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  • Virtual Pets | Games
    Shera's Avatar Guide A to L

    BATTLE Related
    Be a Marapets member for 1 year
    Be a Marapets member for 2 year
    Be a Marapets member for 3 year
    Be a Marapets member for 4 year
    Be a Marapets member for 5 year
    Be a Marapets member for 6 year
    Be a Marapets member for 7 year
    Be a Marapets member for 8 year
    1mp Avatar - Bid on a 1mp Auction
    6th Avatar - Feed a 6th Birthday Cake to a pet
    500th Avatar - Have 500 Hidden Avatars
    5th Birthday Avatar - Click a Birthday Cake and find the Birthday Card.
    5th Birthday Hunt Avatar - Random when clicking on a Birthday Cake, Marapets 5th birthday.
    Click the online list when there are 666 members online
    8th Birthday Avatar - Random when clicking the Happy Birthday on member'sprofiles during the 8th Birthday event
    Random when playing the 9th birthday event
    View pets gourmet list with 10th birthday cake in
    Open a 10th birthday Pinata
    Abolous Avatar - Beat the Abolous 75 times in the Battle Arena.
    Accordian Avatar -
    Acne Avatar - Attack the Acne with Egg Grenades in the Battle Arena.
    Active Avatar - View the online list when 1000+ users are logged on.
    Addow Ride Avatar - Play Addow Ride and score 1000+ points.
    Find Adorab mini in the Cancer Chest
    Advent Avatar - Random from the Advent Calendar in 2004.
    Advents Avatar - Use an Advent Tree Costume on your pet
    Advent tree Avatar - Complete the Advent Tree Map, then visit the tree in Biala
    Make an Agatha Plate
    Alen Avatar - Random when attaching a Alen to a pet.
    Use Alien Costume on a pet
    American Avatar - Use an American Costume on a pet
    Anagram Sam Avatar - Random when Completing Anagram Sams Puzzle
    Ancient Avatar - Complete a University course.
    Andy Avatar - Buy an Andy from the minipet shop
    Angel Avatar - View a Angels DVD on a Angel pet.
    Anime Avatar - Use an Anime costume on a pet
    Anjet Avatar - Attach an Anjet to a pet for 150 days +
    Antiques Avatar - Buy an item from the Antiques shop.
    Anubis Avatar - Complete level 20 Temple of Transformation in Simeria
    Anuriah Avatar - Put a regular Anuriah in your attic & browse for minipets.
    Apartment Avatar - Create a Apartment.
    Apophis Avatar - Buy the minipet from the Desert Spy shop
    Applex Avatar - Grow an Applex Minipet
    April Fool's Avatar - Go to the Create a Pet page.
    Aquarium Avatar - Feed a fish at the aquarium in Jenoa
    Visit the Aquarium
    Arcade Avatar - Score 1000 points on any Arcade game.
    Armoured Avatar - Use an Armoured Costume on a pet
    Arrr... Avatar - Use the wrong tool to fix your Marahome.
    Art Avatar - Start an Art lesson in Maraschool.
    Astronaut Avatar - Collect the income of a space pet with the astronaut job.
    Ata Avatar - Attach an Ata to your pet for 20+ days.
    Attic Avatar - Random when viewing your Attic.
    Use an Australian Costume on a pet
    Avatar Collector Avatar - Go the avatar building in Ziranek when you have 100+ avatars.
    Avatar Freak Avatar - View your avatars when you have 300 or over avatars.
    Award Winner Avatar - Win an award and view your profile.
    Azul Swarm Avatar - N/K

    Baby Avatar - Win a Baby Costume in auctions.
    Bacon Avatar - Attach an Bacon to your pet for 160+ days.
    Bad Chocolate Avatar - Win 190 = battles against Bad Chocolate TC
    Bagpipe Avatar - Have 10 Bagpipes on your pet then view instruments.
    Add a Santa Claws Character Costume to your wardrobe
    Balloon Avatar - Have your pet play with any balloon
    Random when playing Balloon Burst
    Balloon Costume Avatar - Receive the Balloon costume from the Circus Mission.
    Bananey Avatar - Grow a Bananey organic minipet.
    Banjo Avatar - Have 10 Banjo's on your pet and view it's instruments.
