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  • Virtual Pets | Games
    Character / doll Guide

    Your Doll / Character -
    Click your member name at the top of every page,
    Then click Doll Maker under your character, , then make your selections from the options available.
    You can change the colour of eyes, skin, lips & hair, use the colour bar underneath the selections.
    Make sure when you are finished you click Create Character right under the charcter to save the changes
    You get clothes for your character from the female & male clothes shops on Minipet Island,
    Clothing Rack in Lowlyhood, Vending Machine in Slater Park, other user shops, trades & auction.
    Shoes are sold in Puchala Villiage. Sunglasses in Baspinar, Wigs in Lowlyhood.
    Click on the clothes in your inventory, click use item, follow instructions to add to your Wardrobe,
    This also applies to shoes and sunglasses.
    Click your member name top of every page, then click Wardrobe, click any item to put it on your character
    You can also change the colour of your clothes, provided you have hatched the colours out of glowing eggs, by going to Lush Lake, & clicking on Lush Fountain
    You can buy lipstick, contact lenses & hair dye from the shops in Lush Lake>
    You can change your hair style at the Barber's shop & Salon upstairs in Baspinar's Castle, but only when the castle is open, on the odd number hours, 1, 3 etc.
    You will need the Free Hair Coupons, given out free from the Tombola in Baspinar, to use the Barber or Salon
    You will also need the Plastic Surgery Coupon given out by Eleka Tombola for the Plastic Surgery place in Enpiah
    The Tanning Salon tickets come from Undying Wood's Tombola, the Tanning Salon is in Lowlyhood
    All links are below for anything to do with the Character / Doll. Just click the name of the shop

    Beauty Contest

    Ugly Contest


    Doll Maker

    Eye Makeup

    Face Makeup

    Female Shoe Shop

    Male Shoe Shop

    Female Clothes Shop

    Male clothes shop

    Free daily Clothing Rack

    Clothes Vending Machine

    Wig Shop




    Lipstick Shop

    Contact Lens


    Plastic Surgery

    Lush Fountain


    Tanning Salon