Stay tuned for the Zola, Club Till, and Astro drawings!


Last Day
-Win an Astro Maker!
Complete this scavenger hunt by Saturday!

General Info

Hello! Welcome! This is our first time hosting this event, but we're hoping to have one every year!

Why are you having a giveaway event?
Red and Toyboks recently accomplished all of their dream pets. At first they planned to celebrate w/ a couple of mini boards in the forums, but after speaking together, they decided on a small event. Then all chaos ensued (in the best way possible) when other donors and volunteers wanted to help out.

One week later, we came up with the So Long to Summer Giveaway Event, a week-long event to bid farewell to summer vacation and spread the love among our fellow maradans.

When is the event being held?
Saturday, August 15th to Friday, August 21st: Be sure to look for our new giveaway boards being held each day. We'll keep this club up to date with their links as well.

How do I win prizes?
Click on Current Events, for all of the giveaways that are happening right now. They'll have links to their forum boards so that you'll easily be able to participate.

What are the prizes?
Click Prize List; it will take you to Toyboks's gallery. She has all the items that will be given out t/o the week. In addition to that, the club till will be constantly updated as 1mp auctions end.

Why a club?
We thought the easiest way to get info out there would be by setting up a public club. It would allow people to see the club till constantly rise t/o the week and stay updated. Please keep in mind though: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO JOIN THE CLUB. In fact, please don't as it will make things confusing for people to see tons of members in it. The only members in it are the volunteers who are helping with boards/auctions/etc; the only purpose of this club is to make getting info easy for everyone.


While there will be specific rules per event, (They will be detailed in their respective boards) there are some general rules we'd like to point out:

1. Do not join the club- We'd prefer that you didn't cause it would make things confusing for people. Of course, we can't stop you since it is a public club; just know that you won't get any brownie points as prizes are given out. 1mp auctions are available for ANYONE to bid on and are not exclusive to club members.

2. There is no price to join in the giveaway- Some events that are held in other forums may have specific requirements (Ex. Graphics= design something) You'll find these on their boards. For the most part, there will be no requirements as we want this event to be as fun and accessible to as many players as we can.


Giveaways that are crossed out have ended

Day 1. Sat. Aug 15.
-Main board posted and monitored by Red
-1mp Auctions posted by Red
-Graphics Contest Starts: hosted by Kodii
-Bingo Game Starts: hosted by Benjamin
-Bonus prizes sent to random players who are online

Day 2. Sun. Aug 16.
-Mystery Picture Game hosted by Toyboks
-Bonus prizes sent to random players who are online

Day 3. Mon. Aug 17.
-Some 1mp auctions end; mp added to till
-Bonus prizes sent to random players who are online
-Minipet Daisy Giveaway, hosted by Benjamin

Day 4. Tue. Aug 18.
-Some 1mp auctions end; mp added to till
-Bonus prizes sent to random players who are online
-Scavenger Hunt! Ends on Saturday

Day 5. Wed. Aug 19.
-Some 1mp auctions end; mp added to till
-Bonus prizes sent to random players who are online

Day 6. Thu. Aug 20.
-Last 1mp auctions end; mp added to till
-Guess-the-Item Game, hosted by Kodii
-Bonus prizes sent to random players who are online

Day 7. Fri. Aug 21.
-Graphics Contest submissions due at midnight.
-PoG Drop at 16:00:00 MST
-Bingo Game Drawing. Prizes awarded
-Graphics Contest prizes are awarded
-Grand prizes are awarded at 20:00:00 MST


Scavenger Hunt- Hosted by Toyboks. Ends at the end of the week. Prize is an Enchanted Black Astro Plushie!

Grand Giveaway Prize- Two people who have posted in the main forum topic will be randomly selected on the last day of the event (Friday, the 21st). Prizes are: Enchanted Red Zola Plushie for one player, and the entirety of the club till for the other. Please only post once on the main board; no spam or double posts (unless asking a question). Multiple posts on the topic will not increase your chances in winning.

Graphics Contest- Kodii is currently running a graphics contest in the Graphics Forum. All submissions are due by midnight of Friday, the 21st. 1st Prize is an Enchanted Tundra Quell Plushie; 2nd place is a Daylight Costume; 3rd place is a pair of Orange Duo Ice Cream Contact Lenses.

Graphics for Your Signature

Copy/Paste one of the following into your signature if you'd like!


Event Staff and Donors

There are quite a few people we'd like to thank, without whom, we wouldn't be having this amazing event!



Other Credits:
Graphics- Toyboks (Mail her for any custom graphic requests)
Layout- Red (I'd also like to give a credit to Bad; I borrowed quite a bit of inspiration from his layouts. I don't do customs but he does; mail him for details)
Other- Ellie


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