    Bank Robber Avatar - Resign a Dishwasher Job.
    Baspinar Goals Avatar - Complete all 32 levels of Baspinar Goals
    Battle of Baspinar Avatar - Shoot one target and let the timer run out, then send score.
    Battle Avatar - Win 1000 battles then view your stats.
    Batty Avatar - Attach a Batty to your pet for 170 + days.
    Batz Avatar - Unattach a Batz after 11 + days
    Beach Minipet Avatar - View attached Beach at 11+ days
    Beauty Contest Avatar - n/k
    Bed Time Avatar - Put a Yellow Wooden Bed in your Marahome, & click on it.
    Bee Avatar - not known
    View Beelzebubs profile
    Bell Avatar - Have 10 Bells on your pet and view it's instruments.
    Make a Plate
    Betray Baspinar Avatar - Join Queen Eleka in the War
    Betray Eleka Avatar - not known
    Betsoni Avatar - Win 390 Battles against Betsoni
    Biala Tetris Avatar - Send your score on Biala Tetris.
    Bidder Avatar - Bid 12,345mp on any item in Auctions.
    Big Ben Avatar - Feed a Big Ben cake to your pet
    Bigne Avatar - Beat the Bigne 50 times in the Battle Arena.
    Billy Avatar - Attach a Billy to your pet for 190 + days.
    Win Bingo from Slater Park goal
    Birthday Avatar - Available only on the 5th Birthday cake hunt.
    Birthday Cake Avatar - Available only on the 5th Birthday cake hunt.
    Black Avatar - Donate anything with the word Black in it to the Pot Of Gold..
    Blake Minipet Avatar - not known
    Bling Avatar - Buy something from the Jewelery shop.
    Blitzen Avatar - Complete mission 30 of Blitzen
    Blitzen Costume Avatar - Use a Blitzen Costume on a pet.
    Blogger Avatar - Have a MaraJournals Stamp in your Stamp Album, and view it.
    Blooble Avatar - Complete level 22 of Ziranek Goals.
    Blue Avatar - Use a Blue Costume on a Marapet.
    Bonehead Avatar - Buy a Bonehead from the minipet shop.
    Bongo Avatar - Attach 10 Bongos to your pet.
    Boo Avatar - Random when winning Boo Trading Card from Elger Trick or Treat. Halloween 2010.
    BooHoo Avatar - Go to any Marapets page that does not exist.
    Have 2500 Books on a pet & view books
    Booster Avatar - Give you pet a booster, random
    ? quests
    Boris Minipet Avatar - not known
    Bounchy Avatar - Score over 75 and send the score on Bounchy.
    Use a Breeze costume ob a pet
    Bride Avatar - View your wardrobe with the Bride outfit in.
    feed a carrot to your pet
    British Avatar - Use a British Costume on a pet.
    British Guard Avatar - Play with a British Guard doll til it breaks
    Brocklee Avatar - Grow a Brocklee Minipet.
    Bronze Avatar - Random when your pet turns Bronze in the Portal.
    Brown Avatar - Buy any Balloon from the Balloon shop in Slater Park.
    Bubbles Avatar -
    Buckaroo Avatar - Attach a Buckaroo to a pet for 190 + days.
    Bugsy Avatar - Attach a Bugsy to your minipet.
    Bumpkin Avatar - Complete level 30 of Puchalla Bumpkin Mission.
    Burnt Avatar - Complete the Volcano Treasure Map.
    Bush Avatar - Complete level 22 of Gigantic Paradise Goals.
    Butters Minipet Avatar - not known
    Buzzy Minipet Avatar - Attatch to a pet for 52 days

    Cactoo Avatar - Grow a Cactoo Organic Minipet.
    Cactus Avatar - Grow a Cactus Organic Minipet.
    Cairo Avatar - Buy Cairo from Desert Spy
    Cake Avatar - Have a Cake TC in your Deck.
    Use a Calico costume on a pet
    Be attacked by Camero
    Camouflage Avatar - Use a Camouflage Costume on a pet with over 30hp.
    Can Avatar - Win over 60 battles against Can
    Open the Cancer Chest
    Candy Avatar - Visit Candyland with 10 chocolates in your Inventory.
