave,
    Where you will get pet stats and/or MP every day for free.
    Pieces, 2-3-4-5-7-8-9-10-11-13-14-15-16, are available from the Treasure Map shop on Minipet Island
    Piece number 6 is available from Account Upgrades.
    Piece's 1 & 12 were given as Advent item prizes from the Advent Calendar 2006.

    Fishing Treasure Map
    A full fishing map will give you a license to fish at Rupert the feliz's lake in Jenoa, every 3 hours.
    They were available as an Account Upgrade item, & are now at the Map shop on Minipet Island.

    Kamilah Pyramid
    This ancient Pyramid requires you to complete the Kamilah Treasure Map before you can enter. Its very dangerous, so you can only send in one pet at a time and while the pet is inside the pyramid, you cannot trade or exchange the pet. Make sure you are prepared - the pyramid has many obstacles, 50 levels some say, but not many have made it all the way to the treasure deep inside! While inside the pyramid, your pet will see ancient symbols on the walls or floor which will help him safely proceed to the next level. But you will need Kamilah Codes to help translate.

    At each level of the Pyramid, you will get a prize. It can be either items, currency, pet stats or Account Upgrade Credit. There is no time limit for completing the Pyramid, but you can only complete one level every 6 hours. If you manage to reach level 50, you will be able to change your pet into a restricted pet Hump!

    Sewer Pipes Map
    A full map will gain you access to the Sewer Pipes every 10 hours.
    They are available as an Account Upgrade for November 2009

    Simerian Explorer Treasure Map
    If you complete the Simerian Explorer Treasure Map you will be able to find the exact location the explorer is currently at.
    Once you find him inside this huge world, you will be able to complete his quests.
    If you bring him the items he needs, he will reward you with MP and maybe even a Rune he found while exploring Simeria.
    Runes are the key to understanding one of the many ancient langugages in Simeria, and will help you find you way around the Simerian Temples...

    Vending Machine
    The Vending Machine in Slater Park is filled with rare fashion clothes for your dress up dolls. The clothing inside this Vending Machine do not restock and are not avaliable from any other part of the site. Before you can use the Vending Machine, you need to collect all 16 pieces of the Vending Machine Instructions and put them together here. After that, you'll be able to use the Vending Machine once every 22 hours to get a random piece of rare clothing and MP for free!
    Vending Machine Instruction maps were available as a September 2007 Account Upgrade item

    Volcano Treasure Map
    The Volcano Treasure Maps are bought with restock points(rp) on Minipet Island.
    Once you complete the map, you will get a full set of 9 burnt items, & the burnt avatar.

    Whirlpool Treasure Map
    A full set of Whirlpool treasure maps gives you a license to swim in the whirlpool in Jenoa.
    the Whirlpool is enchanted, increasing your pet's education, strength, defence and speed,
    and often changing the colour of the pet. It has also been rumoured to change a pet's species into a limited edition type.
    Whirlpool maps were available as an Account Upgrade item, They are now available from the Map shop on Minipet Island

    Fugunzel Treasure Map
    A full set of Fugunzel treasure maps gives you a license to do the Fugunzel Tower Mission.
    The mission is in Eleka Castle. A completed mission will give you the Troit Potion.