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  • Virtual Pets | Games
    Easter Egg Hunt 2007

    We started the Easter Egg Hunt from the news page, for the first clue,
    Each level gave you the egg in your Egg Basket in Candyland, & the next clue.
    You also got prizes & marapoints along the way.

    Level 1:Addow Easter Egg
    Clue:'This Murfin can run, catch him if you can!'

    Solution:View the Murfin Chase game

    Level 2:Azul Easter Egg
    Clue:'Does this colour match my eyes?'

    Solution:Use the Lush Fountain to change your top or bottoms to the same colour as your characters eyes.

    Level 3: Bolimo Easter Egg
    Clue:'Did you forget this was upstairs?'

    Solution:Explore your Attic

    Level 4:Chibs Easter Egg
    Clue:'You never know whats down below'

    Solution:Go worm digging in Gigantic Paradise.

    Level 5:Crindol Easter Egg
    Clue:'Sharp and tangy on the tongue,mustnt give up before its done'

    Solution:Random when you feed one of your Marapets a Lemon Gumball.

    Level 6:Doyle Easter Egg
    Clue:'Ask these pets where the prize could be if you can see them.'

    Solution:Refresh at the Dark Marapets colour page.

    Level 7:Equilor Easter Egg
    Clue:'Put on something warm to try for this prize'

    Solution:Buy a lottery ticket from Biala Mountain.

    Level 8:Ercuw Easter Egg
    Clue:'Once upon a time there was a little egg'

    Solution:Read any Book to one of your Marapets.

    Level 9:Fasoro Easter Egg
    Clue:'The environment will love you'

    Solution:Recycle a Can.

    Level 10:Feliz Easter Egg
    Clue:'Go grab a bite, its very sweet'

    Solution:Buy any Chocolate from the Chocolate Shop in Candyland.

    Level 11:Gonk Easter Egg
    Clue:'Its a sale!'

    Solution:View your user shop sales history

    Level 12:Grint Easter Egg
    Clue:'You train, you gain'

    Solution:Complete any training session at the Gym.

    Level 13:Huthiq Easter Egg
    Clue:'Goodnight you sleepy egg'

    Solution:Buy a Bed from the Furniture shop.

    Level 14:Ideus Easter Egg
    Clue:'Target the candy and your pet will be happy'

    Solution:'Play a game of Candy Cannon and submit your score.

    Level 15:Jessup Easter Egg
    Clue:'Time for a new look?'

    Solution:Change your characters clothes.

    Level 16:Kidlet Easter Egg
    Clue:'Here there be pirates!'

    Solution:Refresh at Dukka Caves

    Level 17:Knutt Easter Egg
    Clue:'Fight Your Way To See Your Foes'

    Solution:View the Battle Arena page in your Stamp Collection.

    Level 18:Kronk Easter Egg
    Clue:'The clumsier you are the luckier you get'

    Solution:Obtained when you drop a plushie when using the Plushie Machine.

    Level 19:Lati Easter Egg
    Clue:'Off to the fields with you'

    Solution:Start a Farm quest

    Level 20:Leido Easter Egg
    Clue:'Claim your riches.'

    Solution:Collect the MP from your shop till.

    Level 21:Mordo Easter Egg
    Clue:'Oh my, who has my egg?'

    Solution:Send a Glowing Egg to someone.

    Level 22:Murfin Easter Egg
    Clue:'An Egg A Day Keeps The Doctor Away'

    Solution:Refresh at the Healing Pit in Jenoa.

    Level 23:Newth Easter Egg
    Clue:'Never mind the eggs, where is the bunny?'

    Solution:Search for an 'Easter Bunny Trading Card' in the search box, click it and refresh.

    Level 24:Oglue Easter Egg
    Clue:'Love is not just for Christmas'

    Solution:Hug the Christmas Tree in Biala.

    Level 25:Osafo Easter Egg
    Clue:'Study has its own rewards to locate'

    Solution:Start a Geography lesson at MaraSchool.

    Level 26:Paffuto Easter Egg
    Clue:'May your battles be fruitful'

    Solution:Equip a Banana Sword to your Marapet

    Level 27:Phanty Easter Egg
    Clue:'Join us'

    Solution:View the referal page

    Level 28:Poera Easter Egg
    Clue:''Dinner is served'

    Solution:Feed a fish a worm at the Aquarium in Jenoa.

    Level 29:Quell Easter Egg
    Clue:'Up and down it goes but where is the egg? Nobody knows'

    Solution:Ride the Murfin Madness in Slater Park.

    Level 30:Reese Easter Egg
    Clue:'Buy it cheap while your fingers are still warm'

    Solution:Bid 5MP on a frozen food item in the Auctions.

    Level 31:Renat Easter Egg
    Clue:'The sky is the limit'

    Solution:Buy any star from the Star shop on Enpiah.

    Level 32:Rofling Easter Egg
    Clue:''Make sure they dont forget to write'

    Solution:Have any pencil in Trades and have someone buy it from you and accept the offer.

    Level 33:Sindi Easter Egg
    Clue:'Play time has a price?'

    Solution:'Buy a Blue Paper Hat from a User shop.

    Level 34:Tantua Easter Egg
    Clue:'Time to find a new egg if you are lucky?'

    Solution:Visit the Clock Tower in the Undying Woods at 13 minutes past the hour.

    Level 35:Ushunda Easter Egg

    Solution:Refresh at Queen Eleka's location.

    Level 36:Viotto Easter Egg

    Solution:Have a Ghost Lolly in your user shop and look it up in quick shop search.

    Level 37:Walee Easter Egg
    Clue:''I've got an itch'

    Solution:Scratch an X Marks The Spot Scratchcard.

    Level 38:Xoi Easter Egg
    Clue:'Follow the song to find out who is the boss'

    Solution:View Ian's pet named Beyonce.

    Level 39:Zetlian Easter Egg
    Clue:'Under the water, under the sea, both joined together, with who shall I be?'

    Solution:View Midnightsunrise's pet named EasterSuprise

    Level 40:Yakubi Easter Egg
    Clue: 'Crack the code? RYIC RFYR GYL !'

    Encrypted- alphabet starts from 3rd letter- a=y,b=z, c=a, d=b, e=c,etc
    Spells out Take that Ian!
    Solution: Send Ian a Snot Pie.