    Candy Cannon Avatar - Score 1000+ in Candy Cannon.
    Candy Floss Avatar - Beat Candyfloss 105 times
    Candyland Avatar - Visit Candyland.
    Candy Tree Avatar - Complete 75 Candy Tree quests.
    Carnie Avatar - Get your pet a Carnie job, and collect it's income.
    Random when using the Machine
    Castanets Avatar - Have 10 Castanets on your pet then view instruments.
    Cat Burglar Avatar - Battle the Cat Burglar.
    Caveman Avatar - Beat the Caveman 11+ times in the Battle Arena.
    Celebrate Avatar - Feed a One Hundred Cake to any of your pets.
    Cello Avatar - Have 10 Cellos on your pet then view instruments.
    Make a Plate
    Challenger Avatar - Place any Trading Card in your Deck.
    Chat Avatar - Random when chatting on Club Chat.
    Charley Avatar - Complete level 22 of Dukka Caves Goals.
    Charity Shop Avatar - Buy something from the Charity Shop in Puchala
    Checkered Avatar - Use a Checkered Costume on a pet with 30 level.
    Cheddar Avatar - Beat the Cheddar Opponent 125 times.
    Cheese Avatar - Feed a Cheese Marapop to a Cheese Pet.
    Cherii Avatar - Grow a Cherii Organic Minipet.
    Cherub Avatar - Buy a Cherub from the Minipet shop.
    Chevron Avatar - Attach a Chevron to your pet for 220 + days.
    Chibi Avatar - Attach a Chibi to any pet while your character wears a Female Chibs Costume
    Chibs Warrior Avatar - Own a level 51+ chibs, and then view it's profile.
    Chinese - Use a Chinese Costume on a pet
    Chocolate Avatar - Feed a Chocolate to a Chocolate Pet.
    Chooki Avatar - Attach a Chook to your pet for 600 + days.
    Christmas Avatar - Collect the Advent Prize on Christmas day in 2004.
    Christmas 2007 Avatar - Feed Christmas Candycane to a pet
    Christmas Eve Avatar - Collect the Advent Prize on Christmas Eve 2005.
    Christmas Mini Avatar - Attach a Christmas to your pet for 200 + days.
    Christmas Tree Avatar - Random when visiting the Christmas Tree.
    Chubley Avatar - View a Minipet attached to your pet for 10+ days.
    Make a Plate
    Chuckles Minipet Avatar - not known
    Circus Avatar - Collect the income of a Carnie Job.
    Circus Mission Avatar - Completing the Circus Mission.
    Win City Accountant 18+ times
    Win City Banker 19+ times
    City Hobo Avatar - Battle City Hobo once and view Battle Opponents page.
    Win 20 Battles
    Win City Realtor 22+ times
    Clarinet Avatar - Have 10 Clarinets on your pet then view instruments.
    Claves Avatar - Have 10 Claves on your pet then view instruments.
    Closed Avatar - View the Bank when its closed.
    Clam Avatar - Complete mission 30 of Clam.
    Make a Plate
    Clown Avatar - Let a Clown Pet play with a Balloon.
    Clown Battle Avatar - Win 200 Battles against Clown TC
    Club Member Avatar - Click on Club Links.
    Clumsy Avatar - Random when losing any item in a Random Event.
    Cobweb Avatar -
    Collector Avatar - Have 50+ Stamps in your Stamp Album.
    Colourful Avatar - Have a Paint Pot in your Inventory.
    Concoctions Avatar - Restock a Concoction.
    Computer Repair Avatar - Complete 300 Computer Repair Quests
    Do a Snowman quest during the 2014 eventt
    Cosmonaut Avatar - Random when doing a quest
    Cotton Candy Avatar - Use the Cotton Candy costume on a pet
    Cowboy Avatar - Use a Cowboy Costume on your pet.
    Cowboy Battle Avatar - Win 380 Battles against Cowboy TC
    Crabs Minipet Avatar - not known
    Cracked Avatar - n/k
    Created Avatar - Create a Marapet.
    Make a Plate
    Crevice - Catch a bug with a trap at the Crevice in City Sewers
    Crinkal Avatar - Beat the Crinkal Trading Card 75 Times
    Crossword - Complete the Crossword at Candyland.
    Get the Cumulus from the Royal Fairy
    Use the Cursed costume on a pet
    Cymbals Avatar - Have 10 Cymbals on your pet then view instruments.

    Daffy Avatar - Grow a Daffy organic minipet.
    Damaged Minipet Avatar - not known
    Daniel Avatar - Attach a Daniel to your pet for 780 + days.
    Dantiz Avatar - Attach a Dantiz to your pet for 1000 + days.
    Dark Avatar - Use a Dark Costume on a pet with 30+ Strength Stats.
    Dark Chocolate Avatar - Have over 40 Dark Chocolates in your Inventory.
    Beat Dark Fairy 24 times
    Dark Knight Avatar - N/K
    Dark Side Avatar - Complete a quest for Queen Eleka.
    Dash Avatar - Battle the Dash 122 times.
    Dasher Avatar - Equip a regular Dasher to a snowy pet and view it's profile.
    Day Avatar - View the online list when the Day layout is on.
    Use a Daylight Costume
    Deadly Avatar - Random when finding the Bolimo at Open Graves.
    Decapitate Avatar - Attach a Decapitate to your pet for 30 + days.
    View an aged Deci, 10 days minimum
    Deck Avatar - Have 75 trading cards in your deck and view your profile.
    Defend Avatar - Train a Pet to over 26 in defence.
    Delayed Avatar - Attach a Declayed to your pet for 820 + days.
    Demi Avatar - Win a Demi from a Club Quiz.
    Dentist Avatar - Use a Dentist Ticket at the Dentist.
    Deposit Avatar - Deposit over 100,000mp in your bank account.
    Desert Spy Avatar - not known
    Detective Avatar - Complete level 24 of Hector the Collector Mission
    Devan Avatar - Buy a Devan from the Minipet shop on Minipet Island.
    Devil Avatar - Attach a staff of the devil to a devil pet
    Devil Mini Avatar - Attach a Devil Mini to your pet for 250 + days.
    Make a Plate
    Be attacked by Dew mini
    Diamond Avatar - Attach a Diamond to your pet for 80 + days.
    Digital Avatar - Random when your pet turns into a Digital Equilor in the Portal.
    Digital Fairy Avatar -
    Dino Avatar - Complete Hector mission.
    Dive in Avatar - N/K
    Be attacked by diwali
    Doctor Avatar - Adthe Male Doctor Costume to your wardrobe
    Donator Avatar - Donate something to the Pot Of Gold.
    Don Pefuto Avatar - Battle the Don Pefuto 125 times in the Battle Arena.
    Doogle Avatar - Buy a Doogle from the Minipet Shop on Minipet Island.
    Doomed Avatar - Attach a Doomed to your pet for 50 + days.
    Download Avatar - Put the Uploads Stamp in your stamp album and view the Ziranek page of your album.
    Drab Minipet Avatar - not known
    Dracone Avatar - View a Dracones profile that is older than 29 days.
    Dragula Avatar - Complete level 22 of Baspinar Goals..
    Drake Avatar - N/K
    Drenched Minipet Avatar - not known
    Drowsy Minipet Avatar - Put on your pet for ?? days
    Drum Avatar - Have 10 Drums on your pet then view instruments.
    Dr Yekyll Avatar - Create any DNA Minipet
    Dukka Fairy Avatar - Get to Level 8 on the Dukka Fairy Game.
    Dukka Pirates Avatar - Buy something from the dukka piracy in dukka town.
    Dukka Trove Avatar - Send a score of over 300 on Dukka Trove.
    Dune Avatar -

    Earth Fairy Avatar - Use an Earth Fairy costume on your pet.
    Easter Avatar - Complete the Easter egg hunt - easter 2005
    Easter 2007 Avatar - Given on the Easter Hunt 2007.
    Easter Hunt 2008 Avatar - Complete 2008 Easter Egg Hunt.
    Easter Egg Hunt 2009 Avatar - Complete Easter Hunt 2009.
    Easter 2012 Avatar - Collect your eggs at the 2012 Easter Hunt Basket
    Easter Hunt 2013 Avatar - Collect your hunt prizes 2013.
    Finish the 2014 Egg Hunt
    Easter Costume Avatar - Use an Easter Costume on your pet.
    Easter Bunny Avatar - Do a search for easter bunny trading card and click on it.
    Easter Mini Avatar - Attach a Easter to your Easter Pet.
    Easy Money Avatar - Vote for the Easy Money party, then view your profile.
    Editorial Avatar - Refresh at the editorial.
    Win Edwina from Old Fairy
    Efall Avatar - Have only an efall in your gallery and view it.
    Egg Hunt Avatar - Complete the Easter egg hunt - easter 2006.
    Eggy Avatar - Attach an Eggy to your pet for 590+ days.
    Elder Avatar - n/k
    Electric Guitar Avatar - Have 10 Electric Guitars on your pet then view instruments.
    Eleka Avatar - Put an Eleka Costume in auctions at 1MP with 1 MP increments.
    Eleka Fountain Avatar - Your pet must gain a Magic Stat to get the Avatar at the Eleka Fountain.
    Eleka Minions Avatar - Win 120 Battles against Eleka minnions TC
    Eleka Prison Avatar - Feed a minipet at Eleka Prison
    Eleka Tombola Avatar - Win the stamp at the Eleka Tombola
    Elektro Avatar - Attach an Elektro to your Lightning pet.
    Elf Avatar - Own an Elf Pet, Get an Elf Costume in your inventory & click USE once.
    Elgar Battle Avatar - Win 210 Battles against Elgar TC
    Emahgerd Avatar -
    Email Avatar - Watch the "You have maramail" DVD, view your pets DVD list afterward's.
    Ember Avatar - Attach an Ember to your pet for 110+ days.
    Emo Avatar - Restock an Emo Costume from the costume shop in Biala.
    Enchanted Avatar - Random from winning a enchanted plushie.
    Enpiah Avatar - Use the Enpiah Costume on a Gonk pet
    Error Avatar - Given by finding an error page on the site.
    Erto Avatar - View an erto that has been attched to your pet for over 366 days
    Essence Avatar - Use an essence on a pet
    Evil Tree Avatar - Win 35 Battles against Evil Tree TC.
    Exchange Avatar - Randomly awarded when creating a trade.
    Explore Avatar - Awarded from using the search bar.
    Explorer Avatar - Use the Explorer Costume on a pet.

    Factory Shop Avatar - Buy an item from the Factory Shop.
    Random when failing a mission or quest
    Fairy Avatar - Use a fairy gonk potion on any pet you own.
    Fandor Avatar - Attach an Fandor to your pet for 900+ days.
    Fang Avatar - Attach an Fang to your pet for 10+ days.
    Farley Avatar - Buy a Farley from the Minipet Shop.
    Farm Avatar - Complete 1000 Farm Quests.
    Farout Avatar -
    Fasoro Falls Avatar - Random from a mini pet changing colour at fasoro fall's
    Fat Avatar - Feed a fat pet fries.
    Fates Avatar - Complete all 30 levels of the Fates Mission
    Fatty Avatar - Have all the different coloured fattys on the same pet and view it.
    Fawlt Avatar - When you open the Promote Marapets mail with a winning Fawlt as a prize
    Felicia Avatar - N/K
    Festival Avatar - Click on the Festival minipet in your inventory
    Fidge Avatar - Attach a pink fidge then view its detail's.
    Fiesta Avatar - Open any Carnival Treasure Chest
    Fiffo Avatar - Attach a Fiffo to your pet and view it.
    Fild Avatar - Attach a Fild to a Limited Edition pet.
    Filondor Avatar - Buy a Filondor from the War Redemtion Shop on Minipet Island.
    Fire Avatar - Equip a fire set to any fire pet. ( flaming, shield, hammer, axe, & fan )
    Fire Fairy Avatar - Use a Fire Fairy costume on your pet.
    Firework Avatar - Use a Firework Costume on your pet.
    Fish Avatar - Send a fish mini to midnightsunrise for the Snowman.28.11.09.
    Fishing Avatar - Win any fish minipet and 10k whilst fishing.
    Fizzy Avatar - Have 10 cola marapop's in your attic.
    Flamed Avatar - Beat flamed over 275 times.
    Flaydor Avatar - Complete level 22 of Biala Goals..
    Flayee Avatar - Collect a Flayee from the pot of gold.
    Flighty Avatar -
    Be attacked by Flin
    Float Minipet Avatar - not known
    Flobberbat Avatar - Attach an Flobberbat to your pet for 1100+ days.
    Attach to a hairy pet & view it's profile
    Use a Floral Costume
    Floss Avatar - Attach an Floss to your pet for 580+ days.
    Fluffy Minipet Avatar - not known
    Flute Avatar - Have 10 Flutes on your pet then view instruments.
    Flutterball - N/K
    Fool Avatar - Given on april fools day 2006.
    Click your Headless pet April 1st 2014
    Forums Avatar - Have 10,000 Forum posts or more..
    Found Avatar - Random when finding an item.
    Frankie Avatar - Win 7 Battles
    French Horn Avatar - Have 10 French Horns on your pet then view instruments.
    Attach to a Frostfire pet
    Use a Frostfire costume on a pet
    Frozen Avatar - Buy a frozen item then view your inventory.
    Fruit Harvest Avatar - Send a score of over 75 on the game Fruit Harvest.
    Fruit Machine Avatar - Win 50k on the fruit machine
    Full Up Avatar - Feed all your pet's until they reach 0% hunger.
    Fugunzel Avatar - Complete the Fugunzel Mission
    Funky Avatar - View Funky clothes in your wardrobe.
    Fungus Avatar - Win 30 Battles
    Furry Avatar - Complete mission 24 on Ublish and obtain a furry costume.
    Fynx Avatar - Look up "FYNX" in the search bar.

    Gallery Avatar - Collect 33 Newth item's and view them in your gallery on their own.
    Gallery Collector Avatar - Have 10 or more pages in your gallery.
    Gamble Avatar - Win with four red eggs from the slot machine.
    Garage Avatar - Do 150 garage quest's.
    Gargoyle Avatar - Win 9 Battles
    Gavula Avatar - Beat gavula over 25 times.
    Gazillionaire Avatar - Buy the Gazillion Minipet from the Antique shop.
    Geek Avatar - Use a Geek costume on your pet.
    Open a Gemini Chest
    Genie Avatar - Use a Genie Costume on a pet.
    Genie Avatar - Win the Essense from the Genie
    Geography Avatar - Teach a pet 7 level's of geography.
    Ghost Avatar - Put any costume on a Ghost pet.
    Giant Avatar - View a giant turnip auction.
    Gigantic Fairy Avatar - Win a book on the Gigantic fairy game.
    Gingerbread Avatar - Use a Gingerbread Costume on your pet.
    Gingerbread Mini Avatar - Attach an Gingerbread mini to your pet for 120+ days.
    Glass Avatar - Complete the Glass costume level of Rubbish Dump Mission
    Glow Avatar - View the glowing egg shop.
    Glowing Egg Enthusiast Avatar - Have all 70 egg's in your nest hatched and view your nest.
    Gnome Avatar - Use a Gnome Costume on a pet.
    Finding a mutant gobble to fight
    Have the Gobble Chef TC in your deck
    Have the Gobble Knight TC in your deck
    Have the Gobble Voodoo Doll TC in your deck
    Gobby Avatar - Attach an Gobby to your pet for 400+ days.
    Goblar Avatar - Beat Goblar 35 times
    Goblin Avatar - Use a Goblin Costume on your pet.
    Going Banana's Avatar - Have any 500 banana items in your gallery..
    Gold Avatar - View your profile, with a Gold Trophy on it.
    Gonk fool - Create a Gonk for April Fools Day 2006
    Random during theChinese new year event 2014
    Unattach from a mutant pet
    Gothic Avatar - Use a enchanted gothic plushie on a pet.
    Grave Robbing Avatar - Dig up bones at the Grave Robbing in Undying Woods
    Greedy Fairy Avatar - n/k
    Green Avatar - Add a glowing green egg to your nest.
    Grey Avatar - View which pet's are available in the Grey Costume at gigantic paradise.
    Grimus Avatar - Buy a Grimmus from the Minipet shop.
    Grinch Avatar - Win 40 Battles
    Groom Avatar - View your wardrobe with the Groom outfit in.
    Have 250 CD's on a pet
    Gross Avatar - Beat Gross Trading Card twice, then view your opponents
    Grounchy Avatar - Have a green grouchy in your inventory, then View it.
    Win a shirt on the Guess the flag game
    Guillotine Avatar - Use the Guillotine on a pet.
    Guitar Avatar - Have 10 Guitars on your pet then view instruments.
    Gumball Avatar - Do the gumball machine at candyland.
    Gumball Addict Avatar - Have all the gumball's in your inventory and view them.
    Gutur Avatar - Trade a Gutur for a Gutur via the trading post.

    Hacker Avatar - Have any digital pet with a hacker job and view its profile.
    Win against Hade3s 29 times
    Fail any mission at level 30, seems random too.
    Hairy Costume Avatar - Use a Hairy Costume on a pet
    Halloween 2012 Avatar - Halloween event 2012
    Halloween Avatar - Have a pumpkin in your inventory and click on it.
    Halloween Snowman Avatar - Random when completing a Halloween 2007 quest for the snowman
    Halloween Snowman 08 Avatar - SOLUTION.
    Halloween Snowman - Available from Halloween snowman quests 2010
    Hammy Avatar - Attach a Hammy to any pet with level 50 music.
    Happy Avatar - Own a gold Reese at 100% happiness and view its profile.
    Happy Birthday - Feed any pet the 3 years cake.
    Have 2500 Photos in your album
    Recieve a Harmoni in a Libra Chest
    Harmonica Avatar - Have 10 Harmonicas on your pet then view instruments.
    Harp Avatar - Have 10 Harps on your pet then view instruments.
    Attach hart to a Valentines Pet
    Hasani Avatar - Win 20 Battles
    Healthy Avatar - Visit the giant fruit shop and refresh.
    Healthy Treat Avatar - Recieve Halloween Anis in the 2012 Character event
    Heart Avatar - Attach a Heart Mini to your love pet and view.
    ake a Hearty Plate
    Heavy Avatar - Win the guess the weight at gigantic paradise.
    Hector Avatar - Complete level 30 of Hector the Collector Mission
    Make a Plate
    Help Avatar - Visit the help section on marasite's.
    Hero Avatar - Use Hero Costume on pet
    Hero Battle Avatar - Win 110 battles
    Hick Avatar - Bumpkin mission.
    View your awards page on your profile
    High Minipet Avatar - not known
    Hippow Avatar - Buy a Hippow from the minipet shop.
    History Avatar - Complete 152 history lessons with a pet.
    Hithe Avatar - Beat hithe over 100 times.
    Explore your attic with 100+ pages
    Hobo Avatar - Use a hobo costume on a chibs or osafo pet.
    Hodge Minipet Avatar - not known
    Holly Minipet Avatar - not known
    Horn Avatar - Have 10 Horns on your pet then view instruments.
    HorusAvatar - Complete level 20 Temple of Transubstantiation in Simeria
    Hospice Avatar - Complete level 30 of Hospice Mission.
    Hospital Avatar - Cure any pet that has a headache at the hospital.
    Hot Dog Avatar - n/k
    Housse Avatar - Beat housse over 250 times.
    Hungry Avatar - Allow all pet's owned to reach 60% hunger.
    Hungry Bolimo Avatar - Win 220 Battles
    Husband Avatar - Let your pet play with a Groom doll until it breaks.
    Hut Avatar - Got to your hut (original marahome) and refresh.

    Ian Avatar - Visit Ian's profile when you have more mps on hand than Ian does.
    Ice Avatar - Complete level 27 of blitzen.
    Ice Cold Avatar - Restock a random item at the frozen food shop in Biala.
    Use an Ice Cream Costume on a pet
    Ice Fairy Avatar - Use an Ice Fairy Costume on any pet
    Ice Fairy 2 Avatar - Enter the Mystery Item game in Biala.
    Beat Ice Gnome trading card 50 times
    Send any Worm to indygo.
    Make any DNA minipet 100% happy from watching tv.
    Beat Devil once in the battle arena.
    Use an Insideout Costume on a pet.
    Win against Insomniac 31 times
    Search and view the pet named invisible.
    Defend whilst battling Iolan.

    Grow an Iris Organic Minipet.
    Complete level 24 of Hospice Mission.
    Buy an Ivor from the Minipet shop.
    Buy an Izzy from the Minipet shop.

    Attach a Jacko to your pet for 940 + days.
    Win the Jackpot.
    Get the Jackpot on The Pyramid game.
    Complete level 22 of Jenoa Goals.
    Give your battle pet a digital spell and use it whilst battling Jet.
    Attach a Jezebel to your pet for 470 + days.
    not known
    Win Jinx from Eleka loyalty prizes
    Attach a Jokemo and name it Jokemo, refresh.
    Refresh at the journal main page.
    Teach your pet 10 Jug, & view instrument list

    Use a Kamilah Desert costume on a pet.
    Win a code from a traveller quest.
    Karot Avatar - Grow a Karot Organic Minipet.
    Keno Avatar - Guess 10 number's right at keno in Jenoa.
    Kevadra Avatar - Beat the Kevadra trading card 100 times
    Killer Avatar - Use Killer Costume on pet.
    King Baspinar Avatar - N/K
    Kleptome Avatar - Win 360 battles
    Klik Avatar - Attach a Klik to your pet for 40+ days.
    Knutt House Avatar - Feed a Knutt at Knutt House
    Knutt Knight Avatar - Complete 500 Knutt Knight quests.
    Korn Avatar - Grow a Korn Organic Minipet.
    Kouki Avatar - Buy a Kouki from the minipet shop.
    e a pl
    Kronos Avatar - Buy a Kronos from the minipet shop.
    Krick Avatar - Win 50 Battles
    Kuork Avatar - Search the shop search for a kuork whilst having one for sale in your own shop.
    buy the plushie from the Kwazikujo shop

    Laiyee Avatar - Attach 5 Laiyee's to a pet/
    Language Avatar - Teach a pet a language lesson, avatar awarded when lesson is completed.
    Win the Legendary minipet from King Baspinar
    Lela Avatar - Attach Lela to pet, & view mini.
    Leprechaun Avatar - Do 200 Leprechaun Quests
    Leprechaun Costume Avatar - Use a Leprechaun Costume on a pet.
    Leprechaun Mini Avatar - Attach a Leprechaun mini to your pet for 230+ days.
    Win the Trading card from the snowman, winter event 2012
    Leto Minipet Avatar - not known
    Viewed on a rotten pet
    Open a Libra Chest
    Lidge Avatar - Attach a Lidge to your pet for 950+ days.
    Light Avatar - Use a Light Costume on a pet
    Light Fairy Avatar - Use the Light Fairy Costume on a pet.
    Light Side Avatar - Join the Light Side in the war
    Light Warrior Avatar - N/K
    Beat Lightning 32 times in battle.
    Lightning Avatar - Use the Lightning for King Baspinar in the war.
    Have the Lightning Gobble TC in your deck
    Liiing Avatar - Bid on a Liiig in a club member's auction lot
    Limited Avatar - Visit King Baspinar when your account reaches 42 days.
    Linuw Avatar - Battle linuw over 300 times , win or lose to gain this avatar.
    Get a random request to fight Lishon
    Make a Plate
    London 2012 Avatar - not known
    London Bus Avatar - not known
    Loser Avatar -
    Lost Avatar - Check price of a lost in your shop
    Lotus Avatar - Win 15 Battles
    Lxi Avatar - Battle Lxi 9 times.
    Lolly Avatar - Feed any lollypop to your pet.
    Love Avatar - Use a love costume on any pet that has over 30 magic stats.
    Loyalty Avatar - Visit the loayalty pages at King Baspinar .
    Lucent Minipet Avatar - not known
    Lucifer Avatar - Attach a Lucifer to your Devil pet for 199+ days.
    Lucky Avatar - Attach a Lucky to your pet for 99+ days.
    Lurve Avatar - Remove an aged lurve - 60 + days old.
    Lush Avatar - Complete level 22 of Lush Lake Goals .
    Lush Tombola Avatar - Win a stamp from Lush Tombola .
    Have 10 Lutes on your pet then view instruments.